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Kornukopia: Tying education content into the process of education

In today’s world, millions of schools need access to education content and education systems. With this in mind, the demand for software and all types of education content has grown significantly. Until recently, neither the schools nor the providers/publishers had a common way to leverage and provide software and education content. Many of the existing or legacy systems that schools use every day are outdated, and difficult to navigate, as well as they further isolate the education process from education content.
The issue is tackled by Kornukopia, a company that provides an education management system as well as an education software/content distribution network. Kornukopia’s eye-catching graphics, features, integration, and simplicity to implement make it a unique and logical choice for educators. Kornukopia was founded with a goal of providing the premier educational content and education systems to schools and has emerged as one of the fastest growing education solution providers.
Kornukopia: Improving the World of Education by linking education content with process and communications.
First things first: Kornukopia is a free, hosted learning management system. Korukopia provides students, teachers, parents, and all educators a common working platform to manage grades, assignments, calendars, to-dos, groups and courses. Kornukopia provides a user-friendly learning management system, student information system, learning content management system, calendaring system, discipline system, and a complete student and parent communication infrastructure.
Currently, Kornukopia competes with many different Edtech solution providers in different categories like LMS, LCMS, SIS and Education Communication Providers. Kornukopia differentiates the services in three ways. Foremost, Kornukopia provides a modern, device-neutral environment that is easy to implement. Secondly, Kornukopia provides a truely integrated Education Management System that combines multiple features and modules that schools rely on to provide the same solution. And finally – but most importantly – Kornukopia has larger aspirations and a different vision than its competition; Kornukopia is looking to re-write the way schools can leverage education content and education software.
John Shine: Improving the World of Education, One School at a Time
John Shine, Founder and CEO of Kornukopia, saw a need for a paradigm shift from the existing legacy student information systems and learning management systems, which were created in the late 80’s. The existing systems encountered by most parents, students, educators, and administrators are archaic and difficult to navigate at best. As a parent himself, Shine found himself in the midst of marketplace where a lack of strong tools and the inability of any provider to attain significant market share made him realize the immediate need for a reasonable content distribution network for education that integrated into a system-wide learning process.
Shine began researching education systems around the world and realized how most education systems were built: with limited system approaches that could not have even considered the next generation of education content and education methods. He also knew he would have the same issues that all the other providers have had penetrating a vast school marketplace with millions of new education providers.
As a result, he created Kornukopia, a free LMS, LCMS and SIS, giving away his product, and introducing Kornukopia to schools all over the world. He knew that while his education management system was superior to many of the other players that his real goal was to reinvent the way education content was provided. Initially, an average of 5-10 schools tried Kornukopia a day. Eventually the demand became so strong in the first year that he released Kornukopia in 13 different languages worldwide.
Growing and Adapting with Technology Advancements
Kornukopia is growing faster than ever. Many schools have already introduced Kornukopia to their teachers, students and parents and are using it at significant scale. On average, Kornukopia users engage for over 7 minutes per session. Kornukopia users rely on the company’s system for many significant pieces of their day. Founder John Shine predicts that as users become more familiar with Kornukopia, the system will become an increasingly integral part of their day.
Shine is working on a platform to develop Kornukopia in two different ways. One way is to introduce additional modules to the existing service, like the school fee management module and a volunteer management module. The second is to continue creating paradigm shifts in the field of educational content. “Freight Train” is the anticipated next generation of Kornukopia. Freight Train is expected to unleash an amazing assessment module, and a state of the art education content publishing tool that will provide teachers and publishers with a very inexpensive way to create education content and integrate it into a learning process.
Simplifying The Existing Education System
“I would recommend that Edtech professionals maintain an open mind. Edtech professionals need to be aware of standards and advancements of course, but the real question is are those standards which are often times work-arounds for old tech really applicable to their schools specific needs and to current new world systems.
In this marketplace, paradigms are going to shift quickly, leaving traditional solutions and work-around standards in the dust and establishing new innovators that will provide solutions that have yet to even be envisioned,” suggested Shine to other education providers and education solution and content providers.
“We believe that teachers are the next rock stars in the global education environment, not only when they touch students’ lives, but when they are able to create and publish education content to the students and schools across the globe inside Kornukopia,” replied Shine when asked about the teacher’s role in current education system.
The goal of Kornukopia is not just to benefit students, teachers, parents or administrators, but to create an environment where all members of the education community can work, learn, organize, communicate and grow as a team.