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Kaymera Technologies: Providing Robust Cyber Defense Solutions for Mobile Devices

The smartphone revolution has led to a world of convenient and continuously connected enterprise and personal mobility. With more computing power, connectivity and access to corporate resources in the field, comes broader attack surfaces for malicious hackers, and ever-growing concerns over information and identification of security risks and potential data leaks. Kaymera, founded in 2013, was established to help governments and enterprises ensure that their mobile communication stays safe. Kaymera ensures the organization is protected, while providing a seamless experience for employees. They offer personalized security by matching the risk level, employee context, and organization policy to the level of protection applied. From a secured device to BYOD/CYOD, they manage stringent policies all the way to un-managed devices.
Avi Rosen: A Trailblazer for Cyber Security Technologies
Avi Rosen, Co-founder, and CEO of Kaymera Technologies’ has over 22 years of experience in cyber-security, building solutions and products to fight cyber-attacks and online fraud. Rosen headed the Anti-Fraud Solutions group at RSA (EMC²) and was a founding member and VP R&D at Cyota Inc., a world leader in fighting online fraud which was acquired by RSA in early 2006. In 2014, Rosen founded Kaymera Technologies – a pioneer in providing robust cyber defense solutions for mobile devices. Rosen is an expert in online fraud and cyber-attack techniques as well as in designing and building efficient and highly robust cyber security solutions. Rosen, coming from the security arena in the enterprise segment, realized that enterprises will increase their dependency on mobile devices and understood that mobile devices need to be protected differently from other end points.
Comprehensive Suite of Services
Kaymera offers a robust, flexible and scalable mobile threat defense solution providing the most powerful protection against a wide range of threat vectors. At the core lies a multi-layered defense approach encompassing advanced encryption, protection, prevention and detection capabilities. The Kaymera Mobile Threat Defense solution was specifically designed to provide effective and adaptive protection across various employees’ segments which face various sensitivity and risk levels either under a BYOD mobility structure or using company-issued mobile devices.
Rosen explains, “We have already deployed our mobile security solution into several highly sensitive organizations, a fact which accelerated our growth and market reach. Quickly we’ve discovered that we have a unique proposition and an excellent market fit. Customers were looking for a secured mobile environment that will enable productivity and functionality as well as security rather than providing security by restricting what the user can do with the phone. Moreover, some of our high-risk customers were looking for a military grade secure mobile device that does not use proprietary hardware, but leverages high-end hardware specifications that are easy to acquire and maintain. From a usability and functionality perspective, users wished to hold a high-end device with high-end hardware specs in their hands, and if they break the screen as an example, they can just go to the nearest shop to fix it. And this is exactly what we based our product on; the ultimate balance between security, productivity, and usability.”
Distinctive Strategies & Products for Transforming Cyber-Intelligence
Intelligence gathering is at the core of any cyber-attack, and mobile devices are considered as the ultimate information gathering tools: not only that hacking into one’s mobile device provides access to an incredibly rich data environment; it can also turn the mobile device into a powerful intelligence gathering tool. The camera, microphone, GPS and other built-in functions of the mobile phone can be used to eavesdrop and record conversations, track one’s location, record keystrokes and access the enterprise network. Kaymera’s military grade mobile security solution enables companies to protect their employees from all those sophisticated attack vectors.
Inspired by customers, Kaymera has reinvented new ways to address mobile security, realizing that ‘one size fits all’ mobile security approach does not work across various employee’s segments with different levels of risk, and that security by restriction will just force employees to find a ‘way around’ the mobile security structure enforced. Therefore, the company’s mission is to ensure the safety that is based on real-time risk assessment as well as on the end user’s context at any given time. “Our security enforcement structure changes are based on where the user is located, what corporate resources and type of information the user has access to or how sensitive the information on the user device is. We apply this structure to ensure that protection is provided only when needed and restrictive policies are properly enforced, only when needed,” says Rosen.
The Kaymera Adaptive Mobile Threat Defense (AMTD)
AMTD is a robust, enterprise-centric, risk-based, contextual and privacy aware mobile security solution that aims to balance mobility and productivity perfectly. At its core is Kaymera’s Context Aware Risk Engine (CARE), which uses advanced machine learning algorithms, sifts through various indicators to assess the risk of any action in real-time. When a meaningful risk is identified – whether it is network or device related – the built-in elastic mitigation mechanism adjusts the level of security enforcement.
“Our secured mobile solutions do not require the user to change any habits, and 99% of the time are entirely transparent to the end user in low-risk scenarios which make adoption and retention even easier to maintain,” says Rosen.
Innovating to Secure the Future
The biggest contribution of all cyber-security companies is helping companies combat malicious hackers and protecting their IP. In the next few years, the world will see an increase in the number of malicious attacks on enterprises that will leverage the plethora of devices organizations will introduce to support the growing trend of employee mobility. Kaymera protects organizations’ weakest link – the human factor. Mobile users will always prefer convenience over security however with a Kaymera enhanced device there is no need for the employee to actively protect himself or the company resources he has access to. The Kaymera solution monitors everything a user does transparently and applies the right security structure when needed based on risk and the end user context. Kaymera’s mobile security solutions combat the current threats and will continue to evolve to be able to protect mobile devices from threats that are not known today.

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