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Jon Zimmerman, CEO, Holon Solutions

Jon Zimmerman: Combining Technology and Innovation to Streamline Healthcare

Value-based care is here to stay. Many healthcare organizations are now migrating from a fee-for-service to a value-based care model. This transition requires leaders who can bring strategies to life while keeping an eye on the competition and ready to lead the change.
Jon Zimmerman, the CEO of Holon Solutions, is one such strategic leader who has a successful track record for helping healthcare organizations accelerate their transition to value-based care.
An industry veteran, Jon is recognized for his expertise and commitment to advancing health outcomes by delivering the most precise health information to the right stakeholders at the right time with the help of technology. He is committed to overcoming the hurdles to effective health information sharing with the help of technology.
As CEO, Zimmerman is responsible for setting the strategic direction for Holon while enabling, empowering and encouraging the Team to deliver for and with the Customers.
Delivering Exceptional Value to Customers and Partners
Jon became the CEO of Holon Solutions in October of 2019. Since then, Holon Solutions has solidified and expanded its technology platform, including getting two major patents awarded; built a team of highly scaled cross-functional leaders with a shared vision and passion for serving customers and improving healthcare; signed and implemented several strategic distributors, customers, and partners; and built its strategic growth plan to deliver exponential value to its customers and partners.
Providing Comprehensive Technology Platform
Holon is on a mission to improve health for everyone through precision information delivery that maximizes clinical and financial outcomes with sustainable engagment. Its technology platform incorporates:

  • Contextual, Workflow-Driven, Personalized Experiences for Each User
  • Delivering multiple desired Knowledge Sources Simultaneously
  • Designed and Built to Complement and Extend Sponsors and Customers Current Systems
  • With complementary adoption services and operational analytics for a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement

So, Holon’s sponsors and users can reduce burden to:

  • Close Care Gaps to Meet Measures
  • Create Accurate Risk Scores
  • Improve Network Integrity
  • Coordinate Community Resources
  • Improve Lab Order Coding
  • Automate Authorizations
  • Enable patients to engage in practices

Implement Value-based Care
According to Jon, the pandemic has permanently changed healthcare and the healthcare industry. Telehealth has accelerated 5-10 years. Health equity disparities have become much more evident. Personal responsibilities and choices have become part of the national dialogue. The challenges of unsustainable burden while implementing value-based care in a data-fragmented environment have risen to the surface as an area that must be addressed immediately.
Making Healthcare Better for Everyone
The leadership team at Holon Solutions has seen extraordinary advancements in the use of analytics and analytic support tools to help them better understand what the best action is to take for anyone anywhere. It has also seen great advancements in patient engagement, remote access, such as telehealth, and remote patient monitoring to enable more care to go to people versus more people having to go to care.
Jon mentions that they are starting to realize the critical importance of “whole-person care” via the rising recognition of the factors of Social Determinants of Health to enable people to achieve better health via more comprehensive support. Yet, these advancements will underachieve their potential if they are not organized and implemented in a coordinated fashion to facilitate broad adoption and maximize value for the care teams and their patients.
Delivering High-impact Knowledge and Collaborative Functionality
In Jon’s opinion, our healthcare ecosystem is highly fragmented, difficult to navigate, and increasingly complex.
Through patented technology, Holon first senses what a user is trying to accomplish for and/or with whom. The software then determines and delivers additional information or adjunct capability that helps them accomplish the right task with less work and better outcomes.
Holon Solutions is continually expanding its sensing, content/function-sourcing, and information logistics capabilities so it can deliver high-impact knowledge and collaborative functionality to more users so they can focus on the tasks, not navigating an impossibly snarled ecosystem. Jon states that machines can and should simplify navigation so people can do their best and most important work with minimal disruptions.
Having Inspired and Shared Purpose
Talking about the significance of positive work culture, Jon mentions that it is a must-have to ensure any winning business. Holon’s positive work culture stems from having an inspired and shared purpose of delivering customer value with respect and support for all individuals on the team built upon a foundation and practice of collaboration with transparency. The Holon team enjoys enabling, empowering and encouraging each other to do our best together for our customers every day.
It’s about Prioritizing Needs of Stakeholders and Meeting them
We asked Jon which is the best way to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges for urgent needs coming our way, to which he answers, “Developing empathetic understanding is key. Identify and engage stakeholders thoughtfully to understand their goals, barriers, and accelerators to achieve them. Align the stakeholders objectives with those of their co-dependent colleagues. Carefully prioritize their needs. Ensure adoption and integrate the desired capabilities into the user’s workflows in a way that helps them. And continuously measure, extend, and improve the impact over time”
A Note to Aspiring Leaders
In his advice to emerging healthcare leaders, Jon says, “Build a foundation of operational understanding of healthcare. Always start with understanding a Stakeholder’s “Why” they need a solution. Focus on real, tangible, achievable, and measurable impacts.”
He also adds, “Look broadly at the technology landscape to develop the art of the possible and practical. Listen smart, work fast, design for adoption, enable, and measure customer achievements.”