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Kahoot!: Redefining Learning With A Magical Touch of Technology

Some say there is a child residing in the heart of every adult who looks back at the past and wonders what happened. Although this may be a little exaggerated, there is an element of truth to it.  Children are born with a pure and simple worldview which has the power to turn reality into an unforgettable experience with the help of gamification and competitiveness, fun and games. Many adults often forget the principles of simplicity and their power to imagine a different world in the midst of productivity and never-ending deadlines. Hence, adults forget that gamifying experiences can be used to make the world a far more productive place, at the same time, a fun place to live in. This is why the classrooms and corporate offices around the world are searching for ways to bridge this gap.
Bridging the Gap in Learning; The Kahoot! Way
One company which helps adults and students use their imagination with simplicity to learn and be more productive is Kahoot!. The company is a game-based learning and trivia platform used in a multitude of settings such as classrooms, social settings, corporate offices and major sporting and cultural events. Kahoot! has successfully appealed to such a wide audience in a personal manner because the idea was envisioned by someone who devoted his life to learning. Kahoot! platform was envisioned by a Norwegian computer science and game technology professor, Alf Inge Wang. The idea was coined at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) in Trondheim. Hence, it is not a surprise that Kahoot! integrates a universal and real appeal to make learning more fun, magical. It has over 50 million monthly active unique users today.
The Convenience of Technology Delivered with a Human Touch 
The Kahoot! platform has gained a lot of attention in the United States where it has become a rage to reach over 35 million monthly active users. Kahoot! has become a sensation as it encourages students to actively participate in classrooms. The company relies on intuitive technology and a fun learning experience to drive learning. The company also encourages students and teachers to compete, enriches them with interesting information; provides ample space for collaboration and group discussions. This is also why Kahoot! is as useful for a K-12 student as it is for a corporate trainer.
Kahoot! deploys their technological resources to offer quizzes on wide-ranging subjects such as History, Math, Science to further the understanding and learning of students. Kahoot!’s online platform is used to host online quizzes for any audience size which makes it even more productivity oriented. Additionally, the online quizzes can be accessed by students as individuals or in groups to learn something new. Currently, there are over 20 million already existing quizzes available for teachers and corporate trainers and they can further customize it to suit their specific requirements.
The Battlefront of E-Learning
The Kahoot! platform currently is available for Android and iOS as a mobile app. Students can also play virtual games on the app against their colleagues, fellow classmates or by themselves which makes Kahoot! an indispensable resource for fun learning. Subsequently, teachers and corporate trainers can assign homework using the Kahoot! app for easier access to work, which can be completed on the go. Kahoot! currently offers a large selection of ready-to-play games for K-12 students, called Kahoot! Studio, which are aligned with their curriculum. On the other hand, Kahoot! Plus, a premium version for corporate employees to foster teamwork and productivity in offices.
At its inception, Kahoot! faced a strategic challenge while developing its platform. Kahoot! appeals to a wide range of consumers, hence it was difficult for the company to formulate a clear focus to advance their business. In reply to the daunting challenge, Kahoot! decided to double down on K-12 schools in 2017, and offer a premium product to make the learning experience of corporate employees a special focus of their offerings. This practical approach paid handsome dividends for Kahoot! as the company’s corporate users jumped to a whopping 1 million active monthly users.  The online platform is used by 25% of Fortune 500 companies for corporate learning. The company has revised their goals to add users who wish to learn outside the physical classroom environment.
When a Proven Leadership Challenges Destiny
Kahoot! has faced many challenges since its inception. However, all these challenges have made the company more determined and successful with the help of their leadership. Kahoot! CEO Erik Harrell joined in 2016 and during the same year, he helped the company double their user base and register 60% annual growth. Erik is determined to take Kahoot! to greater heights, as great potential lies ahead in the future for the company. More and more classrooms across the United States are demanding digital transformation to positively impact learning. Furthermore, the corporate sector is also witnessing a demand in ‘gamification’ of learning to promote learning in offices. Kahoot! has a clear business plan to satisfy its clients. In the near future, Kahoot! plans to enhance their mobile app and current products to promote learning outside the classrooms as well, and deliver a better return on investment for their corporate clients. With a solid focus on their strategy and a proven leadership at the helm of affairs, the e-learning juggernaut is set to become an unbeatable force for competitors.

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