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Kimble Applications

Kimble Applications: Revolutionizing PSA solutions in the Cloud

Professional Services Automation (PSA) is software solution for professional services which uses technology to improve business performance. Kimble, which is native to the Sales force platform, is linked with CRM. This supports better matching of resources with demand, better project delivery, and more accurate forecasting. It is designed to enable a more forward-looking approach to running a services business. It also integrates smoothly with other apps such as various accounting packages.
Kimble Applications, a cloud-based software-as-a-service company, provides professional services automation (PSA) solution known as Kimble PSA for, a cloud computing platform from
Kimble was founded in 2010 in London, UK, by Sean Hoban, Mark Robinson, and David Scott, each with entrepreneurship backgrounds in IT consulting and enterprise software companies. Since then, it has become an international business with offices in London and in North America – Boston, Park City, Chicago, and Atlanta. The firm dedicatedly provides ongoing PSA support to services businesses all over the world.
Kimble PSA is designed to drive business consistency and growth, with a unique combination of resourcing intelligence, delivery management, and business foresight. The organization also integrates its functionality with other complementary apps.
Kimble digitizes best practice for service organizations, allowing efficient access to talent networks and optimizing value creation. The firm helps professional services businesses by improving business performance, increasing visibility, and providing enhanced company collaboration.
Kimble is dedicated to the production of unique management solutions delivered through software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.
Leading-edge with Automation Solutions 
Powered by real-time data, Kimble’s augmented intelligence and analytics deliver the information required to improve how a business is run and the forward-looking insight that helps plan for the future.
In supporting a diverse set of requirements from both services and product companies, Kimble deploys experience and innovation from a broad range of industries to support the most functionally rich solution in Professional Services Automation. The app offers category leading capabilities and ease of use in revenue forecasting and recognition, resource planning, project management, budget and margin control, mobile time and expenses, period management, and billing.
These are the unified services offered by Kimble:

  • Implementation Services: Kimble is architected to be configured through settings and data rather than relying on the use of a coding language. Its implementation team will support its customers through the adoption of Kimble, using a series of business-led activities from which the configuration and deployment are driven.
  • Training Services: Kimble’s training team provides team training for the project during on-boarding that ensures that organizations’ staff develops a strong understanding of the capabilities of Kimble rapidly.
  • Professional Services: Kimble is a highly scalable and configurable application which can evolve with its customers changing business. Its aim is to empower its customer to manage these activities by themselves, with the availability of its additional support.
  • Support Services: Kimble’s dedicated product support combines the expertise of highly trained professionals with an extensive knowledge base.

Sovereignty with Expertise 
Mark Robinson is the Chief Marketing Officer at Kimble Communications. He has over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry and as a serial entrepreneur. Mark started his career in management consulting before working for Oracle Corporation. Since co-founding Kimble, he has been focused on helping service organizations to improve business performance, regularly contributing to events such as TSW and Dream force. Mark started his first IT Consultancy Company, Fulcrum Solutions, in 1997 with no external investment, and in just under 3 years it had reached 200 staff with offices in Edinburgh, Manchester, London, and New York.
Stepping Ahead through Challenges 
The Kimble team is proud of creating a PSA which delivers real value for its customers – Kimble PSA scores highest for customer satisfaction and speed-to-value among the leading PSA solutions on crowd review site G2 Crowd.
I am proud that for a good group of us, this is the 4th company we have worked in together, and at Kimble, we have an amazing team of people that operate without ego, and genuinely work together for the greater good.” Robinson said.
Adopting PSA generally involves working in new ways to take advantage of the potential the technology creates to make better decisions more quickly. Managing change often presents a challenge. Kimble is expanding its customer success organization and works in partnership with customers, continuing to embed Augmented Intelligence and to take advantage of all the capabilities of the Sales force platform to deliver proven customer benefit.
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