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Lauren Campbell | Founder | CMMN Media Group

Lauren Campbell: Navigating New Horizons in Branding and Communications

The only sure thing about luck is that it will change; the rest depends on hard work and dedication. From strategic thinker to creative genius, Lauren Campbell’s unwavering commitment is transforming businesses at Common Media Group. As a Founder of an organization that specializes in building a blueprint, Lauren believes in word-of-mouth branding and understands the role played by each member of the company.

As a leader who trusts in her own abilities, we knew the time is right to interview Lauren for a better understanding of what is truly needed to become a leader.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Can you tell us about your background and what led you to become a founder?

To be honest, I had always wanted to pave my own path and was quite set on that since I was a child. I always tended to “Dream big.” Before I realized that dream could potentially be a reality again, I worked my way up through PR agencies and talent management groups for about 5 years. I worked with a variety of accounts within lifestyle, entertainment, and hospitality. The talent managed were those creatives, athletes, and influencers that fuelled most PR strategies I previously worked with. Working from various positions and perspectives taught me to see the value in mutual agreements, what it means to both parties and, most importantly, what each can learn from each other to be able to create something that propels forward. Impact.

CMMN is a pandemic birth. The product of being unemployed after taking a blind leap. During a time of such chaos, I worked individually with creatives I had connected with over the years to bring their visions of the present moment to life. Now, here we are 3 years later, working with some to find their voice, others to find their path, and a few to create their imprint.

What inspired you to start your own company, and what is the mission or vision behind your company?

I was inspired by the opportunity to utilize the tools that were given to me through years of professional experience to assist in the bigger picture of someone else’s story, vision, and purpose. I work with my heart; the heart is what will always inspire me.

The vision behind CMMN is to be the common denominator our clients need in order to create their blueprint to success. Intentionally, we help others shape their stories, build their awareness, and strategize their way into the bigger picture.

How did you identify the problem or need that your product/service solves, and can you provide an overview of your product/service and how it differentiates from others in the market?

How did you identify the problem or need that your product/service solves, and can you provide an overview of your product/service and how it differentiates from others in the market?

This depends on the market, but in Canada, where we are primarily located, there is no company that offers these services to independent artists, creatives, and visionaries. Where you are assisted in mapping out the story behind the brand/launch, from earned media strategy, paid media strategy, and influencer strategy to brand partner alignment. We quickly became extensions of teams, which was the intention, versus a transactional-based business.

CMMN is the niche of knowledge and experience, or what I like to call the resume and the journey, that I think most creative entrepreneurs need when they are starting out and global conglomerates need when connecting to their target markets.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when starting your company, and how did you overcome them, and how did you go about building your team and finding the right people to join your company?

Balance and trust. These challenges are ones that I work with daily. When you work in an entertainment-focused business, it is easy to follow the ego and start to constantly chase and feel like things need to grow quickly. The balancing act between moving the needle forward consistently and racing forward without intention was my biggest challenge, one I am proud to have overcome. The challenges of trust and building a team go hand-in-hand. I have learned a great lesson of discernment and confidence when it comes to finding a true partner as a female in this business. However, I keep an open mind and allow myself to attract those who are passionate about the work they do. Those who work with me are just as intentional about what they do; they enjoy seeing others succeed and are dedicated to the purpose of their work. I have an amazing couple of girls who work with me, and they, too, will become pioneers in their own ways. Hopefully, at CMMN, of course!

What strategies did you use to secure funding for your company, and what advice would you give to other founders seeking investment?

Work hard. As a company that specializes in building a blueprint, scaling a narrative, and developing an impact, I’d say trust from clients on a word-of-mouth basis is important. Worry about the quality of work you do before running to find funds. I am a big believer in understanding each position played when building the foundation of a business like CMMN. It goes back to the part I spoke about chasing without intention. I’ve learned to be patient that during the first couple of years; the only guarantee is change, and everything that can change will. I’m also a fan of leverage and think that if you can trust in your own abilities, you will know when the time is right to secure funding with a better understanding of what it is you truly need.

Those who are funding you must believe in you, not just see the idea you have because, like we said before, the only guarantee is change.

How do you approach marketing and promoting your product/service to reach your target audience, and can you share any success stories or milestones that your company has achieved so far?

Organically. In its growth stages, I really relied on word-of-mouth validation to market what we do, like earned media, which was important to our validity and the foundation of what I was building. I needed people to trust in what I could offer in order to be the extension I wanted CMMN to be. Being connected to the right people and having the brand associated with the right clients was key as well.

So far, we have been able to work with some pretty successful clients and achieve great things. Partnering with major labels like Universal Music, Warner Music, RedBull Records, and a tour press run for global charting artist SAINt JHN in the company’s first couple years. This year, we were able to partner with the global lifestyle conglomerate PUMA, running their national campaign for Hip Hop 50. Collaborating with the old school and the new school community leaders. One of our artists hit her first million streams and was able to secure funding for her debut project coming in 2024. There really is a lot to be proud of, but it is mainly the gratitude from clients when they feel like they have achieved their goals that marks milestones for me.

What is your long-term vision for the company, and what steps are you taking to achieve that vision, and How do you prioritize your time and stay focused as a founder?

Long-term, I see CMMN housing global brands to position themselves and their awareness appropriately into the North American market, much like what I used to collaborate on previously in my career. I see CMMN assisting many different creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs on their path to success on a global scale. I see CMMN forever being a boutique group of intentional yet resourceful storytellers, problem solvers, and blueprint builders.

I have a disciplined schedule that keeps me in flow with my work/life balance, and I practice daily meditation that further trains my mind to compartmentalize and hone in on one “bigger picture” at a time. I don’t pressure myself like I used to when it comes to time; it is just an illusion, and when you are working with such delicate yet creative initiatives, I don’t believe in 9-5; it is 24/7; just make sure you don’t miss the deadline!

What are some important lessons you’ve learned along the way, and what advice would you give to aspiring founders, and how do you foster innovation and creativity within your company?

Spend just as much time working on yourself to become the person you aspire to be as you do building the business you want to run. You will be surprised how intertwined they both are.

The flame of creativity and innovation can easily be put out by your boss or your environment. Providing an agile work environment gives those I work with space to breathe and create their own professional self. I am very open with my tactics and strategies to how my own creative process works, and I aim to inspire others on my team or whom I work with to trust their own creative voice. I refrain from hiring people just to execute tasks.

What role do you believe technology plays in shaping the future of your industry, and how are you leveraging it in your company?

Technology shapes our industry on both ends: the working end and the target audience end. With apps and ChatGTP taking over the curation and distribution of, let’s say, press releases and pitches. The social media addiction by the audience just makes room for more innovative ideas to catch and hold the attention.

We utilize platforms and extensions to make our jobs easier when it comes to pitching and research, of course. However, personal touch can never be replaced when a job requires strategy, theory, tactics, and creativity. It can only be an added tool. No one’s mind is the same, and that’s what creates the niche within the product that really takes off or the campaign that truly leaves an impact.


“PUMA has had the pleasure to work with Lauren and CMMN on a number of occasions, and it speaks for itself as to why we keep working together. We’ve been able to work together on a number of projects and bring together a number of partnerships for the PUMA brand. Lauren has a drive and passion for what she does that allows her to make huge strides forward and to think outside the box. Her innovation and ability to assess the projects in front of her and build something for her clients that is perfectly tailored to what they need are second to none. She listens to her clients and allows them to be a part of the process to bring the best possible outcome forward.”

Juan Seclen – Marketing Manager, PUMA Canada

“Our experience working with Lauren has been nothing short of exceptional. Her dedication, attention to detail, and ability to secure valuable media coverage have greatly contributed to our growth and success. Her warm and collaborative character complements Lauren’s professional excellence, which made working with her enjoyable.”

Buk Nkosi, CEO of Chaos Club Digital/CEO of Wonderchild Records

In life, we have the privilege of meeting and experiencing different people. Some are there only for a moment, and some are there forever. Lauren is my forever friend, mentor, manager, and soul sister. As an artist, I have a very unconventional way of living and thinking, and not everyone understands and/or relates to it, which is fine, but I tend to feel like a lone world in this world because of it. Meeting Lauren felt like meeting myself in a different body. I felt she had pure intentions just by hearing the way she spoke and viewed the world. I immediately knew I could trust her. She has helped elevate my sound, my mind, my soul, and my life. She is also very efficient when it comes to business and reliable, which is important to me so I can stay on top of everything. She has been very consistent with me since we started working together in 2020, and I am eternally grateful to have a strong woman like her by my side. I know we will accomplish a lot and change the world together for the better.

Shanuka Sai – Singer/Songwriter

I feel very lucky to have been working with Lauren throughout my career. Not only does she lead with integrity and passion, but she also creates a creative and mindful space for employees to flourish. As an intern, I was treated with the utmost respect, which cultivated a safe space for me to learn and thrive. Now, Lauren is more than a boss to me. She is a mentor and role model, a shining example of constantly striving for better professional and personal growth.

Lucy McGilly – Account Coordinator, CMMN Media Group

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