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Khora VR: Merging Virtual and Physical World by Providing Innovative VR/AR Solutions

The global virtual and augmented reality market is growing with its increasing demand in various sectors. These technologies are revolutionary and new platform for various business solutions. Khora VR is the first virtual reality shop in Denmark and a leading virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content production studio. Khora started the world’s first VR store in 2016 and produced the first Danish virtual reality game. With the goal to expand VR/AR potential with each solution they provide; the company has introduced VR to more than 20,000 people, organized 500 workshops, and produced more than 100 VR/AR solutions for different businesses. It is one of the most experienced VR/AR content producers in Northern Europe and a pioneer of introducing this technology to Danish people and businesses. The core of the business is to explore VR/AR technology and find its true value by working together with other companies and sharing the knowledge along the way.
The Inspiring Journey of the Founders
Khora was founded by an innovative entrepreneur Simon Max Bloch Lajboschitz and VR producer Peter Fisher. The idea of diving into this business came after Simon watched a mini-documentary, ‘Clouds over Sidra 360’ video in New York. It was an intense and fully engaging experience that really impressed him. So he came back to Denmark, talked to his co-partner Peter, who had been working with VR productions for a few years, and they decided to start Khora together. The major challenge faced during the inception was to understand the technological capabilities and the limits of VR/AR.  Being constantly up-to-date on the tech side helped them along the way. So, the key attribute was to keep close communication with experts coming from a technological background and being an active member in the VR/AR community.
Providing Diverse and Innovative Solutions            
Khora provides services to various industries, by creating stunning VR solutions for business applications like visualizations, physical experiences, simulations, e-commerce, or digital entertainment. They also produce content for education, healthcare, art, marketing, and other fields. The company has also invented some innovative VR projects for dementia patients, long-term sick children, physics education, and contemporary art. Khora is the only commercial partner involved in a research project run by the scientists from the Capital Region of Denmark, who is presently conducting the world’s largest clinical trial for VR as an exposure therapy treatment tool.
Helping Clients in the Growth of Their Business
The main aim of Khora is to involve clients in the production process and close communication throughout the entire project development. Most of the solutions provided to the clients fall within commercial purposes. Brands; which are heavily rely on storytelling, VR technology empowers the client to tell the story in a more effective manner and get the prompt reaction and let consumers to be in places and they can feel the real world virtually. It is also common to use virtual reality in onboarding and training staff, which again, decreases the time and resources used compared to the traditional training process. VR/AR solutions offer higher user engagement and can help the client to improve their business in better way.
Dynamic and Open Culture at Workplace that Leads to Innovation
Khora is a curious company, which focuses a lot on creating and maintaining transparent work culture. It has an open co-sharing office space, which is located in one of the most creative and charming environments in Copenhagen – Meat Packing District. They maintain strong team spirit and everyone’s efforts are acknowledged by celebrating the accomplishments together. Open and positive work culture at Khora helps the employee to bring in clear thinking, a long-term view, innovation, and empathy for each other.
Company’s Next Move for More Progress
Khora has been rapidly growing throughout the last years since its establishment, and at the moment the company is looking for further expansion in other industries as well, especially within healthcare, psychiatry, and markets abroad. Khora works with the art projects closely and according to them, there is more potentiality in art because they see the dramatic increase of interest in VR as a medium for Art. In general, VR/AR technology has technically matured and at this point, there are countless opportunities for VR/AR implementation basically in any industry. However, there is one big obstacle to reaching the mass consumer market. But the whole industry will change when VR headsets become as common as cell phones, TVs, and computers.
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