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Julie Bryant: Passionate About Curing People

Many qualities turn an ordinary person into a leader, for Julie surrounding herself with amazing, positive people that are passionate and want to make a difference, is one of the most important steps to creating a strong company and leadership.
Everyone gets curve balls thrown, but how you deal with them is important. Focussing on solutions; surrounding yourself with people that want to find solutions, and having great mutual, loyal relationships with customers lead to success.
Passionate About Work
Julie Bryant, Founder and CEO of Rancho BioSciences, is passionate about finding cures for patients faster with minimized side effects. “These people are our family members and friends and I want to do anything I can to eradicate disease and provide quality of life longevity,” Julie says.
Julie is making an impact by bringing together the best, passionate, caring, intelligent, and innovative people in the industry through Rancho BioSciences. This includes a plethora of experienced individuals like – data scientists, analysts, statisticians, bioinformaticians, and developers. Rancho BioSciences attracts the most amazing scientists who want to contribute to humankind.
Composition of Great Experiences
Julie has 25 years of experience in Life Sciences starting with Nature, Journal of Science in London. In San Diego, she worked for a molecular modeling company called Biosym. Julie was one of the pioneers in molecular modeling growing the Asian and Latin American marketplace and finally coming back to the head office in San Diego. Julie then moved to high throughput microarray technology (expression and genotyping) with Genometrix building a blood bank of diseases in The Woodlands, Texas. Analysis of this kind of data was the next step, and Julie helped spin out OminiViz where they used text mining algorithms to analyze categorical, numerical and text data. Julie then founded the Bryant Consulting Group that worked with several companies:  Kinematik for ebooks, ChemDiv for building blocks and chemistry services and GeneGo for manually curated pathways.  Julie, Vice President built a group of international sales people, customer support, application scientists and IT as GeneGo’s products MetaCore and MetaBase became an industry standard staple. Julie sold GeneGo to Thomson Reuters in 2010.  She was also on the Board of FreedomVoice which she helped be acquired by GoDaddy this summer. Rancho BioSciences, the Data Curation Company, was founded at the end of 2012 by Bryant as a fee for Service Company to support life science in industry, hospitals, CRO’s, foundations, Government, and academia.
 “Rancho Biosciences” The Scientific Data Curation Company
Rancho BioSciences is a data curation company spending the majority of their time curating, organizing, harmonizing, applying dictionaries and ontologies for proprietary and public data and information in the fields of clinical, genomic, animal, assay and chemistry data. They also support industry and academic collaborations by hosting and supporting data sharing platforms.
Rancho BioSciences is also strong at knowledge engineering by curating knowledge from the literature on genetic variants, microbiome, target profiling, compounds, tox, disease, chemical probes and more.
Rancho also provides information for reports for clients such as CER’s, genes and microbiome.
Rancho has an elite strong team of analysts that work on analyzing clinical trial data, supporting the building of diagnostic panels, creating genomic workflows, developing R scripts and acting as an extension of their clients’ working teams.
When they cannot find a tool or platform for what they need to do in the public domain, or commercially then they develop it in-house via their amazing group of developers who are innovative, creative and best of all efficient. They have a series of tools for automating some aspects of curation, workflows, integrations to third party tools and de novo platforms to curate and contain large bodies of scientific information.
Possessing a Strong Cultural Code
Rancho’s strategy is to create an ideal working environment for their team so they can have flexibility in how they work to fit in the complexities of family life with work life. “We always put our customers first, provide them the best service possible-we only have an A-Team, and we are very flexible as we understand priorities change,” says Bryant, Rancho CEO.
BioSciences has a strong 10 point culture code that was developed at the beginning of Rancho, and they always make sure that when they hire, the person meets that culture code. Julie asserts their culture code is to: be passionate about what you do, make the customers shine, be trustworthy, honest and humble, think smart, do remarkable things, continuous education and empowerment of the team, have a “can do” attitude and celebrate the successes as a family.
Julie is sure that, Rancho will continue to grow and be involved in projects that will make a difference for human betterment. They are leading the charge on having pre-competitive content in the public domain to be shared by the life science community. This will allow scientists to spend more time analyzing and solving disease and health issues, rather than preparing the data for analysis, which is usually 80% of the time of the complete process.