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Ron Cameron | CEO | KnowledgeLake

KnowledgeLake: Assisting in RPA to Achieve Success

Enable our customers to reach their full potential by serving them with innovative document technologies.” This is the vision of KnowledgeLake, a software company that focuses 100% on innovating around capture, RPA and the content repository for the purpose of helping its partners and customers to manage transactional content. The company helps busy organizations intelligently automate their most important document processes. The KnowledgeLake platform is the only cloud-native platform for capturing, processing, and managing your most critical business content.
Customized Solutions 
KnowledgeLake RPA is purpose-built for the automation needs of transactional content management (TCM)—conscious organizations. Most data that ultimately flows through an RPA automation originates within documents. Regardless of whether those documents are paper based or are born electronic and ingested via an email attachment or download, the data contained within those documents eventually needs to make its way into one or more line of business systems. These are the automations types for which KnowledgeLake RPA is particularly wellsuited. To support these use cases, KnowledgeLake RPA provides both an unattended and attended bot offering. The purpose of the unattended bots is to process batches of information that have been extracted from documents via our patent-pending machine learning technology.
Once the data is extracted and verified, it is then passed to one or more unattended bots that can enter it into any Windows, browser, or legacy application, either through the application’s user interface or an existing API. All unattended bot transactions are recorded so a full step-by-step video replay can be viewed to facilitate exception handling. The video, along with access to both a synched log file and automation specification document, provides the user a 360-degree view of every transaction, and is presented in a manner that speaks something we call “the language of the user.” KnowledgeLake also links the entire support chain to this tooling to ensure all exceptions and handled quickly and completely. Such tooling mitigates the top reasons RPA projects fail in production: poor support and slow remediation. Further, any corrective measures taken by the user to handle exceptions can easily make their way back into the automation so future runs of the automation know how to handle the corrected condition.
Once the data is in the line of business system, it is common for users to want to refer back to the original document for reference. Rather than forcing the user to open their document management system, login, and re-key search criteria data or updated metadata, KnowledgeLake offers users an attended bot that allows them to retrieve source documents with the mere click of a button KnowledgeLake RPA allows TCM-minded organizations to automate all aspects of integrating documents, data, and line of business applications.
An Expert 
Ron Cameron, the CEO of KnowledgeLake, is a known expert in the industry and has been featured as an executive speaker for years at events hosted by companies like Microsoft, Fujitsu, and more. Before that, he worked in the industry for a few years as an employee and was frustrated by leadership that didn’t focus on the customer experience. His goal was to create a company that truly put customers and employees at the center of its existence—even before profit. According to him, at KL, the philosophy is “I’m Third,” which means that the company puts its customers first, its tribe (which is the team) second, and itself third. It’s a recipe that’s worked very well for 20 years now.
Ron is also a man of character with a strong respect for diversity and willingness to give back. He has served on a number of corporate and philanthropic boards including The Magic House (St. Louis Children’s Museum), Our Little Haven and Louisville Sluggers Warriors Little League Baseball. A trusted mentor to many, he is a known leader in the Information & Content Management industry and has a strong reputation built on integrity, compassion, and a cando executive attitude.
The Best is Yet to Come 
It’s the lessons, experiences, and even failures that ultimately led to the achievements—Ron says he could write a book on those. KnowledgeLake has helped thousands of customers in 34 countries save money and streamline their content processing, which Ron believes is the company’s most important achievement. Secondarily, the organization has partnered deeply with Microsoft for 15 years and has been awarded “Microsoft Partner of the Year” 4 times. He also still believes the best part of the company journey is yet to come.
Merging with Advancement 
The future of the robotic industry is definitely still emerging. The robots (or bots) are only as smart as the instructions they receive. The future is going to be shaped by the innovation around AI that actually drives the behavior of the robotic workers. KnowledgeLake is right in the middle of the innovation every day. The company will sustain its competency by listening to the customers and the industry and using everything available to help them aggressively solve problems.
Knowledgelake RPA has allowed us to redirect employee efforts to tasks that matter to our customers rather than processing repetitive non value added transactions. With integration between systems we have eliminated thousands of hours from our customer’s processes.” Matthew Danyliw, Analytix BizMgmt, LLC
The KnowledgeLake solution works seamlessly with SharePoint Online.” Aaron Withington, ITS Senior Technician, PRO Club “With the rapid access to documents provided by KnowledgeLake, we can actually spend time and resources on improving and making our processes better than what they were before.” Tye Eyden, Collaboration Analyst, New Belgium Brewery
KnowledgeLake helped us move from out-dated technology to an efficient enterprise content management solution that helps our employees work more effectively.” Raul Mital, Data Technology Project Leader Hexcel