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Leading Ecommerce Giant Establishing its 2 New Fulfillment Centers in Ohio | online business magazine

Leading E-commerce Giant Establishing its 2 New Fulfillment Centers in Ohio

Amazon, the American multinational technology giant, that deals in e-commerce, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, has announced its plan to open a pair of fulfillment centers in Ohio. Both the centers would robotics powered.
With a massive footfall of more than 700,000 square feet, both of the warehouses would be located in Akron and Rossford, in the north of the state. Both the centers will function just like any other shipping centers of Amazon. They will provide a collaborative workspace between the army of shipping robots and human employees. These locations will project a better view of operations from other location’s operation system.
The two warehouses together will offer as much as 2500 full-time openings, along with the benefits including full medical, dental, and vision insurance, with the addition of which Amazon’s total employment count would be 8500 in the midwestern state. These new locations will help the organization largely when it comes to one-day delivery across the country.
The Vice President of global customer fulfillment at Amazon, Alicia Boler Davis states, “Ohio has been a great place to do business, serve customers and create jobs; as a result, we are thrilled to develop two state-of-the-art fulfillment centers in Akron and Rossford. We’re excited to grow our team in the Buckeye state, which now includes more than 8,500 Amazonians, and is part of the larger Ohio community.”
As per the records, the stocks of Amazon has been noted with 31% growth year to date on Friday with an increase of 0.5% in premarket trading. Amazon is also planning to provide upskilling training to 100,000 US employees for in-demand jobs with an investment of $700 million in this training program.
Mike DeWine, the Governor of Ohio, stated,“Amazon continues to demonstrate confidence in the great workforce and e-commerce business climate we have in Ohio. I’m pleased to welcome two additional investments from Amazon, which bring thousands of new jobs to Ohio and cutting-edge facilities to Akron and Rossford..”