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Kovair Software: Integrated ALM and DevOps by Connecting Your Development Tools

An Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software package offers numerous advantages to all development-escalated organizations, for example, those that outline, manufacture, and sell software to clients and other third-parties, or organizations that align in-house IT groups to create Applications software for internal use by representatives.
With ALM software in place, organizations can improve profitability, cost-effectiveness, and quality, empowering them to address clients’ needs better and use imaginative advances that help new or remarkable inside business activities. And when it comes to ALM solutions, Kovair Software is renowned for providing innovative ALM tools integrations. Based in Silicon Valley, Kovair is a long-established software company originally funded by Angels and VC in early 2000.
A One of its Kind Firm
A decade since its inception, Kovair is running independently and controlled by private investors and management. Its major product focus is on ALM Tools integrations and through its Omnibus Integration Bus capabilities, it has recently entered the growing domain of Intelligent DevOps Solution that is getting significant traction.
Providing clients with a choice to mix and blend various tools and technologies, Kovair ensures that their integrations always meet their project’s demands. Kovair claims that there is no other ALM tool apart from theirs, that has comprehensive built-in integration capabilities like their ALM Studio. With Kovair, many process capabilities can be implemented with their configurable process engine. The Kovair team prides themselves on their extensive traceability capabilities built into their ALM platform.
Serving the Market with Pride
In the long run of ten years and counting, Kovair has created more than 70+ ALM tools integrations both for major ALM Vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, HP, Rally, CA and several Open source tools such as SVN, GIT, Gerrit, Jenkins and others. It was very natural for them to make an easy but a very strong entry into DevOps with a very comprehensive solution.
Their background in basic ALM Software Development tools along with Enterprise Class Workflow and Change Management capabilities coupled with the best-of-the-breed popular Build, Test, Release and Deployment tools integrations gives them the unique advantages that they offer both on the Dev and Ops sides of DevOps. There are not many companies which can offer this unified single solution capabilities as they call “Single Click” Kovair DevOps Solution.
An Industry Veteran Leading from the Forefront 
Chairman and CEO of Kovair, Bipin Shah has been a veteran of Silicon Valley for over 3 decades and has worked both in the Semiconductor and Software domains. He has been VP of Global Operations for Altera – a major PLD- FPGA company – recently acquired by Intel, where he helped the company to grow operationally from zero to over $500M in revenue over a period of 11 years. He was then named President of Altera Japan where he grew Altera’s business in Japan from $55M to $120M in less than 3 years. Prior to that, he started his chip career at Fairchild where over a period of 11 years, he held positions in Engineering, Quality/Reliability and Manufacturing Management.
His software career started with Kovair and since early 2005, he has transformed the company into an Integrated ALM solutions provider and a leading provider of integrations for major third-party development and other tools with Kovair’s trademark Omnibus Integration Platform.
Bipin holds a BEE (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata and a MSEE from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Providing Benefits Like No One Else
Primary benefits for their clients or the differentiating factors for Kovair DevOps can be summarized as:

  • Ease and speed of implementation with off the shelf integrations of desired tool sets based on a chosen process or methodology.
  • A step-by-step approach to DevOps if the customer chooses for phased implementation over time.
  • Very cost-effective solution with a combination of existing customer owned tools, some additional new tools and about 50% open source tools that are virtually free.
  • Flexibility to make changes along the way based on the lessons learned with a set of tools and make changes with a different set of integrations that Kovair easily facilitates to get executed in a matter of days or even hours!
  • And finally, low implementation costs.

Believer of Open Communication
For Kovair, the success starts with recruiting the best fresh talent and they have religiously done that with a college recruiting and training program. The management is focused on employee communication with customers and what the customers are asking for, which makes the entire organization customer-centric in their approach to the jobs. The team is focused on open communication for product management ideas and inputs, and follow up through execution of these new ideas in a team environment with a focus on timely completion of tasks.
Future Prospect
Innovation driven Kovair aims to continue their focus on customer satisfaction. “Our future perspective is targeted towards continued innovation and customer successes with all levels of customers for helping them develop good products through our development tools. This is a vast market and continued introduction of new and innovative products is bound to bring success with our close dialog with customers and satisfying their needs ahead of the competitors!” explains Bipin.

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