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KnackForge: Riding on the Robust Pillars of People, Process and Tools to attain the Zenith of Success

The growth of AWS is nothing less than phenomenal. There was a time when AWS was launched as a medium to buy space for computers. Now AWS transact business worth over 16 billion annually. AWS, of course, had the advantage of a big head start in the cloud market. They began offering cloud infrastructure services like storage and compute over a decade ago, long before the competition actually started off on the ground. But it is the quality and effectiveness of their services that are triggering AWS towards upwards trajectory. Even as the other companies like Google and Microsoft have begun to pay much closer attention to cloud market, AWS has maintained its massive lead in terms of total market share. One emerging cloud computing company that has placed its bet on AWS for its future growth is KnackForge.
KnackForge is a US-based award winning multinational company that provides exemplary staff augmentation and software consulting services around AWS. They assist entrepreneurs, SMB’s and enterprises to focus on their main business goals and visions. By forging long-term partnerships with their clients, KnackForge help companies free up resources, control costs, and access the right development talent. They provides wide range of services include cloud computing and infrastructure, web application development, cross-platform mobile app development, staff augmentation and dedicated teams, consulting services, and enterprise data warehouse and data mining. 
AWS has been their platform of choice since the formation of KnackForge. They have helped multiple companies make the transition to AWS from their traditional data centers. They don’t just ‘lift and shift’ the applications to the Cloud but also look for opportunities to refactor and even re-write the code to maximize the potential of the cloud.
Mission and the brief Journey since Inception 
Their mission is to align their client’s business goals with the work they provide. KnackForge mean every word when they say “Your Voice is Our Voice; Your Goals are Our Goals”. Their client varies from small business to big enterprises, but whatever size of the client, their mission is to align themselves with the needs of the clients.
KnackForge’s journey was started in 2011; after a couple of strategic acquisitions, they are now grown to a multinational company with offices in Tyler (Texas), Dallas (Texas) and Chennai (India). Their headquarters is in Tyler, a small town in East Texas with a population of approx. 105,000 people. By serving clients across three continents, they cherish the values and hard work that has made this country great.
Accomplishments in the Recent Times 
KnackForge has received multiple awards over the years, and has been recently shortlisted among the “20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers 2017” by one of the leading technology magazine. The organization believes their biggest achievement is intrinsically tied with the success of its client. For them, their client’s growth is the real accomplishment, which they feel proud of.
Leading Light of KnackForge 
Jeff Strout is the CEO of KnackForge. He is an inspirational figure for its employees. People revered him due to the hard work and efforts he put to grow the company. He has vast experience in leading large enterprises and is using that experience along with sharp business acumen to lead KnackForge. Though based in Tyler, he spends a major portion of his time at client locations or at the Chennai office. His ‘client first’ approach is what the company strives for.
Contributing in Client Growth with Cutting-edge AWS Services 
Having evolved alongside Amazon over the years, KnackForge helped many of its clients to reduce overhead and improve reliability with AWS. In terms of reporting, KnackForge leverages AWS CloudWatch to provide monitoring for application. They commonly integrate the following technology into their services: Amazon API Gateway, EC2, RDS, Redshift, S3, ElastiCache, IAM, SES, and CloudWatch. Their AWS development services are leveraged by many startups, small businesses, and large enterprises to launch applications quickly, scale rapidly, and enjoy high performance at a controlled cost.
KnackForge sees Challenges as an Opportunity Rather than Obstacle 
AWS is all about automation that includes the elimination of humans from the equation. Some jobs and tasks will fall aside in the future. More than on-premise jobs, it will affect how outsourcing would be done in the future. KnackForge see this as an opportunity rather than a challenge. Be it AI or any other automation, KnackForge want to be on the bleeding edge of technology so that they can continue to make a positive difference; not only to the client but also to the community as a whole.
Factors Behind Company’s Success 
KnackForge puts special emphasis on three vital elements people, processes, and tools to define every engagement that they employ with their clients. They inject this formula in service delivery which encompasses DevOps and designthinking which assist companies to control costs, and provide them access to the right development talent.
The technical teams in India along with business analyst team in the USA, who also have great communication skills together, form an impeccable combination to improve the processes and technologies of Small- and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) by leveraging solutions provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
CEO’s Take on Cloud Gaming and Cloud Security 
The Opportunities in Cloud Gaming on AWS are immense. I wouldn’t be surprised if AWS corners the market. We want to be a part of the growth and we are all well equipped to do so; be it gaming or other emerging technologies like Block Chain. Cloud Security is also an interesting topic. Having been in the industry for 25+ years I can safely say that AWS does a much better job at security than individual datacenters could ever do! 
Bet on AWS’s for Future Growth 
Being a multinational company with an aim to evolve along with the industry helps them to keeps their flexibility and agility trait intact. KnackForge has placed its bets on AWS’s growth and feel confident about the future growth. They believe there is an exciting times ahead!