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Knowledgent: Improving Lives and Business Through Data

The Big Data Industry has experienced an innovation boom leading to hundreds of technologies entering the market. Use of Big Data technologies to solve various business challenges is making the industry vast and more competitive. It has become essential for every firm to adopt these new trends to satisfy their business needs. The industry demands strong experience in data and analytics to ensure the optimal solutions are implemented.
One such company is Knowledgent, a data and analytics consulting company that improves lives and business through data. Knowledgent partners with countless of these technology vendors to understand the latest trends leading the industry. The company works in close collaboration with technology partners and stays platform agnostic when partnering with clients. It’s important for the Knowledgent team to understand the various platforms available in the market. They know that each client has different needs, and they fit those needs with the right technology, not the other way around.
Data and Analytics Strategies
Knowledgent partners with Fortune 1,000 companies to modernize their data architecture to deliver the game-changing insights they need to advance their business. Knowledgent’s expertise allows these companies to select custom-fit technologies that address their challenges, while also developing strategy, architecture, and governance plans for receiving maximum returns on their investments.
The Knowledgent team knows that the success of any organization depends on their employees. Everyone at Knowledgent is an ‘Informationist’ – an information management and analytics professional who combines expertise in data architecture and engineering, data analysis, and domain knowledge to maximize information value and create business advantage. Their Informationists are passionate about data, and that is a strategic differentiator for clients.
Driving Forces of Knowledgent
Peter Gibson and Shail Jain, Co-CEOs of Knowledgent are making a point to stay on top of all of the emerging trends and technologies in the Big Data space. Both the CEOs have strong data and business backgrounds which makes Knowledgent a strong partner for clients.
Referring to their unique approach to the business, Peter asserts, “As the needs of clients change and more technologies become available, it’s important for us to evolve with them. We continue to make sure that we understand the challenges our clients face and to customize innovative solutions for them.”
Giving more comprehension of their strategies Shail asserts, “Knowledgent enables our clients to rapidly develop data and analytics solutions that provide real business value. The real differentiator is our Informationists, who are both industry and technology experts. We provide the technology expertise, accelerators, and industry experience. It’s the complete package.”
Uniqueness of Knowledgent
Knowledgent maintains a “Big Data Ecosystem” that categorizes, segments, and details the technologies for their clients in easy to consume online and print versions. The ecosystem acts as a desktop reference for clients to understand what’s available to them and platforms which can best solve their challenges. The Knowledgent team updates the ecosystem on a yearly basis, each year adding countless new technologies into the mix. This is educational for both themselves and their clients.
Benefits for Clients
Knowledgent focuses on Data Science, Engineering, and Analytics disciplines that are paving the road ahead for the Big Data Industry. Their class-leading data scientists and engineers are on the ground floor of major analytics projects with innovative companies that are changing the face of business. In one prime example, Knowledgent partnered with a major pharmaceutical company to enable insights from Real World Evidence, which is comprised of unstructured clinical data sets that would have been impossible to utilize before the Big Data revolution.
Future Proof Business
Knowledgent is currently helping their clients reduce the time and cost associated with Big Data projects utilizing their Knowledgent Labs facilities. Knowledgent Labs is a software development center built to remotely execute rapid prototypes, data engineering and analytic services, and technology operations for clients across all industries in an on-shore model. They have locations in NY, NJ, and MA. Clients are able to leverage Knowledgent expertise, access to technology platforms, and their proprietary assets to accelerate their time-to-value in Big Data initiatives.

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