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Launching ‘Treat of the Year’ in Australia, Cadbury introduces ‘Best Chocolate Block Yet’

Australians are abuzz with excitement after rumors surfaced about a brand new Cadbury chocolate block – and the never-before-seen flavor has already been dubbed the ‘treat of the year’.

The highly anticipated mud cake Dairy Milk block is expected to hit supermarket shelves in July, retailing for $6. The news was shared by the popular foodie Facebook page The Grocery Geek AU, and many chocolate enthusiasts raved about the delightful dessert-inspired creation.

According to reports, the block will consist of blended Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and white chocolate, combined with a rich cocoa crème and biscuit piece center. The news has sent social media into a frenzy, with one fan exclaiming, “Oh my god yes, this is chocolate-flavored chocolate! I am counting the days.”

Food vlogger Russ Eats also shared his enthusiasm, declaring, “This has treat of the year potential!” He added, “It’s massive – the Woolworths mud cake is an iconic Australian cake.”

Many others echoed similar excitement about the new dessert-inspired offering, with one person wondering if it would be akin to the iconic “Wonka’s mudslide” chocolate, and another stating, “That is peak Cadbury, I can’t wait to try it. I’m putting it in my calendar.”

However, not everyone was entirely convinced, with a few expressing apprehensions about the inclusion of biscuit pieces in the mud cake-inspired block, questioning the need for such collaborations. As the anticipation builds, chocolate lovers eagerly await the arrival of this unique treat, hoping that Cadbury can deliver a delectable fusion of indulgence and nostalgia in every bite.

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