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Kim Vogel, Former President & Co-Founder BaseVenture, Currently Public Board Member TriCo BancShares

Kim Vogel: A Dynamic Business Executive

Life is not about a perfect plan. No one gets everything they want and in difficult times it is important not to give up, but instead, have faith that you will end up where you are meant to be. While it is helpful to set goals, life will inevitably throw curveballs your way. Kim Vogel is the Board Director at TriCounties Bancshares and former President and Co-Founder of BaseVenture. Kim shares how the unexpected lead her on the most fulfilling career trajectory and to building several game-changing technology companies.
A Serial Technology Entrepreneur
As a child, Kim Vogel would never have guessed that technology would lead her to her life-long career. Kim’s venture into entrepreneurship and innovation began in the late 1990s as the CFO of Semaphore Partners, one of the first digital marketing agencies. Kim was one of the original members of the executive team that grew the business to become a global powerhouse with clients like General Motors, Orbitz, and more. Shortly thereafter Kim joined some of her team members at mFoundry.

“Expect the Unexpected”

As many start ups do, mFoundry pivoted its business model until it found its niche in building one of the first mobile banking software platforms and selling its service to some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Kim was one of mFoundry’s initial executives as she and her team gave birth to mobile banking and other original payment technologies. This innovative company helped to redefine the way that people bank by introducing the then-crazy notion of banking on a mobile device. mFoundry was the first company to submit a mobile banking app to the Apple App Store and one of the earliest to introduce the ability to deposit a check via a mobile device. Kim served as CFO of mFoundry for almost a decade, which grew to become the largest provider in North America and was later sold to FIS (NYSE: FIS). Shortly thereafter Kim and her colleague John Pizzi co-founded Base Venture and started to build out their next amazing team.
BaseVenture is an innovative force in the alternative investment and wealth management industries. It is a cloud-based software company that develops innovative solutions in the areas of financial reporting, data visualization, and process management. The enterprise’s award-winning platform, “”, helps organizations simplify and automate how private funds are administered and managed. By providing users with data intelligence, reporting, workflow management, and document storage, “” radically simplifies the process of fund management and provides a platform that is intelligent, scalable, affordable, and secure.
It’s All About the Team
The best part of Kim Vogel’s journey has been the chance to build and nurture great teams. Building great companies is a team sport and it is not something one can do very successfully by themself. Kim constantly tries to create her own, ‘dream team’.
From Behind a Desk to a Seat at the Big Table – The Board Room
At Harvard Business School, perhaps the most sought-after job for Kim was that of a Wall Street investment banker. While attending, it was hard not to get caught up in the competitive, fierce, and glamorized portrayal of life in banking. But that was just the beginning. Without realizing it, Kim’s MBA, technology background, and finance/audit skills, and time serving as a c-suite executive were solidifying the skills needed to be a successful board member. What began as a sparked interest in a business school class quickly evolved into figuring out Kim’s passion and expertise as a board director. “I would have never imagined my years in public accounting as an auditor, work on Wall Street and operational experience as an executive were some of the exact skills boards look for,” said Kim.
It is an unparalleled opportunity to grow as a person and businesswoman. Kim Vogel’s career progressed and she became the Chief Financial Officer of several companies. Each of these companies had a board of directors, and as CFO, she worked closely with the board on a regular basis. Kim enjoyed the different dynamics of the board members, each contributing something unique to growing our company.
An Experienced Leader Rooted In Mentorship
After graduation, Kim Vogel headed to an investment bank where she gained invaluable business experience and, perhaps most importantly, learned to navigate the crazy hours and become an even harder worker. All in all, Kim found her path, reached her highest career goal, and realized her greater purpose – using her experiences to provide others with guidance on their own career path.
Kim Vogel makes her personal mission to provide mentorship to career-minded young girls. She loves to coach driven young girls and share her three most important lessons that she learned in navigating her own career. First, never underestimate the power of education. Second, find your niche. Third, stay true to your roots, remember where you started, and above all else, have faith in your journey.
Transformation Continues to Higher Eduction
Kim Vogel’s key to success is to stay open-minded, focusing on opening new doors and creating as many opportunities for herself as possible. She is currently focused on two primary areas – first and foremost to make a difference in the world. Kim is channeling her efforts in higher education as this was the gamechanger in her career. As a first-generation college student, the impact of her education has been the root of her success. She is working intensely to ensure others have this same opportunity as a former adjunct professor and most currently as a board trustee for Saint Mary’s College.
Second, Kim is focused on continuing her professional career objectives through public board work. Kim is so drawn to this work as the perfect trifecta of where she is professionally wanting to maximize impact, coach others, and still be challenged.