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Kloudville: Creating New Definition for ERP Solutions

Every customer wants to get a special treatment, with individualized and personalized product or service. Earlier, the scenario of ERP industry was somewhat contrary to the customers’ demand. The entire ERP landscape was filled with “one-size fits all” systems that were traditionally reserved for large enterprise customers. The market for business process solutions has evolved into a fragmented market of suppliers and currently, each possess their own strengths surrounding a core business functionality. Kloudville is one such leading company in the industry, who views the current scenario of the “ERP Solution Industry” as a market of specialized applications for each functional business area that have fragmented the traditional feature sets of an ERP.
Having started with a mission of providing applications for businesses looking to gain greater insights into their operations, Kloudville continues to reduce the complexity of multiple systems and enables businesses to thrive in a digital marketplace. Rather than being forced to adapt to a rigid system, customers are empowered to make the solution unique through point and click configuration. Kloudville focuses on addressing the needs of the real engine of commerce, SMBs. They aim to improve the entire industry, not only by making the best customer-facing ERP, but rather lead the way in product education and communication to the market to ensure effective business growth through automation.
Services which are helping businesses to ‘Work Better’
Kloudville saw a landscape filled with pointed or inflexible solutions that require lengthy implementations. This is what motivated them to design solutions that have all the breadth of traditional enterprise software and the flexibility to be up and running in a fraction of the time. Kloudville and its products are enabling clients to create and configure their businesses which can be accessed virtually from anywhere in the world through their cloud based implementation to avoid infrastructure, maintenance, and administrative costs.
Their business suite offers global scalability capable of handling customers all over the world, enabling multi-currency transactions, from multi-location inventory.
Kloudville offers highly flexible solutions where components can be configured in a great deal of depth. With Kloudville, businesses can truly map out a unique business model tailored made for them.
Kloudville is the solution of choice for businesses that are looking to gain greater insights into their operations from lead to cash and seeking a single foundation to grow their business. The team at Kloudville is currently focused on building industry specific applications for manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and professional service industries. Their focus on giving the best office experience possible to their customers and their unique form of service is what keeps Kloudville apart from others.
About the pillars of Kloudville
With over 20 years of rich experience in designing, building and leading engineering organizations in top technology companies, Founder and CTO, David Keller is leading the company with extreme precision and dedication. Before building Kloudville, David served at ConceptWave. There, he was the Chief Architect and was involved in designing and leading a team of engineers in building a world-class Order and Catalog management software for global telecom carriers.
Along with David, Zarar Rana, the President and CEO of Kloudville, leads the team of Kloudville on the way to success. Zarar is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of founding and building software companies like Objectel Inc, and ConceptWave Software Inc. Both companies, the former being an Inventory management and the latter being a market leader for Order management and Catalog management software, were sold to Oracle and Ericsson respectively. Currently, he operates both Kloudville and ZCOM Systems Inc., a global consulting and systems integration business. With their extensive working experience in leading teams, both David and Zarar have proven to contribute significantly in completing their mission to bring simpler solutions to the market that do not compromise on functionality.
What makes Kloudville unique?
The platform of Kloudville is built upon patented technology, which is meant to handle the volume and complications of a large telco business, a foundation which is designed to scale. Their solution gives the clients an ability to sell goods directly to their customers. It offers greater functionality than traditional ERPs. Kloudville’s core value lies in the ability to cut through the twist and turns associated with enterprise systems and enabling businesses to operate better with modern applications tailored for their needs. With a clear agenda of providing an end-to-end solution without ambiguity or rigidity, Kloudville aims to be the cloud solution of choice for the SMB community to gain a full view of this chain.
Looking forward, Kloudville is planning to build more end-user centric ERPs with a greater vertical focus and a modern UI. The company is leading the charge by focusing on better business intelligence reporting, workflow automation and mobile access to give their customers the highest hope and a degree of flexibility to run their operations in the right way.
“At the heart of our efforts is a focus on self-help tools that will reduce the complexity and learning curve traditionally associated with new system adoption,” asserts the team at Kloudville.
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