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Know More About Forwarding Mail

In the office environment, emails are the most initial thing. Emails are the written proof as well a basic communication platform. Now, there is a very important thing to be mentioned here and that is the use of correct forward. You will get the whole idea just after reading this.
Basically, there are types of ‘forward’ mail as follow:
1. General fun stuff
2. Just forward without any remark
3. Forward with FYI (For your information)
4. Forward with FYA (For Your Action)
5. Forward with ++ or looping
Now, these are the forwards we generally write while sending mail, but without giving any importance to the selection of them. Here you will learn which forward exactly you should use. The first one is not explained here because it is not that important but the others are.
Just forward without any remark
Sometimes you get a mail without a single word written, what a receiver should do with this kind of mail? It is even difficult while clearing mails, where we are supposed to add it. That is why, be careful while sending a mail without adding any information to it.
Forward with FYI (For your information)
Sometimes mails are forwarded with three letters FYI (For your information). Now these types of forwarding are also a headache, because you never know what exactly the sender means. It is just impossible, how a big mail can be read and forwarded in just a few seconds. It gives the impact that the sender thinks himself too busy and could not read it, instead he is expecting the recipient to read it fully. Or the sender only wanted to forward this mail because he wanted to loop you. That is why, be very aware while using FYI, if you don’t want the receiver to misunderstand you.
Forward with FYA (For Your Action)
This type is more puzzling than the others. With the word FYA (For Your Action), the person is expecting some action from you, but he will not give any guidance. You have to act only. This type of forward means that all the high level activities are carried out without informing the recipient, when “real” action is expected, sender suddenly realizes the recipient and include him in FYA mail. So think twice before sending this type of forward.
Forward with ++ or looping
It is very difficult to interpret forward with ++ or looping. This clearly says that “++ person is responsible for this activity, so I am looping him and he will do this part of the task while I am having the full responsibility and remaining tasks”. So if you don’t want to create any misunderstanding, use this one properly.
So, be careful while forwarding, your receiver should get the exact meaning of what you are intended to say.