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Lauren Kriner, Vice President (Business Development), Capitol Construction Services, Inc.

Lauren Kriner: An Unmatched Sales and Marketing Professional

Whenever an opportunity stands ahead of women, they take it to great heights. They always bring a new perspective, a problem-solving approach, and an innovative mindset to the table.
Today, with their exemplary leadership skills and unwavering passion for their work, they are shining in almost every sector, the construction industry being one of them.
Meet Lauren Kriner, the Vice President of Business Development at Capitol Construction Services Inc. Lauren is a striking example in today’s construction market. Blending her passion for construction with her experience, she is driving the marketing efforts of the company.
So, if you want to have a new drive-thru, grand park, or condominium, then you got your deal from Lauren.
We at Insights Success interviewed Lauren to know more about her journey in the construction industry and how Capitol Construction has managed to stay one of the most professional general contractors in the Indianapolis market.
Below are the highlights of the interview:
Brief our audience about your journey as a business leader until your current position at Capitol Construction. What challenges you had to overcome to reach where you are today? 
I started my career out of college with a marketing degree from Indiana University, working for Pulte Homes. I sold new home construction for nearly six years and moved into commercial real estate. As I made a personal move across the country and returned to Indiana, I went back to my “construction roots”, establishing a new role in Business Development with Capitol Construction.
Tell us something more about your company and its mission and vision. 
Since 1998, our team has grown through repeat and referral business, treating people right and creating lasting relationships. The majority of our team members have been with us for a long time, and continue to thrive because we work hard and play hard. We also believe it’s important to give back to the community, and are involved in charitable giving of time and treasure with several area not-for-profits.
Enlighten us on how you have made an impact in the Construction niche through your expertise in the market? 
There are not many women in construction, and to be able to work in the industry, create true relationships, and talk intelligently about the work we do is rare. Not only am I a woman in the industry, but I am involved in organizations whose mission is to make an impact for other women in the industry. I am a Past President of IndyCREW (CREW is an international organization that promotes the roles of women in commercial real estate) and continue to be involved in real estate and construction organizations.
Describe in detail the values and the work culture that drives your organization.
We are truly a team. We all have different strengths and work together to leverage them as a collective group. It is enforced from the top down that we must take the best care of the client.  Quick, accurate communication is key, especially in the in-flux world of today.
Undeniably, technology is playing a significant role in almost every sector. How are you leveraging technological advancements to make your solutions resourceful?
We are ensuring that our field team is equipped with the technology to make their job easier and more efficient. They are able to utilize apps for their timecards, client reports, and photos.
What, according to you, could be the next big change in the construction industry? How is your company preparing to be a part of that change? 
I think the biggest change will be how space is utilized. From office to retail, end-users are reimagining what their spaces look like, which indeed means changes on the construction side. I think we’ll be doing a lot of remodelling of existing spaces to make them work better for users in the future. We will be a teammate of both the design community and end users to work with them on implementing those changes.
Where do you envision yourself to be in the long run and what are your future goals for Capitol Construction? 
I see myself being on the Capitol Construction team for a long time. I’ve already been here 8.5 years, and while I love what I do, I love my team more and the support they give me in both my professional and personal life. As a working mother, that’s very important to me.
What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into business development in the construction sector? 
If you’re a people person and relationship-builder, business development is such a fun role within a growing company. You can directly impact the bottom line by bringing in new opportunities, you help with the strategic direction of the firm, and you represent your firm’s brand in the community. You become a big part of the firm’s “face”, so it’s an important role.  You can never know enough people, so it’s critical to enjoy networking and making connections.  You have to put yourself out there and be willing to put in the time to develop long-term relationships and pipelines.