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LaptopsAnytime: Leading the Way to Move beyond Desktops

Until most recently, the EdTech industry relied upon desktops to make up for its computer labs and circulation counters to manually hand out mobile devices. LaptopsAnytime brought forward a better alternative to this trend, through its self-service automated kiosks to move beyond desktops and reduce the staff burden of circulating technology devices for short-term usage.
Incepted in 2008, LaptopsAnytime began with a motive to design, manufacture, and service specialty automated kiosk equipment that dispenses a wide-variety of laptops and tablets from major manufacturers including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, and Google. Its kiosks can be outfitted with bar code, swipe card, or RFID readers and can store, lock and recharge devices, reset devices to pre-set state, inventory devices, authenticate users to local database(s) and provide full audit reports and management control and accountability over self-service device checkout programs.
Maintain, Expand and Modify
LaptopsAnytime is known for encouraging local branding, which it provides, as well as kiosks that mix-n-matches more than one device type within a given kiosk system, separated by row module. The company is committed to maintain, expand, and modify its systems in this field to accommodate device model changes over time, thereby benefitting the customers from automation.
The customers of LaptopsAnytime span a “Who’s Who” of Forward-Thinking Public Sector customers, including major Universities, Community Colleges, and Public Libraries and currently encompass 30 states and 4 continents.
Delivering Technology that Brings-Forward Value
A major hiccup for the company during its initial phase was the unwillingness of institutions to change, as is the case with most new and emerging technologies. Once the company started attending industry trade shows, the scene dramatically changed as the secret spilled out that LaptopsAnytime could solve facility issues related to automating device checkout without any staff involvement.
LaptopsAnytime delivers automated Laptop and Tablet Dispensing Kiosks, which can be mixed-n-matched to suit different configuration sizes and different technology checkout needs. Through its solutions and products, it reduces long-term costs from technology services, reduces the space of footprint involved, and all in all, increases technology access for users. It does so by facilitating a powerful, scalable approach of delivering technology device access to users and helping local administrators manage all aspects of a device checkout program.
Translating Vision into Reality
Matt Buscher, Co-Founder and Principal of LaptopsAnytime, is a unique visionary with over 12 years of industry experience who foresaw the need for institutions to move beyond desktops with their public-facing computers, to avoid being left behind. With his unwavering passion towards productivity and automation, Matt has worked to develop a completely automated checkout kiosk that is flexible, scalable, and acceptable to institutional and user needs; while at the same time, providing self-service and round-the-class access to technology.
Matt’s goal is to continue being involved with innovative kiosks and new ideas, which would facilitate growth in global markets. Formerly, Matt has served as the Sales Director, Project Leader, Software Designer, and individual contributor on various kiosk-related projects. His background also includes 20 years of experience in the hotel and restaurant industry.
Rising Above the Competition
LaptopsAnytime is the first company in this industry to develop a system that performs all aspects of a device checkout program for a wide-range of devices. Its system is built with optimum quality and supports heavy usage. A typical 12-bay system, for example, can easily handle 10,000-plus checkouts per year; while a 30-bay system can easily handle 25,000-plus checkouts per year. LaptopsAnytime’s system handles up to 2 foreign languages, in addition to English and institutions routinely adding companion stations to initial starter stations to expand its device checkout programs over time.
Increasing Efficiencies and Customer Satisfaction
“Though technology access has become critical for everyone within the Education Landscape, lugging around one’s own laptop all the time is a tall task for most people,” mentions Matt.
LaptopsAnytime Automated Dispensing Kiosks facilitate “1-to-Many Access” to laptops and tablets for the benefit of anyone who needs a laptop, which brings control and practicality to managing device checkout programs but also dramatically increases technology access.
“Most institutions that deploy LaptopsAnytime systems find new efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction,” adds Matt.
The Future of Continued Innovation
With every passing year, LaptopsAnytime brings with itself new innovations to surge ahead of its competition. This year itself, the company is poised to achieve a staggering 2 million Automated Device Checkouts across more than 100-plus public sector locations.
In the imminent future, LaptopsAnytime will continue to build systems that dispense more laptops and tablets, and in doing so will achieve millions and millions of more automated checkouts, thereby benefitting a much wider audience across the globe.
The company also has high hopes for its latest launch,, which dispenses 110V Power Chargers for those facilities that simply do not have enough wall outlets. Through this, one can access a wall outlet in their hand to charge their laptop, tablet, and even phone – all at the same time.

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