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Mr. Vijay Khairnar, Owner, Khairnar Cleaning Services

Khairnar Cleaning Services: Delivering Highest Quality Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Services

Cleanliness is the foundational pillar of good health. It is the most important aspect of living an infection-free life and staying away from diseases.
A spotlesslyclean living environment and working space are fundamental to preventing us from being infected by any virus or something detrimental to our health.
Taking the significance of a clean environment into consideration, Khairnar Cleaning Services was formed. Khairnar Cleaning delivers a wide range of cleaning services to serve each of its customers with the highest level of integrity and satisfaction by creating hygiene living and working space for their healthy life. It is well equipped to provide in-depth cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services in high-risk areas with more effective steam sterilization and misting sterilization processes.
Creating Hygienic Environment for Healthier Life
The inception of Khairnar Cleaning Services took place four years back as a proprietorship company in Pune. Mr. Vijay S. Khairnar left his corporate job with Sulzer Chemtech (UK) Limited, Middle East, to start up his own business in Pune, Maharashtra, in 2018. Being from Sales & Marketing, Project & Operation management field, Mr. Vijay individually explored the business opportunities by offering a wide range of cleaning services in a professional way for domestic, commercial, and industrial customers. Currently, he is serving as the CEO of the company.
The successful business of Khairnar Cleaning Services has been built on repetitive customers and an excellent reputation maintained largely on ‘word of mouth’ recommendations. The vision of Khairnar Cleaning Services is to deliver the highest quality cleaning consistently.
It continues its reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction by focusing on its core vision and mission by creating a hygienic living environment and working space for a healthier life.
Providing Wide Range of Intensive Cleaning Services
Khairnar Cleaning Services offers a wide range of intensive cleaning services from floor to ceiling, which comprises in-depth cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services, including ULV – Ultra Low Volume disinfection, steam sterilization, and spraying process by using EPA / DVG approved international quality products viz.
It uses CLEANISEPT® Liquid, ULTRASOL® Active, ASEPTOMAN®, TASKI®, which are certified, ecologically friendly, and safe natural pH products that kill tough germs, reducewall fungi, inhabit dangerous viruses, fast counter sanitizing, and remove bad odor and powerful toilets cleaner. To support Indian made products, Khairnar Cleaning Services recently implemented to use made-in-India products – MEDNTEK-NAHS, MEDNTEK DRLS 13N, MEDNTEK-R82, and MEDNTEK W-10 to strongly support ‘Vocal for Local’.
The company provides residential services like Home Deep Cleaning, Baby Room Cleaning, Kitchen Cleaning, Bathroom Cleaning, Sofa Shampooing, Mattress Shampooing, Windows Cleaning, Sanitization, and Disinfection Services. It provides commercial services such as Office Deep Cleaning, Kindergarten Cleaning, Restaurant Cleaning, Carpet Shampooing, Façade Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Water Tank Cleaning, Turnkey Interior Cleaning, Sanitization, and Disinfection Services.
It also provides industrial services that include Warehouse Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Floor Scrubbing & Cleaning, Sanitization & Disinfection Services. Its services comprise Intensive cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting activities followed by manual spraying, mist sterilization, and steam sterilization. It covers all areas which aren’t traditionally covered by a regular or spring cleaning.
Using New Technologies and Methods on Cleaning and Disinfection
Moreover, Khairnar Cleaning Services provides direct interaction with the disinfectant company representative of the client, which helps them resolve their concerns and doubts at the point. It provides all the necessary documents regarding the same. It uses new technologies and tools to serve its purpose. It keeps self-update with improved methods and procedures on cleaning and disinfection.
Taking Necessary Precautions to Avoid Infections
Talking about the impact of the pandemic, Vijay expresses that it has opened the doors of many different types of industries for services.It has also created awareness on hygiene, let it be hand hygiene (major and basic to avoid any type of infection) or keeping facilities clean.There has also been an exploration and invention of new and easy technologies related to same to makeour lives safe.
He states,“Of course we cannot control the pandemic, but we as an individual can definitely take necessary precautions to prevent it; a good lesson is taught to all of us.”
Handling Complexities of Sanitization and Disinfection
When it comes to contributing to the community, Khairnar Cleaning Servicesdoes it by sharing the knowledge and learning with daily cleaning tips to maintain hygiene after serving its professional services to its existing and new customers and community.Its professional team process the right set of knowledge and techniques to handle the complexities of sanitization and disinfection.
“Certainly, we would take a chance to contribute more by conducting few training programs to create more awareness,” putsVijay.
Providing Best Solutions and Becoming Well-known in Infection Control
Khairnar Cleaning Services aims at providing the best solutions for all possible types of concerns related to contamination or bioburden. The company plans to explore more opportunities in other cities, contribute to creating more employment, invest in employee skills development, adopt new technologies, and know types of equipment to become a well-known company in infection control.