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KPS AG: Enriching Business Operations with Priceless Experience and Insights

An hourglass is a fascinating object for thinkers and dreamers alike. When sand drops from an hourglass to measure time, it fills an empty void into a flask to capture infinite possibilities that each moment in life brings. During each moment lived and breathed—infinite ideas, infinite efforts, infinite recollections and infinite intuitions fill all of us to turn time on its head. A watch chases time like a tool; an hourglass fills the empty void in life with an experience full of passion.
Individuals and organizations also spend millions of dollars, hours of calculated and focused efforts, invest in advanced resources to capture maximum efficiency. One company which believes in capturing the true worth of time spent with the help of pure objectivity and passionate efforts for true innovation enriched with practical experience is KPS AG.
Reshaping the Present to Build a Brighter Future
KPS AG is Europe’s leading digital transformation partner for companies. KPS works with a wide variety of companies who wish to become customer centric corporate leaders in a short period of time. Its expertise lies in the digital transformation of companies situated in the retail, fashion, and consumer markets. KPS provides its clients with end-to-end services from strategic guidelines for realignment and sector-specific innovative, integrated process chains to the implementation of cutting-edge technologies – all through a single source. In the recent past, KPS has delivered its clients with a 50% reduction in project runtime and cost allowing them to introduce innovative, digital business models faster while staying agile. Based on the KPS methodology and the extensive knowledge of KPS consultants about each individual sector, the success of every project is guaranteed.
An Advice That Makes Market Leaders Sit Up and Take Notice
KPS has become a market leader very quickly as it is trusted by some of the most prestigious names in Europe to deliver implementation-oriented strategy, process, and IT consulting. KPS has simplified its approach and focused on three central pillars to deliver results to these clients: the in-depth industry and process experience of KPS consultants, the proprietary KPS Rapid Transformation approach and separating itself from the competition with an outstanding client base. Its prominent client base includes Hugo Boss, Lidl, Dansk Supermarked, Deichmann, PUMA and many more. The firm continues to taste success at every step by leading digital transformation and process alignment across Europe.
A Unique Solution Challenging Clients to Innovate every day
When KPS was founded in 2000, rapid transformation solutions were largely unheard of. KPS today reshapes the entire business and process spectrum, from ERP e-commerce, through to digital marketing and sales and the successful management of big data. Additionally, it transforms the process on all levels – the strategic, process, application and technology level. Such an all-encompassing methodological approach was not only unheard of but was often unimaginable to clients. Hence, KPS faced a challenging situation of bringing various technology and process experts on a common platform to make them understand the bigger picture and work in tandem with each other to deliver optimum results. Today, the company has moved on to solving some of the core digital transformation challenges of the different industries.
Today, traditional bricks and mortar retailers experience many difficulties in connecting with the increasingly new digital customers. KPS helps retailers understand to initiate a refreshing dialogue with their customer base with the help of innovative technology solutions. The company has successfully brought many retailers closer to their consumers in a real-time Omnichannel business environment with the help of enriching business insights.
Translating Experience to Build a Futuristic Vision
A consultant requires more experience and more in-depth understanding of a business in order to guide clients. There are three main things that a consultant must understand about a business. These include: the industry, its processes, and the technology that drives its potential. This requires years of training and relevant industry experience; a fact of life at KPS. The firm has invested in its people, technology and solutions to not only gain the highest relevant experience but to translate that experience in building prototype solutions that meet the needs of their clients. Today, the team of consultants at KPS prides themselves in their authority on every sector.
Consistently Waving the Magic Wand of Success
Led by Leonardo Musso, the CEO of the company, KPS delivers top notch transformation projects to its clients since its formation. The company has consistently developed, optimized and constantly upgraded its process characteristics and function catalogues to stay on top of its competitors and the latest technological developments. KPS is part of a very successful partner network, including SAP Gold, SAP Hybris Platinum, Adobe Business, Intershop Premium, SAP ARIBA as well as SAP Concur Partner. With around 1,000 consultants across 12 countries, KPS with its unique approach, network and dedicated employees will continue to expand its global market position through ground-breaking projects in digital and technological innovation and change.

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