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Katherine Colombino | Chief Executive Officer | Software & Services Consulting SRL

Katherine Colombino: An Excellent Dedicated Professional

With more than 80 successful implementations and a highly qualified team with more than 20 years of experience leading the most challenging projects in the country, Software and Services Consulting SRL is positioned as the number one partner in Paraguay of SAP Business One. Confidence, Clarity and Constant Accompaniment are some of the terms used by its clients to describe what SSC means to them because in each step the company takes together, as a team, it looks for ways to help its clients strengthen their projects and evolve sustainably, what today makes it differentiate the company from the competition. One such highly qualified team member is Katherine Colombino Chief Executive Officer with a very clear objective to pull all its energies towards a single focus: Customer satisfaction.
Strong Knowledge of Business 
Katherine completed her education from Asuncion Polytechnic Faculty and the National University of Asuncion. She joined Consulmatica SRL as Systems Development Manager. After 5 years in that position and having put the system on the market with great success, Katherine held the position of Support Manager for more than 6 years, so her orientation was customer satisfaction. She has incorporated more than 50% of clients as Sales Manager at Infocenter S.A. actively, she had collaborated with marketing campaigns and events for SAP development, conflict resolution, in addition, to support tasks of definition and development of solutions to specific problems of the client, always having as focus, excellence in attention to the customer.
Teaching how to work, how to confront difficulties, skills that one was learning in her career through the years and the example itself are her strategies that she tries to make everyone imitate to the best of their ability. The company also participated continuously in training courses and interpersonal skills.
A Glimpse into Katherine’s Journey 
Currently, Katherine Colombino is the CEO of SSC – Software & Services Consulting SRL. She is a specialized consultant in Sales, Implementation, Development, Training, and Support of SAP systems, also holds a Degree in Systems Analysis, Post-degrees in University Didactics and English Teaching Staff. With extensive experience in the area of management of Work Teams, Katherine holds various positions of Headquarters for more than two decades. Before the opening of SSC SRL, for 4 years, she was in charge of the Business Unit of SAP Business One in Infocenter S.A., a Paraguayan partner of SAP and an IT company with an exemplary track record in the national market and with more than 20 consultants in different areas. It is also an SAP Certified Consultant “FI” and “MM”. She has developed from Market plans, sales, personal motivation policies among others within the unit and contributed progress towards the project goal.
Millennial Paradigm 
Being informed is essential, and knowledge is necessary to understand the great changes that are already there and which SSC faces. Just as it happened with the millennial paradigm, telework, etc. that break into the lives without asking permission. The company has to be in constant change to adapt easily. It works nowadays exclusively with SAP BUSINESS ONE Systems, and everything that involves development, deploying, licenses sales, support. Any company must-have technology, without technology, the company is going to die. We are in the era of Technology. You can choose, you are in, or you are out. But that decision will mark the future of your business.
Strength and Commitment 
Katherine Colombino had a car accident, with her father, at the age of 8 years. The diagnosis was a paralysis in her legs due to a spinal injury. Although she has to move with wheelchairs, she had all the same capabilities as any person. That incident made her stronger, and with a great capacity to adapt to difficult situations, she also developed her best in several areas. They have to be strong because leadership must be something that others have to feel about you. Many times all is not given by knowledge, but the strength of your heart and your commitment is transmitted by your voice, your gestures, your life.
“Inspire the ordinary to become extraordinary. Be resilient. Set goals and motivate continuously to achieve. Encourage feedback without judgment. Hire people who align with your culture and aligned with the goals of the company. Put the right person in the right role. Get to know your team. Empower employees to unlock their ‘zone of genius. ‘Remember that leading is an inside job”, says Katherine.
Optimizing Processes in Time 
Software and Services Consulting wants its clients to recognize them as strategic partners to accompany them in their growth and expansion processes. The company is highly competent professionals, motivated and aligned with an internal knowledge management policy and the development of human capital. It provides commercially attractive solutions that respond to the real needs of the customers. Collaborate with the country, generating highly qualified professionals. Reach the sources (universities, colleges, companies) and provide their training services. Education does the country well, produces citizens aware of their duties and obligations. And above all, first-rate professionals, without discrimination, “exportable” to any first world country.
SSC’s greatest value is customer satisfaction, honesty, the obligation to be the best in the area it chooses, the company’s commitment to the present and the future of keeping up to date with the technological areas and providing first-level knowledge and services.