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Kabam: A Winning Streak in the Gaming Industry

Would you like to be an Avenger or a Transformer or a member of the Fast and Furious Family? We know whenever you watch these blockbusters the thought of stepping in the shoes of these amazing characters tickles your mind. Although it’s not possible for us to help you to be part of these humongous franchises but interestingly we can enable you to build a team of Avengers or Transformers in your own gaming world. The enticing games like ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’, ‘Transformers: Forged to Fight’ have given us the opportunity we ask for. Many of the passionate gamers around the globe have already played these games and experienced its surrealism. Some of them have even said “Best phone game I’ve ever played. Plenty of stuff to do and keeps your mind occupied for months on end.”, “Can’t put my phone down” and the things like “Oh my god the most thrilling game I have ever played in my life”. Their words of appreciation are enough to picture the perfection of these irresistible games.
Meet the creator of these games, Kabam. Founded in 2006, and headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Kabam is a world leader in developing entertaining, immersive, and highly social multiplayer games for mobile devices. It has merged consumer behavior with the art of game design to create experiences that are enjoyed by millions of players across the globe. Each of its games has raised the benchmark in mobile gaming, bringing high-quality graphics, next-generation technology and revolutionary gameplay to the console in every player’s pocket.
Leveling Up the Global Scoreboard 
Within ten years of its inception, Kabam has partnered with leading entertainment brands like Disney, Hasbro and Universal to create mobile games based on some of the world’s most iconic franchises.
Kabam’s flagship games, Marvel Contest of Champions and Transformers: Forged to Fight are available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Kabam’s games have generated hundreds of millions of downloads globally, and have received multiple awards such as Apple’s Editor’s Choice and Google Play’s Best Game of the Year.
Champion: Ready!
Tim Fields is the CEO and the main player of Kabam. Tim Fields oversees all aspects of game development and operations at Kabam, from concept, to build, to live operations. Tim has led development and operations efforts on Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions, Fast and Furious: Legacy, and Transformers: Forged to Fight games. In this role he oversees all elements of production, publishing, financing, and operations of the studios and games.
A 24-year veteran of the video game industry, Tim has held various positions ranging from executive producer, to lead designer and director of business development at major publishers, including Capcom, Microsoft and Electronic Arts. His game credentials include hit franchises like Need for Speed, Halo, Call of Duty, Brute Force, SSX, and others. In addition, Tim is active in the game development and financial community as a consultant, writer and speaker. He has authored a number of books on game design, production, monetization, and analytics. Tim is a native of Austin, TX and a University of Texas alumnus. He lives in Vancouver, Canada now and loves making games and working with teams to let millions of players around the world play with their friends.
Challenges Ahead 
Today, games made by Kabam are played across 180+ countries, and these are very discrete populations. The company mentions the modern games market is very complex as so many of the humans in the world are gamers now! It demands continuous up gradation to deal with some complicated solutions.
For example, Kabam now supports more than 16,000 device variants on its games. The difference between an entry-level Xaomi phone and a high-end iPhone now is distinctive. It is essential for Kabam to make sure that people get a great experience on both! The same complexity exists when it comes to bandwidth both in terms of latency and data quantities; these differ hugely across different regions.
In addition, there are huge differences in the way people interact with games. How much time will someone play the game each day? How much money is a comfortable amount to spend? The answers to these fundamental questions differ massively from person to person. How do you make a game that gives ALL of them a wonderful experience based at whatever level of commitment excites them?
Kabam spends a lot of time each week thinking about all of these complexities. These discussions and evolvements allowed it to comprehend about the current market and its needs. Over the years the company has learnt about how to treat its players and employees right. And more specifically learned a lot about working effectively with great partners, and about how to build and operate great games. This constant learning environment has enabled Kabam to stay ahead of it competition.
New Updates Available 
The games, technology and entertainment industries are evolving so rapidly. Kabam always strive to envision where things will go, but also delights by innovations that other industry players come up with. From Fortnite’s true cross-platform play, the wonderful interactive narrative of Bandersnatch to the beautifying retro game design of Dead Cells. It believes there’s so much to enjoy and learn from the competition and envisions learning more every day. In coming time the company is launching more exciting games and enabling gamers to play more.
For Marvel Contest of Champions:
 “Very nice game, beautiful graphics and nice gameplay”
“Awesome game, really addictive”
For Transformers: Forged to Fight 
“The bestgameever. Amazing graphics, local yet, multiplayer gameplay, the satisfaction of metal on metal really “calms” me as well as pump me up even more!”
“This game is one of the best games that I have ever played! It’s really fun to fight deceptions and autobots.”