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Julia Hell

Julia Hell: Personifying Creativity and Humility

The more women are free to succeed in the field of their interest, the more the world as a whole leapfrogs to success. It is essential to understand one’s interests and inclinations and pursue that interest even if there are obstacles on the journey. Perseverance amidst obstacles pays off in the form of success over a period of time. One such successful woman in her chosen field is Julia Hell.
Julia doesn’t see herself as an entrepreneur. She describes herself as a Freelance Graphic Designer, not a business woman. She is self -employed at her one person organization Julia Hell Grafik.
An Enlightening Experience
Julia, soon after completion of her graduation realized that she wanted to work on her own. She says that she started from scratch without a specific plan. She states that her first job was freelance work in the editorial design field. She appreciates whatever she learned from that work and says that was the beginning of what she is today.
Julia believes in learning and gaining experience from anything and everything, to improve herself better and deliver the required services to her clients. She is grateful to the people who taught her something on her journey. Julia believes that a constant change helps her to keep an open mind and she says that it influences her work more positively.
Enduring Rocky Paths
Julia considers that enthusiasm is vital to be able to keep moving forward. She says that if one loves what one is doing then no obstacles can harm one that badly. She asks to have strength to endure rocky paths. She says that one may not have enough confidence in the beginning but she advises to grow in confidence over a period of time.
Passion for Design
Julia is presently focused on Corporate Design, including both, print and web solutions. Julia appreciates great help of her husband in realizing the web projects for her clients.  She is still desirous for editorial design, which is why she is self-publishing a paper together with a close friend of her. She says that the paper has a literary emphasis and she is responsible for the look and feel. She likes to find a balance between on- and offline tasks and to merge these two worlds at some point.
Valuing Person over Gender
The most frequent challenge Julia came across in her career was being taken seriously in the sense of being an equally qualified decision maker compared to a man in the same position. She always experienced certain astonishment about women’s decisions compared to men’s. She states that she has seen some wrong attitude towards women when she was in employed positions. She states that she never had situations like that working as a freelancer or self -employed. She says that she tries to focus on the personality of someone, not the gender. She is of the opinion that a person should be valued more over the gender. She wants to be seen only as a person and she tries her best to treat others alike. She believes that there are so many things that are more important to accomplish, alone and as a team, than gender. She asks to see one another as a person instead of any particular gender.
Not being intimidated by Competition
Julia says that she has learned over the years to not be intimidated by competition. She sought to find her place among designers and she believes that she did it. She admires other designers and artists for their wonderful work but she says that most wonderful experience for her was to realize that there are many people out there who are admiring what she does. She says that admiration by others gives her confidence and helps her to go on working on her own.
Wise words for Aspiring Shepreneurs
Julia advises aspiring Shepreneurs to not be too intimidated by starting one’s own business. She states that she was also afraid in the beginning. But when she started her little enterprise she was sure that it will turn out to be good because that made her happy. She conveys that if one does what makes one happy then it will surely turn out to be good in the long run.
Future Roadmap
Julia is looking forward to start working freelance again in coming times. She says that in future she is going to focus on her long-term clients plus some new opportunities that will come up. Her general goal is to find a nice balance between routine and the thrill of new experiences.