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Keypasco: An Unconventional Approach Securing IT Infrastructure

The Information Technology sector is growing like never before and so is the significance of its security. Managed Security Services (MSS) market is expected to grow up to 29 billion by 2020, as IT industry is totally reliant on security. The financial loss enterprises bear, due to security breech, is a subject of concern and it has become very difficult for them to keep up with the constant upgrade for security as cyber-attacks are growing complicated every day. With the assistance of MSS providers, enterprises can save a lot of resources as it takes huge investment to set up in house security. MSS providers feature better customization in terms of security against organized and sophisticated cyber threats.
Amongst such MSS providers, Keypasco is a kind of company delivering award winning solution which contributed to a paradigm shift in internet security. Founded in 2010, it is a Swedish IT company in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. The company’s unique patented solution uses a revolutionary new technology for user authentication and provides security to online service providers and users. The company uses the unique DeviceID on the end users device to make sure that a username and password works only on the right device and in the right location. Keypasco’s cutting edge technology constantly works in the background to maintain the security behind the provider’s ordinary application interface. Other than DeviceID, the company has three more patents including:

  • Proximity: The user’s own devices / wearables in close position to each other as unique identity to enhance security.
  • Keypasco PKI Sign: A unique solution for PKI in a mobile device without the need for a Secure Element. By using Keypasco PKI Sign no private key is stored at any one place, but it is still PKI compliant, making the solution extremely safe.
  • Dynamic URL:This allows for single sign-on with one single trusted security app linking multiple Internet content providers on one side and multiple ID providers on the other.

A Noble Combination of Dual Leadership
Maw-Tsong Lin has been leading the company since September 2010 as the CEO and the Founder along with Per Skygebjerg, who is the current COO and the Co-founder of the company. Maw-Tsong has done mechanical engineering from Chalmers University of technology. Before Keypasco, the two have worked together in Todos. Todos developed hardware tokens for the e-banking market and its products are still used by a large number of banks worldwide. Per and Maw-Tsong took their experience and network with them and founded Keypasco.
Delivering Topnotch Security
Keypasco provides services to any enterprise that delivers certain services and wants to secure their systems from intrusion. It offers various services including secure authentication, digital signatures and access control for all types of application and online services, such as banking and payments, gaming, betting, e-commerce, accounting, e-government and e-healthcare, smart home, and car haring. The company also provides its users with their own digital identity, based on their device properties, location and proximity to any external device they choose to be a part of. The company offers mobile security to millions of users across the world and opens up for new innovative business models and enables the creation of new services.
Standing Tall with Innovation
One of the features of Keypasco, that differentiates it from the competition, is its core technology which comprises of device-related data. With features like DeviceID, location, and a unique Risk Engine, the company instantly raises the level of security for its users. The company also distinguishes itself from the traditional solutions. For instance, traditional solutions stores personal information such as name, ID number, email address, and credit card numbers in databases, whereas Keypasco do not collect or store this type of information. Also, traditional digital ID consists of passwords and distributed credentials, which are prone to theft, while the security solution provided by the company does not have any distributed credentials.
Building Trust is the Key
It is likely for enterprises to counter obstacles in the initial stages of business, especially in IT security, where the technology changes at rapid speed and uncertainty is on the edge. In case of Keypasco, one of the biggest challenges they face is taking the risk of innovation. When it comes to security solutions, it takes time to build the trust needed to dare to take the decision to try something new. The decision to switch to another security solution is not a spontaneous decision. The users have to go through the details thoroughly in order to make the switch.
Challenging Traditions
Keypasco asserts itself to be on a mission to secure all the digital assets. The company believes that by challenging traditions and making things easier and more adapted to human behavior, it can make the internet a safer space. The company is constantly questioning old habits and seeking answers beyond established solutions to find the best methods to improve internet security. Its latest move is to develop a security solution that is designed for block chain technology.
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