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IoT & beacons are developing technologies, so the companies providing these services must make the decisions as they move forward. Few of the current beacon companies are effectively shaping the future of the industry with each new release, and that is a dangerous scenario. Companies can’t just guess what will be practical, they must be sure about their decisions. They must understand the customer’s need. is an IoT and beacons service provider who turns to their customers and asks them what they didn’t love about their beacons – even their beacons, to take this technology to the next level.
Empowering Organizations by Providing Beacon Solutions empowers businesses by bridging the gap between real and digital. They are pushing the Internet of Things revolution forward by connecting proximity-aware devices to the cloud. was originally founded with the goal of helping the visually impaired navigate public spaces. Today, headquartered in Kraków with offices in Berlin, Guadalajara, and New York, they share their best-in-class beacon infrastructure solutions and expertise to empower every organization on the planet to realize its full potential.
Future IoT solutions will be built on beacons, and team is proud to be a thriving leader in that space.
Pilot of
Szymon Niemczura, is the Co-founder and CEO at As a strong advocate of the Internet of Things idea, he runs the company to be among the leaders of the upcoming connected future. He graduated in Business Management & Financial Management from National Louis University.
When it comes to business, Szymon always looks for new challenges that bring a fundamental improvement in their space. He has been working on a variety of cutting-edge projects since 2009. Using that experience, he shares his passion for IoT and beacon technology during conferences and workshops around the world. After work Szymon is a passionate glider pilot.
Building the Most Advanced Solutions is the world’s biggest beacon provider with 17,000 customers in over 120 countries all around the globe. They work in B2B model, providing beacon solution providers, mobile agencies as well as software houses with beacon hardware and software to help them build the beacon-enabled apps that their clients love. has developed a number of different types of beacon hardware as well as robust beacon software to help their clients build, deploy, and scale up their proximity solutions. When Google launched Eddystone in 2015, was one of the few companies that was involved in the project and developed the first beacons with Eddystone support. One year later, released four new products that represent a new generation in how the industry leverages beacons. Among recently introduced hardware there is the thinnest complete Bluetooth Smart device in the world—Card Beacon, the most advanced beacon hardware—Beacon Pro, and Gateway, which combined with Location Engine (a new software tool) not only provides the ability to monitor the movement and status of beacons in real time but also to cause a number of actions based on location—and all that—without a smartphone.
Proximity Studio: The World’s First Beacon Showroom
Beacon infrastructure providers are the missing puzzle piece both within companies and the beacon space. Industry needs beacon solutions that help enterprises put beacon technology into action. Everyone needs the bridges from idea to POC to deployment. That is why has opened its Proximity Studio, the world’s first Beacon Showroom and complete beacon IoT consulting service provider.’s team of dedicated Solution Architects combines cutting edge resources and use cases with business acumen to aid key decision makers in finding the right beacon-based solution. Leveraging their online and offline portals, provides the resources to integrate proximity technology quickly and have already worked with brands around the globe.
Leveraging their position as beacon industry leaders, Proximity Studio has created a network of innovative businesses and solution providers. They bring together all parts of the beacon technology chain in order to establish beneficial business partnerships and mold the future of the industry.
Proximity Studio consulting offers insight for every stage of development and acts as the personal interface to market knowledge. The team of industry specialists expedites POC projects, offer high-level insight on beacon-based initiatives, and assess the technical feasibility of new projects.
Building the Future of Beacon Ecosystem
Since 2013, the team of has focused on providing businesses with the best technology, so they could focus on their core goals and solutions. In 2017 and in the following years, they will continue to do the same. “We want the entire Bluetooth ecosystem to grow, and we can make that happen by creating the right tools,” shares Szymon.
The future of beacon use cases extends far beyond retail. This is precisely why has created the Location Engine, and will continue to nurture such products in coming years. They are striving to make it easy and cost-effective to track assets and people. “We plan to help you collect and use meaningful data without investing time and development dollars on hardware or cloud back-ends,” adds Szymon. “Businesses should spend time and money on customers, not building an infrastructure from the ground up. This is how we can grow the beacon ecosystem together.”

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