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Kevin Hanrahan: Passionate about Technology

Master Black Belt, certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP), Kevin Hanrahan, CEO of TranSigma, leads strategy, governance and growth efforts of the Company.
A Connecticut resident, Kevin is passionate about the use of new technology. Both his home and business activities are 100% digitized and cloud-based; using the latest technology innovations. When not spending time with his family or community activities such as Connecticut Food Bank, he can be found scuba diving, golfing, or fly fishing.
A firm believer of “Transformation and growth begins and ends with people- professionals, clients, and community,” Kevin transformed TranSigma into a global consulting firm. Within his leadership, his company is winning against much larger and well-known firms.
Kevin has a significant, broad expertise in technology/risk and finance. He swiftly and smoothly applies the changes and solves the most complex problems. His innate practicality and knowledge of the latest advances ensures Kevin is an asset to any meeting, company or board.
Journey to the CEO
Kevin graduated with a degree in Accounting from Xavier University and received his Masters in Finance/Tax from Xavier University.
Kevin developed his skills from many years at PWC and Arthur Andersen. There he developed his technical chops in accounting, tax, finance, and technology and learned from his clients such as NCR, Kroger, GE, and venture start-ups what was necessary to grow and operate a successful business. After that, Kevin was head of IT for ING Wealth Management and CIO for numerous functions at General Electric. Right from the beginning of his career, he was known for his out-of-the-box thinking and generating new ways to collaborate with his teams and business partners. These collaborations revolutionized both customer interactions and corporate operations. In the Wealth Management space, customer satisfaction skyrocketed with the improvements to online investment management accounts. Regulatory, financial and risk management processes became highly digitized with greater internal controls and much lower cost.
Kevin is now on the Board of Directors of Transigma Worldwide, Inc., TFS Finance Systems Inc. and Finance Executives International (Manhattan).
TranSigma: Transforming Businesses with World Class Services
Michael Cohen with several other partners founded TranSigma in 2005. Five years later, Kevin Hanrahan joined the team and became CEO, he with other board members reformulated TranSigma’s strategy which resulted in a more focused and global management consulting firm.
Using Lean, Six Sigma and other world-class techniques, TranSigma designs a highly digitalized process that works for clients’ business and has the support of their customers and employees. TranSigma has transformed businesses with world-class lean process improvement and program management services. Their unique approach fully integrates change management and digitization into the client’s DNA.
The process is the center of TranSigma’s universe. The firm’s change management and program management expertise are then utilized to execute those changes. Specialized in-house skills such as IT, finance, cyber security, regulatory compliance, banking and enterprise data management are fully integrated into its service delivery teams.
Kevin’s Contribution to TranSigma
Kevin has been successful to cast his shadow on his company. Connecting exceptional people, Passion to do the right thing, Teamwork with direct/concise communication and Results, not activity – are the things bestowed by Kevin. With services provided from Moscow and London to Ghana, Manhattan and Napa Valley, TranSigma’s professionals are experienced certified process experts who roll up their sleeves and get it done – no bureaucracy or invading army. Kevin and his team’s change management, digitization (technology, cyber security, and data) and business process re-engineering skills are key competencies that lead these transformational changes.
The success of a CEO is measured by the success of his company. And there are many personalities who claimed TranSigma as a paragon.
TranSigma is a thought and people leader that mixes great concepts and a vision with the ability to get things done.” – IT Director, Fortune 100 Company.
TranSigma has been incredibly successful with its cybersecurity-process expertise. What really sets them apart is the change management ability to bring the company together.” – CIO, Fortune 500 company.
Hands down better than the Big Four in the ability to execute.” – Legal Leader, Fortune 500.
During the course of data governance services, developed an outstanding tool that allowed us to visualize and manage data lineage for BCBS – 239 purposes.” – Finance Executive, Financial Services.
TranSigma arms you with the right tools to identify roadmap and achieve success.” – ProgramManager, Financial Services
An amazing and unique technology selection process that brought the people together from all stakeholder functions to form a consensus on our direction.” – President, importer of fine glassware, on the use of TranSigma tools for ERP selection.
The Future of TranSigma
The corporate headquarter of the company is in Shelton, CT, USA. It also has other offices in the US and Europe. It has clientele from UK, Central Europe, Russia, East Europe, Latin America and Africa. The company goes wherever and whenever its services are needed by clients.
Dedicated to process and motivated by people, TranSigma with the leadership of Kevin do not only promise to expand its clientele but also claims to further improve their services with the time.