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Kelly Davies | Founder | Kelly Davies Homes Team | Landro Fox Cities Realty | LLC

Kelly Davies: Offering a Bespoke Experience for Buyers & Sellers

A journey that began a decade ago as an independent real estate agent passionate about providing exemplary customer service to every person with dedication and hard work, Kelly Davies gradually built her business brick by brick.

However, understanding the reality of the market, Kelly began to assemble a team that grew together to become exceptional, personalized, and detailed-oriented agents in the niche. Today, the Kelly Davies Homes Team implements their integrity, expertise, and professionalism assists clients in every aspect of the buying and selling process.

Reaching the point where Kelly and the team help people find their dream home wasn’t all roses; several challenges acted as thorns, the major one being the financial aspect. She expresses, “It’s difficult to start and run a business. I’ve had to reinvest a significant amount of personal money into the business, which is always a challenge. Having faith in myself and believing that I could do it with a team as large as I do today wasn’t always easy, but we’ve gotten through it, and we’re doing well today.”

Find Your Dream Home

With a vision to help people throughout northeast Wisconsin to fulfill their home buying and selling needs, the Kelly Davies Homes Team takes all price points from every walk of life. The team loves working with first-time home buyers, providing them with detailed steps of the process, and sowing seeds to retain clients. Kelly shares, “We’re considerable on keeping in touch with our clients over the years, so that keeping those relationships strong is very important to us. So that when they go to sell that first home that they bought from us, hopefully, they’re contacting us to buy their next home.”

What sets the Kelly Davies Homes Team is their work culture which prioritizes treating everyone as a part of a family. It honestly informs clients with the most accurate information helping them paint the picture of market ongoings, helping them make suitable offers. Kelly and her team go out of the traditional ways of conducting business because they understand the importance of people. Kelly notes, “Whether they’re buying a $100,000 first home or investment property or buying a million-dollar home, that’s just important to us that they feel like they are a priority at all times.”

Tech, Set, Go!

Kelly expresses that when she embarked on her professional path ten years ago, she was one of the big believers in getting several ads out on various social media platforms. She found a way to utilize these mediums to find new clients through consistent posts and presence. It won’t be entirely false to say that realtors in the area Kelly operated caught up on that and started their digital voyage.

Today, people are a significant part of the fast-paced digital world, and having a great website adds value to the online presence of any organization. Kelly understood the crucial aspect of websites and intended to have an accessible home search tool for people looking up the company. The Kelly Davies Homes Team gained a competitive edge by hiring the best team to develop their website from scratch. The next was to advertise the brand over every significant platform with an intent to reach out to potential clients to offer unmatched services at any given moment using one centralized e-mail address for all showing requests. Kelly mentions, “The client’s showing request comes through to all of us on the team. Then whichever agent is available, the quickest to get the client in on their schedule, takes the showing and goes out and does it. We very much work that way. But most of our clients love it because they never have to wait around for our schedule.”

Desired Change

Kelly wishes to see more education and training for new agents as it can bring a unique view of the industry. When she received her license after passing the real estate test after attending the 72 hours of an online course, she learned more about the industry from various brokers. Speaking from experience, Kelly shares, “Even though I’m running my team, I’m still with a brokerage. Many new agents coming out of those 72 hours of online training don’t know what they have to do from there. They know the rules and the ethical things and what they can and can’t say for the most part, but they don’t know how to go out and generate leads. Maybe they have friends and family in the area they can work with, but they don’t have much and don’t get much from most places they join.”

“I think that’s where many agents struggle is; it’s like lead generation, number one. How do I do that? What do I do? And then, for those who don’t get a lot of lead generation, they’re not getting many opportunities to get out and sell houses and meet with people and write offers and do all the things you need to do to become a seasoned agent.”

Ready for the Next

According to Kelly, one of the most significant changes in the future could be the newer ways of buying and selling homes as more online resources come into the picture. There can be a mixture of traditional with modern, and people want face-to-face interaction with a realtor with flexible time.

Kelly adds, “We are in a digital era, but we must also keep reiterating our values and what we can bring to the table to people that they’re not going to get if they list their house online through some service.

Most of the buyers that we work with share with us how invaluable our thoughts and efforts are for them because when we’re there with them, we’re pointing out things, we’re talking them through everything, something that they would never think about or know of if they didn’t have a realtor there with them.”

A Homely Advice

Moving ahead, Kelly would like to add a few more agents to her existing team who are willing to learn and receive guidance from the best in the business. She prioritizes sticking to the core values rather than bringing in a whole bunch of people as having the right fit with the right personality to represent the team is essential.

Kelly advises aspiring entrepreneurs in the real estate niche to become a part of the team foremost. She says, “I did not join a team in the beginning. Teams weren’t a big thing in real estate ten years ago, there was a few, but nothing like there is today. But today, if I were getting into real estate from the ground.

“I would research to find the top producing team I wanted to be in. I would work under someone on that team for a couple of years at least getting myself established, learning the business, getting fed the leads, learning the business get out their work with potential buyers and sellers,” Kelly concludes.