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Joelle Mardinian

Joelle Mardinian: The Jewel in the Crown of “Joelle Group”

Joelle is prominently known as a Lebanese television host, a make-up artist, and an entrepreneur. She is the proud founder and CEO of a beauty company named Joelle Group. Joelle prides herself for being the host of a makeover TV show “Joelle” which has been airing on MBC, the Middle East’s number one satellite TV channel which attracts more than 120 million viewers per day. She feels privileged enough to feature in one on one interviews with international celebrities and designers including Dolce and Gabbanna, Peter Dubdas, Anna Del Russo, Zuhair Murad, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Ivanka Trump, and the list goes on.
As a result of her enormous success and accomplishments, she acquired the position of being one of the most influential fashion and makeup experts in the Middle East. She created an amazing reputation for herself by evolving as a renowned TV personality being watched by viewers across the GCC. Due to these remarkable achievements, she was chosen to represent some of the most renowned brands. Joelle was also elected as Regional Creative Director for Max Factor in 2010 and also as the brand ambassador for Pantene, Braun, and most recently for Dyson and Evian.
Flight of Excellence
At the age of 18, Joelle started her career path as a freelancer. After working for a certain period she gave up on the idea of being employed to someone else because she wanted to excel her wings as an entrepreneur.
In 2008, she inaugurated her own company as an aspiring entrepreneur and founded ‘Maison de Joelle’. The passion and conviction of Joelle further led to a successfully grown company with a chain of thirteen salons to date, offering an all-encompassing beauty experience in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Riyadh, Jeddah, Qatar, Erbil, Kurdistan Tunis, Morroco. Realizing the need of the hour and after analyzing the market, Joelle decided to organize a new venture, that of a cosmetic clinic, in regards to beauty and wellness. Committed to the cause, Joelle introduced Clinica Joelle, a dedicated cosmetic clinic in Dubai for surgical and non-surgical solutions in collaboration with better doctors, surgeons, slimming experts and beauty consultants. Today there are seven Clinica Joelle.
An Ascending Success Graph of Joelle Group
Joelle Group is a leading beauty business in the Arab world. It is also renowned as successful multi-conglomerate in clinical and cosmetic beauty through ventures such as Maison de Joelle, Clinica Joelle, and Joelle Paris. The Joelle Group consists of talented and creative individuals who are devoted to serving customers with the utmost care and service excellence. It transmits pride over their people as a form of potent force behind the success, due to which the group has evolved to become a premier luxury brand in the world of beauty business with a reach across the MENA region. Joelle group has constantly dominated the beauty industry with bringing in innovations and new technologies. This disruption has led Joelle group to collaborate with major brands.
A Personal Touch
Joelle delivers her views on appealing the target audience in a reliable manner. She claims everything has to be personalized with a touch of sensibility and responsibility. She describes that their primary aim is to stand as the ultimate destination that serves every beauty-desire of a woman by facilitating advanced procedures, latest trends and expert advices so it makes them feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.
Joelle Group is a devotion to a well-defined business, bringing together positive and inspiring workforce with an attitude of thorough professionalism that is consequently providing more value to the customers.
Indispensable Traits
Joelle asserts that successful entrepreneurs are highly goal oriented. They blend their big-picture strategy with utmost focus and reliability on executing their idea with calculative risks that yield the desired results. She believes that a true entrepreneur should adopt a disciplined and focused approach by prioritizing “what is really important to the business” because visionary entrepreneurs are always looking for the future prosperity and anticipating niche opportunities that may arise as the business thrives.
Facing Adversities
Joelle believes that there hardly any challenges that an empowered woman faces today. According to her, the only challenge she faces is to find the right balance between “Professional and Personal life”. She also expressed that she is unable to see her kids during the weekdays, because of traveling or if she is in Dubai her meetings would stretch until late. Hence, this workload often obstructs her to spend the desired time with family. However, to tackle this scenario, she spends quality time with kids every weekend. She plans her vacations according to every single holiday that her kids are granted. Also in summer she takes complete two months of her work and spends her whole time with family by visiting pleasing destinations so that she could recharge her soul with happiness and come back to work with a refreshing personality.
Fostering Future
After successfully capturing the Middle East, Joelle envisions to be everywhere in Europe that consists of the Arab population. This mission will mainly focus to deliver the cultured services to Arab women and fulfill their undulating needs of beauty and wellness. She further fosters introducing advanced technologies to the world of “Beauty” that will bring, breathe of ease to this industry.
In her experience, being an entrepreneur is all about the right execution at the right time.
Stop Dreaming and Start Doing
Joelle mentions, if you’re going to take the leap and start your own business it’s going to take a lot of time and energy. The best way to keep yourself motivated through the ups and downs is to do what really matters to you. If you dream of working for yourself, stop dreaming and start doing something about it, otherwise it’s a “Recipe for Disaster”.