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Kamyar Shah | Business Consultant | Management Consultant

Kamyar Shah: Facilitating Scaling and Growth of Your Business and Taking it to Zeniths

Any aspiring business enthusiast or an established business person has set goals and objectives that they wish to achieve in order to further the growth of their business. These set goals and objectives become much easier to achieve when there is an apt business strategy in place to do so.

This is where business consultants come into the picture. Business consultants are professionals who assist your organization in its scaling and growth through their expertise. It is very imperative for your business to hire an experienced business consultant who will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your decision-making process. 

Kamyar Shah is one such ardent global leader in the business consulting space who has proved his expertise through his 25+ years of effective service. The proof of Kamyar’s brilliance can be judged by the testimonials of his clients, who have only words of praise for him and his services. 

“The best rule of thumb is to treat your client the way you would like to be treated. The size of the company is not relevant — a one-man shop or a national brand — without happy customers, no business can sustain itself in the long run. Don’t complicate it; use your personal experiences as your guide.” Says Kamyar.

Extending Expert Business Services

Kamyar Shah is a one-stop-shop when it comes to seeking all your modern business-related services. From business consulting to public relations to social media, Kamyar Shah is a seasoned professional who looks after the wholesome growth of your business venture. 

  • Management Consulting Services offered 

A management consultant is a trained expert who assists management teams in improving performance in all types of organizations. Though for-profit businesses are the most common, management consultants also provide assistance to government and nonprofit organizations.

Each consultant will have their own niche, from technology to fashion to the restaurant industry, where they may thrive, but management consultants all over the world are experts who provide advice and services to both struggling and thriving organizations.

Management consultants frequently employ cutting-edge methods and strategies to improve an organization’s overall performance. From operations to financial costs, businesses can face complex issues. Management consultants typically specialize in highly specific management strategies.

These experts have extensive industry knowledge, problem-solving skills, and years of experience in helping organizations improve their efficiency. Management consultants who are hired conduct a thorough audit by conducting research, analyzing internal data, interviewing employees, and preparing and presenting reports on their findings.

  1. Business strategy research and evaluation
  2. Strategic decision-making support
  3. Scaling and growth research and implementation
  4. Scoping potential bottlenecks and theoretical solutions
  5. Providing workshops and training to implement solutions
  • Operations Management Services Offered
  1. Talent evaluation and acquisition
  2. Optimization of operational systems, processes, and policies in support of the organization’s goals
  3. Implement and improve management reporting, information flow and management, business process, and organizational planning
  4. Developing individual program budgets
  5. Management and improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of support services (HR, IT, and Finance) through streamlining support and communication.
  • Business Development Services Offered
  1. Business Ideas / Brainstorming
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Feasibility Study
  4. Business simulation
  5. Business Process Audit
  6. Business Process Streamlining
  7. Business Process Implementation
  • Marketing Services Offered

Kamyar Shah provides Affiliate, Digital, Social Media, PPC, and Email Marketing Services by doing Market Research and also does Network Marketing and Branding. Following are the services that he offers:

  1. Branding
  2. Brand Message Development
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Influencer Marketing
  5. Social Media Advertising
  6. PPC Advertising
  • Social Media Services Offered
  1. Social Media Competitive Analysis
  2. Social Media Marketing Strategy
  3. Social Media Planning
  4. Social Media Community Building Strategy Development
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Social Media Advertising
  7. Social Media Human Capital Development and Education
  • Public Relations Services Offered

The public relations services offered by Kamyar Shah are aimed at increasing your revenue and profits, learning specific marketing and business skills, extending the clients’ reach and finding new customers, and crafting a cohesive action plan to grow the client’s business.

  1. Brand development
  2. Communications strategy
  3. Crisis Communication
  4. Program Development
  5. Event Development
  6. Editorial services (press materials, speeches, bylines, op-eds, promotional copy)
  7. Corporate communications
  8. Public affairs
  9. Media relations
  • Business Consulting

Kamyar Shah provides both general business consultancy services and specific business consultancy services depending upon the client’s demands and needs.

General Services offered:

  1. Managed Services
  2. Business Services Consulting
  3. Business Solutions Implementation
  4. Core Product Support
  5. Business Solutions Optimization
  6. Technology Operations
  7. Product Management and Development

Specific Services Offered:

  1. Departmental and organizational budgeting and evaluation
  2. Management coaching and performance review
  3. Customer Relation Management (CRM)
  4. Sales Cycle audit, improvement, and integration into CRM
  5. Cross-national strategic business planning and execution
  6. Cross-national vendor management and contract negotiations
  7. General HR, including hiring, performance review, and contract negotiations
  8. Human capital management
  9. Quality Assurance program design, implementation, and improvements via Six Sigma
  10. Strategic planning for next-generation products/services
  11. Managing national public relations, press releases, and crisis management
  12. New product positioning via appropriate marketing channels
  13. Marketing and advertising contract negotiation and oversight
  14. Managing cross-functional teams both on-site and off-site to streamline efforts and cost
  15. Creating a Marketing ROI assurance program including customer loyalty incentives
  16. Complete overhaul of e-commerce website
  17. Development of online marketing program including PPC, SEO, Social Media and WOM
  18. Multi-faceted lead generation program including online/offline channels via content marketing
  19. Multinational email marketing feasibility study and policy compilation
  20. MS CRM /GP implementation and training creation
  21. Sales process research, design, and implementation
  22. Sales training design and implementation
  23. Product selection via market research and competitive analysis
  24. Franchise dealership and ownership policy formulation and implementation
  25. Trade show planning, preparation, implementation, and post-performance analysis

Apart from the services listed above, Kamyar Shah also provides services being a fractional or remote COO or CMO to your organization. 

Services offered while acting as the fractional or remote COO of the organization:

  1. Research and execution of business strategies and SOPs
  2. Determination of KPIs
  3. Long-term strategy planning and execution
  4. Daily oversight of operations in all departments
  5. Evaluation and implementation of productivity SOPs
  6. Data analysis and creation of a data-driven plan of action
  7. Manage partners/vendors

Services offered while acting as the fractional or remote CMO of the organization:

  1. Strategic planning and implementation of all marketing and advertising campaigns.
  2. Human Capital Management of the in-house marketing team.
  3. Research and evaluation of external partners and vendors
  4. Competitive analysis and KPI benchmarking

Exhibiting Excellence

  • “Kamyar Shah is THE quintessential Chief Operating Officer you always wanted. He provides strategic vision & thought leadership to support organizational evolution.

Kamyar Shah is a great strategic thinker with sharp business instincts. He is absolutely brilliant and relentless at getting results. He is a very astute and seasoned negotiator and consistently demonstrates confidence and real leadership both internally and externally.

Kamyar is a clear and confidant decision-maker while able to elicit and facilitate differing viewpoints from team members.

He has helped us dramatically increase operational coherence and efficiency while dramatically increasing our revenue. I would highly recommend Kamyar for all your organizational and operational needs as well as growth and scaling projects.” – Anthony Rosales, Podiatrist at Flagstaff Foot Doctors.

  • “If your organization needs a clear path to operational excellence and/or a marketing engine that delivers steady results, Kamyar is your man! Insightful in his assessments, and action-oriented in his approach to implementation, Kamyar brings his clients peace of mind and a successful path to follow for predictable revenue.” – Les Lent, Sales Trainer, Author, Leadership Consultant.
  • “Kamyar and his Remote COO/CMO services have been instrumental to our business. He brings many important components to our organization that help drive growth and efficiencies. Kamyar is very professional and a pleasure to work with. He provides incredible insights and perspectives that help shape sound business decisions. I very highly recommend Kamyar for your operational and marketing management needs!” – Henry Abenaim, Fintech CEO of CloudMyBiz, Fundingo, and DealShare.