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Lansweeper: Helping Organizations to Manage IT Networks Reliably

Lansweeper is a software package for IT network management used worldwide by organizations of all sizes. It helps you to discover, analyze, control, and co-ordinate your entire IT network, saving IT admins an incredible amount of time.
The software gathers detailed information about every machine and user in the IT-environment, and provides the system administrator with a general overview of the network. In just a few clicks, they can generate detailed network reports on what’s going on in their network, from the last virus scan to current printer toner levels.
Lansweeper also gives IT administrators the ability to take action by predicting, circumventing and solving issues before they become a problem.
An Enigmatic Leader
Lansweeper started its journey as one of its founder’s many side projects when he was a system administrator for a healthcare multinational. His aim was to cut the excessive time required to keep a manual inventory of the entire IT network up-to-date. When the tool turned out to be extremely effective he decided to share Lansweeper online, free of cost.
Later on, when the free download started to gain popularity around the planet, he decided to add a paywall. The number of downloads kept increasing to such an extent that only a few months later, Lansweeper became his secondary occupation. Nowadays, Lansweeper has more than 20,000 customers in more than 130 countries across the world including big names like Nasa, Sony, Comcast & the US Marine Corps.
Today, Lansweeper is led by Bart Maes, the CEO of the organization. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in computer programming and worked at several companies prior to joining Lansweeper as a Client Services Manager in June 2013.
Meeting Challenges Head-on
Lansweeper believes that any product wishes to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of IT, has to evolve as rapidly as technology itself. The Lansweeper software is always changing and expanding, be it through small fixes or major updates, all of which are made available to customers free of charge. These changes are inspired both by IT trends and client requests.
Much of Lansweeper’s success can be attributed to its e-commerce approach. However, this comes with its own weaknesses as the organization is very dependent on search engines and word of mouth among IT professionals. They tackle this challenge with strong content marketing, listening to their clients and potential clients, and proactively creating effective solutions.
Lansweeper always takes into consideration every problem, question and suggestion that reaches them by phone, email or on their online forum. By catering closely to their customers’ needs and offering reliable support, the organization has created a loyal community of users.
When the Interest Lies in IT Asset Management
Lansweeper’s main interest lies in the IT asset management industry, which is quickly moving towards a cloud-based future. Their focus until now has been on the local IT infrastructure, but as more and more companies are drawn to the benefits and cost-efficiency of the cloud, there is less infrastructure to sweep on the LAN.
There is no stopping the evolution toward virtualization and Lansweeper does not intend to sit idly by. It is in an optimal position to form the bridge between its clients’ local networks and their respective virtual assets in the cloud. Lansweeper’s aim will always be to provide its clients with a reliable and detailed inventory of all their assets, whether they are hosted on the floor below or halfway across the world.
Tackling Other Players
Lansweeper has always differentiated itself from other similar service providers in two major ways.
Firstly, the organization never positions itself as a competitor to the big names in the network management market like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, or Hewlett Packard. These organizations focus on their own set of products while Lansweeper discovers all devices. Instead of competing with them, Lansweeper stands beside them and offers the end user a broader solution.
The second big difference is the price tag. Lansweeper has a very competitive pricing scheme, and is easily ten times more affordable than competing software.
Painting the Future
Lansweeper has gone through an explosive expansion over the last few years. A larger team and a new structure within the organization has opened the door to a new, more personalized approach towards customer support.
This will enable the company to focus the development of new features even more to suit customers’ needs while always keeping at the core the DACC principle: Discover, Analyze, Control and Coordinate.
Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, Lansweeper plans to focus on what it does the best and will continue to work together with others who have done the same to cover all bases.
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