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Jonckers: Offering Continuous Delivery Through Technology

Businesses that function across international borders and language barriers are continually looking for faster solutions to deliver their message to market quicker than their competitors. For them, every spoken and written global communication is not only an opportunity for growth but also vital time taken to deliver products and services to their customers. The need for speed is now the most required USP from a language service provider.
Delivery of content timeframes has narrowed significantly in recent years. Customers want for quality has been overtaken by a need for faster solutions. Quality is now expected as standard with the advent of NMT (neural machine translation) and the shift of focus to continuous delivery as the main requirement is now upon us.
Fortunately for clients looking to fulfill thus need, there is Jonckers.
Excellence – Past, Present and Future 
For over 25 years, Jonckers has provided a comprehensive range of language services to major brands and organizations across the world, helping them expand globally, and deliver their message to previously-inaccessible markets and demographics.
Among its many clients, Jonckers lists industry giants from fields as diverse as software publishing, consumer electronics, global retail, communications, gaming, eLearning, financial services, manufacturing and travel. Its reputation has been built on the delivery of consistently high quality, irrespective of the size, nature and language of a project or its target audience.
Key to this success is the company’s commitment to excellence, speed and scalability, evident in the approach it takes to every solution applied to individual projects, and the follow-up support that characterizes every client relationship. In abiding by these cornerstones of superior service delivery, Jonckers has established itself as an industry leader which can be relied upon to localize any word, at any time, in any place.
Tradition Meets Innovation 
Jonckers has always embraced a policy of balancing stability and innovation. The company began with a focus on fast and accurate human translation services, and this element remains an essential part of its repertoire. However, Jonckers is also committed to adopting technological innovations that simplify, accelerate and democratize translation. This is the impetus behind its cloud-based technology platform, WordsOnline.
The concept of WordsOnline evolved from working in partnership with eCommerce customers, processing over 30 million words each month. JONCKERS know that continuous delivery is key for sectors such as retail to get products and messages to their audience. They needed to keep up with this demand and build on their speedy solutions.
Succeeding Where Others Fail 
None of the successes that Jonckers has earned would have been possible without a talented, creative and committed team behind the platform. Good people and culture are imperative in making a company a success. Jonckers employ people who have a real passion for language and progression. The business is dedicated to the success of it’s customers and have become an integral partner for many organizations not just a supplier.
Adopting a customer-centric approach allows Jonckers to have an intimate understanding of their customer’s needs, which in-turn allows a more pro-active approach. Understanding what issues take priority for customers, makes it much easier for the experienced team to develop the right solution, combining technology and services to address the issue.
“We have been working with Jonckers for over 15 years. Their loyalty to excellence has been rewarded with a Partner of the Year Award and they continue to provide consistency in their delivery.” One of Jonckers longest standing partners, global US based tech giants.
CEO Geo Janssens has made it very clear, it is even more true today that flexibility is key. There are now multiple service levels to address the 3 components of projects:

  • Costs : an issue all businesses must address and become able to offer various service levels tailored to specific customer business goals. Generating cost effective solutions helps the client get the most from their resources. 
  • Quality : demands have undergone a shift in recent years. Quality is now a variable target based on the content’s purpose, shelf-life, etc. It is expected as standard, with more focus on speed.
  • Speed : the importance of delivery is increasing all the time. Companies produce and procure larger volumes of content and there is a need for that content to be in front of their customers faster than ever before. This is a result of the widespread use of Agile and the expectations of the end-user. 

With the knowledge and understanding that these dynamic forces are at play in every aspect of the LSP industry, Jonckers is able to formulate unique solutions that not only address the current needs of its clients, but also to anticipate industry trends.
Jonckers leverages that foresight to keep ahead of the curve and allow its clients to do the same.
Adapting to Change, Creating the Future 
The pace at which tech is advancing in the language services industry has become a critical part of how organizations are strategizing for the coming years. Recent trends; the advent of Machine Translation and automation for continuous delivery, have led to capabilities that were firmly in the realm of science fiction not very long ago.
With a world moving more towards AI and instant delivery. Jonckers WordsOnline portal has been produced specifically to meet the needs of that shift and change in consumer behavior. The continuing evolution of Neural MT means that tech is now being used as part of day-to-day deliverables. The use of machines as the primary tool for localization services is no longer in development, it is already a reality.
Another critical factor with which Jonckers has had to contend is the exponential increase in the volume of audio, video and multimedia content, and the accompanying accelerated demand for localization services that it has sparked. Multimedia, multiplatform visual and interactive content is now commonplace across many sectors. Video and audio requirement is nothing new, but with smart devices now allowing access to this type of content with the use of a simple finger-tip, the demand is at an all-time high.
To address this, Jonckers has designed an NMT engine for quicker / real-time translations, developed with integrated support for a broad range of languages and dialects. This product is coupled with intuitive neural engines which are constantly being improved for even faster delivery of multi-platform content.
The company also recognizes that not all audio-visual content needs to be produced to same quality standards. It instead identifies the level of polish required for individual projects and develops solutions to match the source quality, meaning cost effective solutions based on the project requirements.
By applying this nuanced and balanced approach, Jonckers is able to offer a wider scope of price balance and faster turnaround time, matching products to a client’s budget. This does not however influence its capability to deliver the high-value services which remain the lynchpin of its success.
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