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Karanjit Singh: An Ace Leader Driving Kellton Tech towards a New Era of Digital Growth

To transform a company’s fortune, one needs to have the right skill-set with a larger magnitude to become a catalyst for change. In this contemporary era, a CEO is considered to be the chief architect who drives an organization towards the path of progression. A successful and pragmatic CEO always focuses on crafting a productive work environment that triggers the transformation from within the organization. Defining a unified vision to the employees, integrating acquisitions to deliver value, hiring and motivating personnel to fulfill their aspirations, laying out processes that are agile and reliable, and delivering the ever-present change management are some of the vital traits that every CEO should have in order to excel in their respective field.  Karanjit Singh is one such CEO who has nurtured these vital traits within himself and is transforming businesses even without compromising on the business ethics and humanitarian values. And that’s the reason people revere him for his unique persona among equals.
Professional Journey Started at the Inception Point of Indian Economic Liberalization
Karanjit currently serves as CEO at Kellton Tech Solutions Limited. He has more than 27 years of vast experience in product development, engineering management, delivery, product management, and pre-sales & implementation support. His professional journey began when India had initiated the first wave of economic reforms post 1990’s and since then he has witnessed the rapid stride India has made.
After initially working for traditional enterprises in the area of supply chain, production, and procurement, he moved to the emerging IT sector wherein Karanjit worked both for product and service-based companies and has helped them build and implement world-class solutions. Prior to joining Kellton Tech, Karanjit had a successful stint as the Director of Product development with JDA Software. With his extensive experience in a variety of operating roles, he has built a reputation in the IT industry for his ability to build and grow businesses while keeping the core business ethics intact.  He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Andhra University and Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the prestigious National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, India.
Karanjit personally believes that challenging oneself to go beyond the expectation can lead towards unimaginable results. His sharp focus and strong determination towards goals have helped him immensely. He believes entrepreneurism is a real test of conviction, resilience, perseverance, hard work, and adaptation. These traits have shaped his inner core immensely and assisted him in catering the responsibility of developing and delivering complex software applications to numerous companies in the past.
Innovative Firm Riding on the Growth Trajectory
Founded in October 1994, Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd. is a next-generation IT services company helping clients to emerge as high performance and digitally-transformed enterprises. They have rich experience in providing end-to-end digital transformation solutions. Their portfolio of services includes Digital/ISMAC (Internet of Things, Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Solutions), Digital Connected Enterprise solutions, SAP solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Outsourced Product Development, and Digital Commerce and Marketing. With $100 million yearly gross revenue and more than 1500 employees working on projects across the globe, Kellton Tech has been offering infinite possibilities with technology.
Over the last seven years, Kellton Tech has witnessed the meteoric rise and has grown by leaps and bounds. The company has worked with over 200 clients ranging from start-ups to early-stage enterprises and Fortune 1000 companies under its fold. In the last couple of years, the firm has acquired many prominent companies all around the world including Lenmar Group, Bokanyi Consulting, Prosoft Technology Group, Vivos Professional Services, eVantage Technologies, Supremesoft Global, DbyDx Software, MCS Global, and Tekriti Software. The stupendous growth of Kellton Tech has helped it to get listed on India’s largest stock exchange BSE and NSE and recently it was assessed as a CMMI Level 5 Company.
Kellton Tech’s practice of innovation with technology assisted his company to develop best-in-class and cost-effective solutions for their clients. Due to their quality products and high-end services, Kellton Tech has received many accolades from the industry.

  • Recently recognized by Forbes Asia as one among the Top 200 companies in ‘Best under a Billion’ 2017 List
  • Placed three times in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 India listing
  • Won the ‘Best E-Governance Initiative of the Year’ award at Businessworld Digital India Summit for experience-enriched expertise and vast technological arsenal in implementing e-governance projects

Advice to Budding Entrepreneurs from an Industry Insider
Karanjit believes that skills along with ethics are the key to success. With only superior skill, one cannot achieve greater heights in one’s career in the times when every other person in the neighborhood is dreaming and working hard to pursue the same dream with the same amount of zeal and passion. He believes that one must also build a character that follows core business ethics and humanitarian values to make a distinct mark. Along with these qualities, entrepreneurs also must have the passion, risk-taking capability, and a deep commitment to pursue their obsession till they succeed. Karanjit admires Warren Buffet for his investment and management acumen. He is also inspired by his present boss and Kellton Tech MD for his visionary zeal, deep technical understanding, and commitment.  He asserts “When a professional has the right goals in place, he can accomplish anything.”

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