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Keytorc: One Step Ahead In Delivering Quality Software

It is certain that, we live in the era of information technology which is incomplete without the presence of software. It is dramatically changing the current digital world. It is a discipline undergoing rapid changes day-by-day and is expanding into newer spaces.
Currently, every corporate is converging with software-driven technologies to deliver effective solutions to their clientele. However, rather than quantity, corporate world is inclined towards maintaining the quality of the software. Every IT organization’s goal is to improve the quality of software and thus, every software engineer is striving to achieve the same. Hence, the function of software quality testing is evolving to accommodate the quality demands and is becoming an integral part of software development. It was this surging demand that led Keytorc Software Testing Services to conceive its inception.
A Pioneer Known for its Testing Solutions 
Since 2005, Keytorc Software Testing Services has been assisting its customers to manage their critical software testing processes to reduce the total cost of producing high quality systems. Keytorc uses a risk-based prioritization approach to get to the right answers and overcome the top reasons for failure. The Company has the best references from the banking, insurance, telecommunications, IT, commerce and public sectors. Generally, Keytorc is aimed at ensuring that the intended customers have at least the lowest cost of ownership of information technology solutions with the least errors and highest performance. Besides being the regional leading testing services company, it also provides international software trainings by being an International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) Accredited Training Provider.
A Combination of Ingenious Duos 
Once Jack Ma, a Chinese business magnate, investor, and philanthropist stated that, “The world needs new leadership, but the new leadership is about working together”. This quote applies aptly to Koray Yitmen, Partner at Keytorc and Emrah Yayici, Managing Partner as together they have led the company to its current position in the market.
Koray is a board member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) local chapter, the president of ISTQB local chapter and User Experience Professionals’ Association (UXPA) local chapter. Similarly, Emrah contributes to the IIBA as a chapter President. Both of them started their career as a technology consultant at Accenture, formerly a business and technology consulting division of an accounting organization called Arthur Andersen.
Koray, as a business partner, has led many multinational, cross-functional teams in the banking, telecommunications, insurance, media, and information technology (IT) industries for more than 15 years. Challenged by the diversity of his projects’ cultural, domain, and people issues, Koray has succeeded by putting the needs of his projects’ target users first.
Moreover, he has been the business partner of Keytorc Software Testing Services, BA-Works Business Analysis Services, and UXservices UX Design Company since 2005. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. He is a strong advocate of the business motto ‘Quality is not tested, but built’ and tries to implement this motto in every IT project in which he is involved. His greatest happiness of life is giving back to the community and hence, he wishes to donate one hundred percent of the net profit from his book’s sales towards primary school initiatives.
Emrah is the author of the best-selling Business Analysis Methodology Book, Business Analyst’s Mentor Book, UX Design and Usability Mentor Book, Design Thinking Methodology Book, and Creativity titled ‘Artful Thinking for Innovative Business and Technology.’ He is one of the managing partners of UXservices, BA-Works and Keytorc. He has also led global enterprise transformation projects at Beko-Grundig Electronics.
During his career, he has managed multinational and cross-functional project teams in banking, insurance, telecommunications, media, consumer electronics, IT industries, and startups. He is now sharing his experience about business analysis, design thinking, entrepreneurship, product management, product development, customer experience design, UX design, usability, and quality assurance by publishing articles and books, leading training sessions, and speaking at conferences.
Delivering Reliable and Scalable Software Testing Services 
Keytorc provides its software testing services for more than 800 clients in 25 countries from 4 continents. Its wide range of services includes Test Outsourcing, Test Automation, Performance Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Test Process Improvement & Test Maturity Assessment, Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE), Test Management, Test Data Management, Code Quality & Analysis, Continuous Testing and ISTQB® Accredited Software Testing Trainings (including ISTQB Foundation, ISTQB Advanced Level, Test Automation and Mobile Testing Courses).
Keytorc enables its customers to test their ever growing complex applications by its test methodologies and techniques, which are tailored for integration testing, system testing and user acceptance testing. It delivers value added test automation services for its clients in the e-commerce industry. This service is not limited to automation of manual test cases but rather an incentive step for continuous delivery of software systems and contribution to DevOps practices. Through delivering these reliable and scalable software testing services, the company aims to detect the most critical bugs in earliest phases. In addition, Keytorc shares the knowhow of the industry gained through its global software testing experience, international trainings and publications. It leads software testing sector in Turkey and contributes globally by its bestselling books on Amazon, academic papers & reports and literature studies.
Effectual Tools, Techniques and Approaches in Practice 
One of the most important factors of software testing is that it determines the effectiveness of the test data set that is used. According to Keytorc, there are two critical success factors to create test data sets with correct data on an optimum level. First is using international tools and techniques which can be listed as equivalence class test technique, boundary value testing technique, pairwise testing technique and combinatorial testing technique. Another critical success factor is the selection of correct test data management tool. Taking these factors into consideration, Keytorc helps its customers in managing their data using the right management tools and international testing techniques.
Furthermore, Keytorc’s Testing Centre of Excellence (K-TCoE) is the most accessible and feasible solution that allows IT organizations to improve product quality, reduce software testing costs, and utilize outsourced testing services. With the K-TCoE approach, efficient usage of resources and effective management of standard test processes are possible.
A Leap towards Innovation 
Keytorc provides significant improvements and innovations in software testing area, especially on test management, test automation and performance testing after the establishment of Research & Development center in the largest technology campus in Istanbul. Recently, Keytorc has opened its 3rd branch in Brussels, Belgium.
Keytorc R&D Team has developed and initiated “Test Capability Rating® Model (TCR)” which brings new perspectives and insights for test process improvement. The framework constitutes of 4 main areas that includes Test Process, Test Organization, Test Technology and Test Related Streams. TCR® has a proven record in improving test capabilities for a broad target audience.
Keytorc has pioneered numerous test automation technologies, which mainly result in improvements on test coverage, test effectiveness and productivity. These advancements are ensured by constituting solid integrations between open-source and commercial test automation solutions. Keytorc also uses third party technologies to keep its service efficiency at the highest level. The company provides its software testing services by merging performance testing experiences with the abilities provided by cloud technologies. Both commercial and open-source performance testing tools are applicable based on project needs.
A Catalogue of Accomplishments 
Keytorc has received valuable accolades in reputable international testing competitions and events. The company holds, attends and supports prestigious testing events and conferences on national and international scale. It is the organizer of the first international online and offline combined software test automation hackathon named TestHackathon. The event has an international Judging Panel in which there exist experts from various countries and domains. The contest offers many benefits and prizes to test automation people from all around the world.
By providing major contributions to the software testing industry, Keytorc was the finalist for the European Software Testing Awards four times, which is Europe’s most prestigious prize for software testing. The company was also a finalist at DevOps Industry Awards. It also got featured in TEST Magazine’s top 20 Leading European Testing Providers list.
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