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Kim Robertson Smith

Having been an invaluable team member of Smile Foundation since its inception 23 years ago, Kim has always been known for her never-give-up attitude and the invaluable positive impact she has made on the foundation. Inclusivity and the empowerment of others has always been the mainstay of this compassionate and visionary woman, who is determined to carry this into her role of leadership, as she supports and guides the vision and mission of Smile Foundation, defined by its Board of Directors.

Being a registered nurse and healthcare professional, Kim is a natural-born caregiver with medical insight that stands her in good stead for her role as CEO. With her extensive managerial experience in the medical sales and marketing arena, Kim is no stranger to managing, mentoring, organising, training, and motivating people – which further supports her belief that solid teamwork will continually grow an organisation.

Apart from the medical field, Kim’s career spans across a different area of fundraising and outreach programmes for various organisations, aligning her even more so to her role as a strong leader with a clear vision and passion for Smile Foundation. Kim is a well-seasoned professional, who is caring and compassionate, and always up for a new challenge that requires a smarter solution.

“My aim is to continue, with the support of the incredible Smile team, to see all children smile. My life’s journey has always been to be involved with helping others and in this position, I can continue to do what I love – helping children to become the ‘Hero’ of their own story.” Kim Robertson Smith, CEO at Smile Foundation.

About Smile Foundation

Every child deserves a secure sense of self – the very foundation from which their greatest potential can be reached. This is why we are Smile Foundation are deeply passionate about making a difference in the lives of South African children living with facial conditions.

Smile Foundation is a South African Non-profit organisation operating in South Africa. Our NPO started at the behest of then President Nelson Mandela, 23 years ago. We believe that making a real difference is about bringing the right people together at the right time. In doing so, our non-profit organisation is able to facilitate expert surgical intervention for children living with facial paralysis, cleft lip, cleft palate, craniofacial abnormalities, and burn wounds.

We offer psychological support to patients and their families before, during and after surgery. We also offer “Parent to Parent” support which enables parents and caregivers to connect with other families who have walked the same journey.

Education and skills training is something we are passionate about, our passion towards upskilling surgeons in specialized techniques carries into the Smile Foundation skills training.  In doing so the organisation is able to facilitate expert surgical intervention and pre and post-operative care for communities in need.

Smile Foundation works in partnership with 17 Academic Hospitals around South Africa where all our surgical procedures and skills programs are performed.

Not only do we facilitate academic skills programs for surgeons, nurses and other medical personnel, we also invest in the infrastructure of the public healthcare system through purchasing medical equipment, upgrading the surgical Departments in existing facilities to the benefit of previously disadvantaged South Africans.

To achieve these goals, we enthusiastically raise funds through our corporate and private donors. We also reach out to communities to share and understanding that children with facial conditions and burns can be helped.

We assist any child living in South Africa living with facial paralysis, cleft lip and cleft palate, craniofacial abnormalities, as well as ear, nose and hand conditions and burn wounds. Our contributions go beyond funding children’s surgery and recovery.

Our Vision

We help children live a life inspired by confidence and possibility, no matter their circumstances.

Our Mission

We transform the lives of children affected by facial abnormalities and severe burns through the best possible and psychological care.