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KOPIS: Sword For Cutting Complicated Problems

KOPIS, as it is in their name, they cut through complex problems. Based in South Carolina, Kopis is a consultative custom software development firm, specializing in helping companies cut through their complex problems using software. They are the perfect example of a company that constantly challenges the status quo and seeks to expand its skill set. Their agile methodologies help them create customized solutions for advanced industries. Today, Kopis is one of the top most promising .NET development solution providers in the nation, recently the recipient of several national awards.
Andrew Kurtz, Founder & CEO of Kopis, had a desire to start his own business. At the age of 23, he started his first business in which he was a partner in a process control integration firm. While working there, he started providing PC-based software solutions. In 1999, he sold out  that company and started ProActive Technology (Kopis) with 2 employees.
Andrew Kurtz graduated in accounting from Furman University. He received his CPA certificate and worked for Price Waterhouse. Later in 1996, he joined Vigilix technology and from there, it has evolved into a platform for creating solutions for remote management, including monitoring, remote control, off site backup and more. His focus has never been the technology, but instead, the problem to be solved and the simplest way to solve it.
Kopis is dedicated to helping transform processes and systems, providing efficient one-of-a-kind solutions that solve current needs and anticipates future ones. Kopis’ focus is on solving right problem, and not doing whatever it takes to “make the sale”. For Kopis, “Do the right thing” has always been one of their primary core values.
Facilitating Proficient Services
Kopis services include: Custom Application Development, Business Intelligence, Power BI, Mobile Application Development, Big Data Solutions, SharePoint Development & Administration, SQL & SharePoint Managed Services, Strategic Corporate Technology Consulting, Database Administration Services, and  many more.
They believe that for an organization, software can be the most important strategic asset. They help clients, figuring out how and where their business can scale, and help them re imagine various ways to leverage software to meet objectives. To remove the obstacles in front of their greatest goals, they provide greater efficiency and profitability with greater visibility into their data to make better, quicker decisions.
Kopis is experiencing the growth that enables them to work with more clients on more exciting and complex problems. Despite having the best talent in the industry, they are continuing to maintain their commitment of being accessible and easy to work with. Kopis’ most satisfied customers include -DEEL Media, Metromont, Lucas Systems, naming a few.
Leaning Towards Future
Kopis is expanding into additional markets and their disruptive technology will become accessible to more businesses that challenges the way they think about solving problems.
Kopis provides services for clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to successful start-ups, and for every project, they assemble the most talented Business Analysts, Project Managers, Senior Software Engineers, Developers, and Quality Assurance Analysts available anywhere. Committed to providing a better quality of life for their team including offering a significantly higher per employee wage, Kopis has attracted and retained some of the region’s best talent by encouraging a balanced lifestyle, and providing a rewarding and family-friendly work environment in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC.