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Julia Hell Grafik: Creating Visual Landmarks while Making Web Interesting

The industry of UX/UI is rapidly evolving with the latest technological advancements in the world. The current scenario suggests that the UI designers are nowadays adopting streamlined approach to put users onboard. UI is not just UI anymore and it is more of Graphical User Interface (GUI) with a lot of physical interactions. From gesture hinting to progressive disclosure, it consists of everything. The UX/UI industry is transforming every moment but the people’s never-ending demands are always rising. People don’t just settle for more now, they want it fast also. The industry pioneers are improving themselves every moment to stay updated in the market and fulfill users’ demands.
Currently, the world is in demand of quick solutions, rather they demand instantaneous answers to their questions. Intellectuals of the industry suggest that it is better to go for a template instead of a custom-made web page. Foreseers of the UX/UI industry are predicting that in the future, template building kits are going to get a bigger variety of possibilities so that in the end, people will not be able to distinguish one from another. Since each person is different from other, each of them has a different necessity and every user expects a special solution designed only for them. To fulfill these demands and satisfy each client individually, enters Julia Hell, a marvelous Freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director from Germany, known to provide clients with tailor made platforms aiming for a unique user experience.
Julia is one such humble woman who is highly focused on satisfying the clients by fulfilling their demands related to the UX/UI necessities. Her clients are primarily the ones who work in the fields with a strong visual approach. Originally belonging to a classic print background, Julia works in an experimental way while creating web solutions and considering every new page to be a blank canvas. Her approach, humbleness, a mind to understand client’s demands, aesthetic sense and extraordinary work has earned her various awards for excellence including Silver A’ Design Award for Graphics and Visual Communication Category in 2016 and Silver A’ Design for Website and Web Design Category in 2015.
Painting Web with Keyboard, Mouse and Pointers
Julia is trained with the knowledge and skills of HTML and CSS, yet she does not feel the need to program the pages herself and keeps her focus mainly on innovating in the Frontend area. She prefers to visualize the ideal design solution before thinking about possible technical limitations. Julia is one-woman army. She keeps herself busy in doing everything to keep the company up and running. Dedicated to art, creativity and web design, Julia maintains a strong work ethic towards her work and herself and that is what is paying her off for years.
Just after finishing her graduation, Julia began working as a freelancer and took small steps in developing and growing her enterprise. While talking about the difficulties she has faced during her journey, Julia says that her husband, a Frontend Developer, was of great help to her in realizing the web projects. With the increase in the amount of projects, she is planning to expand her team to help clients achieve success faster and better. Julia is a down to earth woman who believes in learning and gaining experience from anything and everything to improve herself better and deliver extraordinary services to her clients.
Delivering Solution Professionally with a Personal Touch
Julia follows a unique set of belief and working pattern. She thinks a personal touch and a detailed interaction with the clients can not only help her deliver better solutions but also help her in understanding clients. Her workflow begins with the interaction with the clients in knowing their needs and requirements through a traditional briefing, following a talk about the desires of the clients about their web appearance. Generally, she draws a detailed plot after completing her meeting with the clients and sits with the programmer for a thorough planning to provide customers with the solution filled with perfectionism.
Julia believes to possess the right instincts for finding work and says, “There is honestly no big strategy behind that.” Practicing trial and error method in overcoming hurdles, Julia is successfully delivering satisfactory solution to her customers. She says, “I wouldn’t go so far to call my work revolutionary. But it is my approach to create visual landmarks to keep the web being an interesting and fun place to interact with.
Future through the Eyes of the Designer
Julia feels VR is an extremely interesting field and imagines working on projects including VR in the future with a team of professionals. She says that the day is not too far when she will develop her freelance entity into an agency, working with multiple projects at the same time and delivering solutions faster without compromising with the quality. Julia has recently come up with a new business model which might be interesting for startups and medium-sized enterprises. The award-winning designer from Berlin, Julia, is planning to expand her team, and yet will be still focusing on corporate design and offering clients a 360° solution in the UX/UI sector.

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