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Krishna Rajagopal: Mantra of Success ‘No Shortcut to Success, Only Hard Work’

One cannot argue with the fact that excellent leadership is indispensable to business for making organizations successful. Role-modeling desired mind-sets and behavior, making the transformation meaningful and relentlessly pursuing impact are few qualities which make the CEO outshine others. A good CEO transforms vision into potential; then potential into reality and same is the reason behind the success of AKATI Consulting.
Krishna Rajagopal, CEO of AKATI Consulting, is a renowned expert in the Information Security Industry. He is one of the focused, hardworking, enthusiastic leaders of his company. He has close to two decades of extensive hands-on technical experience and a vast range of industry specific certifications that demonstrate high technical proficiency and in-depth knowledge. Krishna has progressively extended his interests to encompass a wide array of organizational, economic, and legal aspects of IT. His extremely broad technical expertise and business acumen is instrumental in providing professional consulting services to the public and private corporations, government departments at all levels of organizational structure. Industry leaders, universities, and government departments often seek Krishna’s expertise. His goal is to drive AKATI Consulting to become the premier pureplay Information Security Provider in the APAC region and beyond.
AKATI Consulting: Bringing Intelligence and Security
AKATI Consulting provides the full gamut of Information Security Services that covers all aspects of Information Security solutions, Managed Information Security services, forensic investigations, and training. The company is well-known for their unique Hybrid-Penetration Test which is a unique in-house developed process complying with the highest industry standards. The Hybrid-PT services are provided by their first-class consultants, capable of performing predominantly manual penetration tests that do not rely on the output of an automated tool while assuring zero false positives.
“A-CERT”, Alpha Computer Emergency Response Team, is an Incident Response and Monitoring division of AKATI Consulting. A-CERT consultants provide information security S.W.A.T. TEAM services – If you get hacked, A-CERT team will help you mitigate further damage and isolate the systems in question, then carefully analyze the situation and extract necessary evidence for a forensics investigation. A-CERT also provides credentials monitoring both on the web and the deep web, as well as security research.
AKATI Consulting has top notch security consultants, with substantial project management experience and strategic technical implementation capabilities to provide clients with a total solution to their security needs. In short their focus has always been to “Simplifying Security” for their clients.
AKATI Consulting does not merely offer set-package solutions, instead, tailors the services to suit the requirement of each client. The security focused project management team understands that each client has a different Information Security budget and uses IT resources in varying capacities. The AKATI team works very closely with the client to ensure all their requirements are heard and met. The friendly relationship they maintain with the clients help them to build trust which is very important. Also, the company is unique from its competitors because its service is customer-centric. It is of utmost importance that customers understand the need for Information security beyond just compliance. They want them to know that AKATI Consulting will safeguard their IT environments and be their ‘Trusted Security Advisor.’
Few Clients Testimonial for Krishna Rajagopal
“I have worked in the information security arena, in some differing capacities for over 20 years. The training I received from Mr. Krishna Rajagopal of AKATI Consulting was some of the best that I have attended in all my years of experience. I’ve had the opportunity to attend training and listen to some of the best in the IT security industry, and Krishna is at the top of the pack. His in-depth knowledge of all facets of IT and information security, along with his very personable instruction style made for an incredibly rewarding experience,” says James Nicol, Network Security Analyst, U.S. Army Regional Computer Emergency Response Team, Korea.
“At the risk of sounding excessive, the training I had with Krishna Rajagopal was the best training session I ever had. The depth of the subject matter and the width of Krishna’s understanding of information security proved invaluable to us all,” says Jide Modele, Kakawa Discount Limited (IT Director).
“Krishna and AKATI Consulting have always proven to be highly professional with a very high level of expertise and knowledge in the area of Information-Security. All the projects they have done in the past years have been extremely successful with our clients being very satisfied with the services that were delivered by AKATI Consulting. And we look forward to do many more projects with AKATI Consulting in the coming years,” says Ken Cronie, Managing Director/Founder of E-Solutions & BTCS.
AKATI’s Growing Team
AKATI Consulting currently has over 300 clients across five continents. Regardless of the regions they physically operate in, they get a lot of traction even as far as Africa, Central Asia and Russia purely through referrals of their satisfied customers. Cybersecurity is a rapidly changing field where the proliferations of cybersecurity issues continue to make headlines. These include sophisticated banking malware, dramatic hacking of motor vehicles, state-sponsored hacking that targeted government, defense and other strategic sectors of the marketplace. Companies are struggling to safeguard their IT infrastructure from these breaches. Therefore, growth of a trusted and reliable Information Security Services Provider such as themselves is a given.
Leading at the Top Today
AKATI Consulting is geared to provide the value for money. All of their services are provided by very experienced and technically adept professional consultants. However, they are very approachable and have a service-oriented culture, where the employees are trained, motivated and well taken care of to ensure that the goodwill is passed on to the clients regarding the quality of service. The CEO Outlook magazine recognized their service as one within the Top 25 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers in APAC.
Road to Future
AKATI Consulting aspires to reach out to more organizations globally, especially in the financial services industry. The company has recently initiated managed security services which are becoming an essential part of modern organizations. Furthermore, the target markets will grow to reach more countries globally. The company has plans to expand their services to North America through the setup of an office in San Francisco, CA this year. The company will drive the Information Security disruptive change by tapping into the sources of global talent and allying with more international organizations that can add value to their services they provide and help them broaden their horizons. “Stay tuned for our exciting new offerings!” is what Krishna quipped as his closing remark.