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KWizCom: Knowledge Worker Components

KWizCom Corporation is a leading developer of SharePoint Forms & Workflows, as well as numerous other powerful SharePoint add-ons and apps for Office 365. KWizCom is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner that is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company was established in 2005 and has over 7,000 customers worldwide. KWizCom is committed to providing clients with high quality products geared towards the perfect solution for their business goals which are super easy to use and are always bundled with great service and exceptional customer support. KWizCom software is available for federal, state and local government agencies through GSA schedule. The company’s vision is to continuously develop high quality, user-friendly and affordable add-ons & apps that will make SharePoint even better for myriads of non-technical business users.
Ultimate Productivity Tools and Business Solutions
KWizCom is a premier provider of 60+ turn-key SharePoint add-ons and apps for Office 365. All the solutions from KWizCom empower non-technical business users and make them a lot more productive while working in the SharePoint environment. Their add-ons put customers on the fast track to productivity, answering business needs unsolved by out of the box SharePoint, enabling rapid deployment at minimal cost. All KWizCom products are multi-lingual by design and need no customization – all interface elements can be translated to any target language to answer global business demands.
KWizCom’s product portfolio is comprised of a varied range of add-ons, web parts and bundled toolkits that leverage information across an organization and include solutions for: Document management, Collaboration, Electronic forms, Website publishing, Web 2.0 (blogs, wikis), Enterprise search, Networking, Reporting.
KWizCom Forms
One of KWizCom’s most popular products is KWizCom Forms which is a SharePoint and Office 365 solution for forms and workflows. KWizCom Forms is designed for non-technical users, and any business user can effortlessly create flexible and advanced forms without any special skills or knowledge. So there is no need of a power-user to create flexible and dynamic forms.
KWizCom Forms supports all the SharePoint extensibility features. So any feature that was developed or purchased will keep working in KWizCom forms because these are the same SharePoint forms, but just enhanced. In other words, KWizCom Forms enhances SharePoint’s existing list forms and does not replace it by proprietary, custom forms (such as InfoPath, for example). This means that users keep utilizing the good old SharePoint lists that everybody is familiar with, without any need to learn and deploy new forms technology.
Driving Forces of KWizCom
Igor Goldshtaub is the Managing Partner and Director of Customer Support at KWizCom. A veteran software developer, Igor heads KWizCom’s Support team. With over 25 years of experience, he is able to tackle the most challenging escalations. A determined problem-solver, Igor thoroughly debugs, codes and tests to ensure his customer’s issues are fully resolved.
Motivated by a challenge, Igor enjoys the unexpected issues he encounters working in Support. He takes pride in helping his customers overcome their obstacles to get the most out of their SharePoint implementation.
Shai Petel is the Managing Partner and Director of Research and Development at KWizCom. Shai oversees KWizCom’s product research development, including developing new technologies and improving existing product lineup. Shai’s passion lies in working with cutting edge technologies and he enjoys the challenge of finding new and creative approaches that best help the customers. As an active contributor to the SharePoint community, Shai has travelled extensively speaking with user groups and at SharePoint Saturdays throughout North America. He also publishes regularly on his popular blog.
Shai has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) 2007-2014 and has been continuously awarded Microsoft’s coveted Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2011.
Nimrod Geva is the Managing Partner and Director of Product Management at KWizCom. With over 20 years of experience in software design and development, Nimrod heads KWizCom’s Product group. As KWizCom’s Product Group Manager, Nimrod manages the road-map of KWizCom products which includes finding ways to improve SharePoint and designing SharePoint add-ons and their features set.
Nimrod constantly communicates with customers about their business challenges and feature requests. His goal is to design products to enable customers to overcome their business challenges.
Benefits for the Customers
There are a number of things that differentiate KWizCom from its competitors. All KWizCom solutions are designed for non-technical business users. This means that the utilization of KWizCom add-ons does not require any technical skills or special knowledge at all. Another reason KWizCom products stand out in the marketplace is due to the fact that all of them are 100% SharePoint-Native. This means that they do not replace SharePoint, but seamlessly integrate with the SharePoint/Office 365 UI.
Customer Satisfaction as a Priority
Team KWizCom is always enthusiastic to provide exceptional service and keep the customer satisfaction on top of everything. Their service model is structured to provide immediate, reliable customer support. Even customers that are not IT experts can feel confident in deploying KWizCom solutions as their global network of experts is always standing by and waiting to provide a speedy response for each customer query.
KWizCom will keep upgrading its full-trust add-ons to SharePoint Online add-ins (apps), in order to enable many customers who want to switch to Office 365.

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