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Kanteron Systems: Transforming Patient Care for the Better

Efficient communication strategies and strategic development planning can create a thriving culture of positivity and innovation, all of which contribute to higher company profits. Healthcare IT firm Kanteron Systems is a testament to this philosophy. Much of the credit goes to its CEO and Founder, Jorge Cortell.
Jorge has overcome challenges through sheer determination, the courage to take strategic risks, and a fantastic team behind him. Kanteron has quickly become a large company with two offices in Spain as well as subsidiaries in the UK, and USA.
Inspiration to Innovate Tech 
Jorge Cortell risked his company, one which was his livelihood, to save the love of his life from breast cancer. Because of his efforts, people can now be treated faster and more effectively, potentially saving the British National Health Service (NHS) millions of pounds a year.
Cortell used his computer to tackle cancer. He created programs and used the cloud, like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS to allow doctors to easily share images of tumors, check patients’ medical history and ascertain which medications worked best, all with just a few clicks of a mouse.
This approach solved a major problem endemic in the often cash-strapped medical world – computer systems which handle scans such as X-rays and MRIs are used alongside ones handling genomic data, but none of them work with each other.
Kanteron focuses on three main areas, namely medical imaging, digital pathology, and genomics. Cortell realized that there were many inefficiencies – data wasn’t connected, while crucial steps and procedures were overlooked. He wanted to put together the ‘missing pieces’ to solve the puzzle to help his special someone, and millions of other patients like her.
Firstly, he set out to standardize digital pathology slides so pathologists could view them, no matter what system they used.
Next, he turned to genomics. Most medications are prescribed on a trial and error basis – a patient is given a drug; if it doesn’t work, they go back to the doctor and the process is repeated. Kanteron provides a unified genomic profile database that allows doctors to easily and efficiently tailor medications to patients based on their genes.
Lastly, Cortell created a program that allows medical professionals to access all of a patient’s medical images, pathology slides, and genomic tests, on one screen.
Experts in Healthcare IT 
Headquartered in Spain, Kanteron Systems is a privately-held healthcare IT – Biomedical Informatics company founded in 2005. It helps healthcare providers manage imaging and genomic data effectively to deliver precision medicine at the point of care.
Kanteron Systems’ solution has already been deployed over 500 times in 12 countries, at some of the world’s largest healthcare institutions like the American College of Radiology in the USA, the NHS in the UK, Seguridad Social in Spain, ISSSTE in Mexico, and EsSalud in Peru.
Services Offered by Kanteron Systems 
Kanteron Systems provides a single platform composed of several modules to process, manage, store, visualize, integrate, analyze and share data that may be in the form of medical imaging, digital pathology, clinical genomics, pharmacogenomics and biosensors.
Consisting of a very robust PACSVNA, work list server, DICOMIZER, visualizer, and RIS, it is the perfect workflow and image management and storage solution for large institutions and healthcare networks.
Kanteron’s platform was developed using feedback from customers as well as the guidelines and requirements of experts. It streamlines the collection, inter-correlation, and consolidation of information from individual databases (in standard languages). All this is done through a homogeneous interface and intuitive workflow which simplifies the learning process.
Making a Global Mark 
Technological advances have transformed almost every aspect of the business world, in almost every corner of the Earth. However, there is not a single comprehensive precision medicine platform like Kanteron Systems’ in the world.
Additionally, their solution is open source, which is very important to guarantee interoperability, a key issue in healthcare. Laser focus and unwavering determination, cliché as it sounds, have been a constant in their journey from start-up to scale-up to an international company.
Competing in an ultra-conservative, slow-moving industry dominated by large multinational oligopolies presents frequent challenges, from regulatory to brand recognition. Kanteron’s ace is its excellent and, literally, peerless product. It allows the company to addresses big challenges in a very scalable and agile way.
Dreaming Big to Achieve Bigger 
Exciting changes are coming. Kanteron Systems is finalizing several large distribution agreements, and also working very closely with Google Cloud towards a very interesting technology offering. Along with partners like Google Cloud, the company is playing a significant role in the Healthcare Technology space by placing emphasis on interoperability, standards and, most importantly, a pragmatic and integrated solution to precision medicine, which will accelerate its adoption worldwide.
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