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In today’s world people hardly have time to waste on anything. Everything is moving at a breakneck speed. Let it be life, business or technology, everyday there is something new to look forward to. In today’s world the only limitation placed are at our imaginations. Call humans lazy or smart but since our existence we have been looking for easier ways to do our menial tasks.  The biggest advantage that came our way was the progresses in technology. Technologies have made lives much easier and faster. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something on which we have been working on for decades. However, the recent developments have been productive.
AI has invaded into the lives of humans in every way possible. Starting from transportation, cyber technology, invention of robots, solving climatic changes, enhanced elder care and to run the business. AI is now contributing their bit into everything. Researchers and scientists have commented on this situation by saying that even though they don’t know what the future has in store, it is evident that soon enough we would be interacting with AI as our everyday activity.
In this fast pacing world how efficiently are we successful at planning a meeting? Above all much time is being wasted to coordinate, plan, schedule and reschedule. Let it be for a personal meeting or business meetings or any kind of gathering, we tend to plan it quickly and effortlessly. Practically none of us is able to manage and plan things without missing any crucial information to be mentioned or person to be invited. The chaos that follows is well-known. The good news is that; an artificial intelligence secretary service provider will now be the savior.
Not Just Any Secretary is the most skilled assistant that would help in arranging official or personal gatherings.  The procedure is painless, and   all that needs to be done is to hire the ‘’ assistant and add the ‘’ mail id.  This assistant will later select and share the Google calendar synced with your mail with guests. Once the time is conformed Kono would then circulate the calendar invite. The concerns regarding sharing your business or personal calendar with an outsider is not convincing at it sounds it to be.  Contrarily, Kono is willing to work at a rough time frame. Apparently, if the customer just sends a mail that says, “Let’s find some time early next week”. Kono would work with this uneven timeline and find a proper time to schedule the meetings.
For any gathering to be successful it is important that the guest confirms their arrival and also that the time slot selected suits them too. In case of amendments or any suggestions regarding the time from the guests side is also taken care off. Kono accepts retorts from the invitees too. They have programmed themselves in such a manner that their operators (AI) understand human language. Or else, Kono has provided options where the guests can opt according to their preference.
Success Story of
Since the establishment of on Nov in 2014, they have come a long way. The brains behind this amusing thought are of YJ Min, Jaehoon Choi and Jung-hee Ryu. YJ currently serves as the CEO and Jaehoon currently is the CTO of this startup.  Jaehoon is also the founder of his own startup named Opinion 8 which has been merged by Konolabs. Jung-hee was the former CSO & Founder of OlaWorks acquired by Intel for over $30mil. At present he is also the Founder and CEO of FuturePlay, a tech company builder based out in Korea.
At Konolabs they use their big data analysis machine learning tech for the world’s professionals to focus on their major job and not the dull tasks.  They found that the human employees and their customers are having huge gaps to schedule meetings and calls which they have taken upon themselves to help in scheduling.  One of the most contributing factors behind their success is the agile and diversified research and development team.  The geeks at are well versed with machine learning, mobile/web product development and data analysis.
Climbing the ladder of success, was selected as one of the acceleration teams of TAG Pass Program in Singapore. Among the other achievements includes the winning of first prize at the Tech Crunch Pitch Off event in Seoul in Korea. They were mentioned in the Venture Beat as one of the most promising startups of 500 Startups Batch 13.
Outshining among the competitors argues that an average worker spends 16.7 hours per month in order to schedule appointments or other meetings. has taken the responsibility upon them to make this task much simpler and in this manner to manage time. They also beg to differ as they promise to provide better user experience on multiple platforms. They believe that the recent developments in technology like Machine learning is powerful as it would help in providing better performance and accuracy in understanding natural language. They claim that security and scalability are important matters for AI and ML based services. But have thought it meticulously and planned to tackle one problem at a time.
Future Promises
The team at aims to solve other problems and provide other services apart from scheduling the meetings but however, they would stick to the basic goal of providing innovative services to the world’s professionals based on their patented technology.
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