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Karin Lohitnavy | Founder | Midas PR Group

Karin Lohitnavy: A Passion Driven Leader

With the abundance of high-quality organizations, it is paramount to make yours stand out. Public relations (PR) strategies effectively communicate your business model as well as its credibility to the public. With over 15 years of public relations experience, you could call Karin Lohitnavy, Founder of Midas PR Group an expert in the field. Whatever the industry, or niche audience, Midas PR always has a unique plan for you. Under Karin’s leadership, a team of enthusiastic executives leave their long-lasting Midas Touch on the brand they work beside.
Preceding Wisdom, Succeeding Journey 
Karin attributes her quick-wit and proactive mindset to her plethora of experiences over many countries. Holding a degree in Social and Political Sciences from the prestigious University of Strasbourg, and having worked in Luxembourg the founder of Midas PR synergises her theoretical and valuable experience which, then helped lay a foundation in Thailand. Throughout her experience, Karin understood that in comparison to other business communication strategies, the Return of Investment (ROI) on Public Relations activities were more ambiguous. Thus, in 2007, Karin’s vision of a PR company that delivers measurable results came true in the form of Midas PR.
With an almost clairvoyant understanding of trends, Karin actively works to understand the social and political atmosphere as well. Though already fluent in 8 languages, the polyglot did not yet speak Thai upon arrival in Thailand. However, Karin rose to and succeeded at the challenge of building business and personal relations in a new country and a different language. Being receptive to foreign cultures and customs helped Karin develop meaningful relationships with colleagues and clients from all nations. She also met her husband Tony, who is Thai. Together, they navigated through the obstacles that non-BOI companies faced. He always had her back and further supported Karin by positioning her at the forefront of Midas PR, and himself as the Chief Operating Officer (COO).
Variegating Solutions 
Midas PR’s success over the past 13 years shows a consistent winning streak. The storytelling approach that Karin’s team applies to help their clients maximize media coverage and raise awareness through public relations always deliver tangible results. She always thinks out of the box to create unique communication strategies, and encourages her team to do the same. She has solutions for almost everything from corporate positioning or keeping the buzz going around your brand.
Chearanee Chittasevi, former editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine and Callum Laing, with whom she co-founded Bangkok Young Professionals, inspired her and helped her build a strong network. People call Karin a Master Connector because of her vast contact base and her ability to use her international panache. For those who have met Karin, it would not be a surprise that such a positive, confident and passionate individual runs a successful PR agency.
Word of Advice for Women Entrepreneurs 
Karin always approaches life with a quote from Hannibal in mind, “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”, which translates to “I shall either find a way or make one.” In addition to having goals, it is vital to create a productive and plausible plan to achieve them. Karin intends to expand her company on a large scale, meaning a bigger team and more clients. To ensure that the Midas PR team stays fully equipped to provide clients with the best work, Karin encourages them to attend relevant workshops. She also makes sure to do this, herself.
Karin heartily wants to tell all the women entrepreneurs that believe in themselves and not compromise on their value. Success comes from within you. Find a support system of like-minded people who will push you to be the best version of yourself. Following and doing what you love is paramount when setting up a new business–it demands your passion and lots of energy. So, prioritize your health and maintain a balanced life. Never forget that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body.