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Kavio Cluster: The Safety Cushion Every Gaming Company Needs

The gaming industry is witnessing an influx of enthusiasm and creativity in the business world unlike ever before. Today, entertaining games like Candy Crush Saga, Angry birds enjoy the prestige of being great business products, unheard of in history. However, coming up with such ideas and protecting them is still a difficult task. Envisioning great games require imagination and creativity which is a difficult feat to achieve. Moreover, millions of lucrative games are competing for the attention of a specific group of audience and many a times lose out just due to lack of right exposure. Hence, some countries like Sweden and Finland are providing the much needed secure environment for their gamers to carry their passion with pride and develop it into great products. These countries are providing the safety cushion every gaming company needs for their games to receive funding, establish a strong presence online and collaborate with industry leaders in a truly professional manner.
The Cocoon That Nurtures tomorrow’s Butterflies
One organization which plays a pivotal role in creating such a secure environment for gaming companies in Finland is Kavio Cluster. It is a regional Gaming Industry organization based in the city of Kajaani, a region of Kainuu, in Northern Finland. Today the Cluster is a vibrant collaborative community of near 20 independent Game Studios. In order to understand their effort, it is important to look at the ground reality of the gaming industry in Finland. The gaming industry in Finland is witnessing the rise of many creative startups backed by excellent technical education which values creativity. The results of such excellent education are apparent in Northern Finland, which hosts the second most successful gaming industry area in Finland. Hence, the Kavio Cluster is also a source of inspirational professional gaming education in Finland. It aims to make the Finnish industry battle ready to meet global challenges and protects it when the innovative ideas are at their most vulnerable initial stages.
The History and Its Witnesses
The organization has implemented their vision through providing an essential support network through closed cloud solutions which are almost free of charge during the development phase. Additionally, the organization provides collaboration and development opportunity for the most lucrative gaming segments, which are eSports and mobile gaming. As a result of their long-established commitment, Kavio Cluster currently hosts world-class leaders in gaming, including Critical Force Oy and Virtual Frontiers Oy, CSE Entertainment Oy and many more. Kavio Clusters helps the member companies to develop and publish their games to all existing platforms using the latest gaming techniques and technologies even for alternate contexts. The organization continues to be run in an extremely competitive fashion with various gaming industry leaders contributing to the cause as a daily routine. Kavio Cluster was formed with a vision that the Kainuu region in Finland is capable of producing great gaming companies which should compete with world-class companies from USA, UK, Japan, China, India and others.
The Leadership That Makes It All Look Easy
Kavio Cluster is a perfect example of great collaboration of Gaming Industry expert Timo Ylikangas who has over 20 years of relevant experience and Kainuun Etu Oy, who was instrumental in building the foundation of the organization. In its initial stages, the organization required bringing various stakeholders in the industry together on a common platform. Kainuun Etu, a non-profit organization helped establish trust among various stakeholders and bridge the gap between them to lay the founding brick of Kavio Cluster. The organization has received an invaluable contribution from Kainuun Etu (OY), which has led the organization to win the “Best European Regional Development Agency of the year 2016”, prestigious award.  The company currently also helps startups to get in touch with investors and publishers and industry leaders. Industry leaders often are a valuable source of insights for the novice gaming businesses which often lack the outsider-hands-on view experience and perspective. Kavio Cluster also provides funding to companies from important sources such as EU and national project funding, which is an immense source of strength for founders who lack financial resources and motivation to build great products.
The Next Frontier of the World of Opportunities 
For a creative industry like gaming, the sky is the limit for success. Nevertheless, many gaming companies around the world are searching for effective solutions to monetize their games. Kavio Cluster helps companies of Finland to not only understand the different channels and platforms for monetizing their work, but also provides them several essential insights to be successful.
The next step for KAVIO is to help gaming companies launch new gaming products or services that provides hands-free experience in Analytics, User Acquisition, Community Management, Channel Building and Marketing. In many ways, Kavio Cluster’s relationship with industry leaders has revolutionized the industry with more collaboration between important stakeholders and creation of state-of-the-art opportunities.
The organization will soon operationalize a professional investor fund to support their partner companies. The new revenue generation opportunities will create a boost for Finnish gaming industry with more opportunities and more growth in the upcoming future. It is imperative today for Finish gaming companies to grab the new opportunities created to boost games, gaming studios, investors and publishers.

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