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Joe Caserta: A Bold and Innovative Entrepreneur

Exceptional leaders are characterized by hard work, perseverance, dedication and crystal clear vision. They pave their own roads to success by overcoming all obstacles in their path. One such remarkable leader is Joe Caserta, who has pioneered in big data and data analytics and aims to revolutionize the data intelligence business. He is the Founder and President of Caserta, and is a recognized authority and author in big data and data analytics. He collaborates with CIOs and their IT organizations to help gain new business insights through a better understanding of their data.
Joe’s Journey towards being an Entrepreneur
Joe was born and raised in NYC and educated in Database Application Development and Design at Columbia University in New York.  For more than 30 years Joe has been solving some of the toughest data challenges. Back in 1986 Joe was mostly trying to get data out of transaction systems. Then in he 1996 discovered dimensional data modeling and data warehousing. This led him to found his own company in 2001, which initially focused on data warehousing, business intelligence and data analytics.  In 2004, he co-authored The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit, which became an industry bestseller and has become the standard for preparing data integration for analytics.  In 2009 he discovered “big data” and modern data engineering technologies.
Over the span of three decades, Joe progressed from transaction systems to dimensional data warehousing to big data analytics to innovative and advanced data analytics applications.  Joe became fully invested in all of these paradigms and assembled a stellar team of strategists and technologists to perpetually push the status quo to take data intelligence to the next level.
A Creative and Dedicated Leader
One of Joe’s biggest motivators is his curiosity. The pursuit of finding new ways to create solutions by inventing and reinventing is what keeps him energized. He considers Steve Jobs and James Hatfield as role models for their relentless pursuit, creativity and imagination to transform dreams into reality.  Curiosity, creativity, hard work and imagination coupled with empathy for his client’s needs are at the core of every solution he provides.
Joe is a passionate music lover and is a bass player himself. A lover of the ocean and sea life, Joe strives to scuba dive amongst the coral reefs of the world. He is an artist and also loves riding motorcycles for “adrenaline-fueled relaxation.”
Joe endeavors to live life to the fullest, embrace each day, and create innovative solutions that help business and mankind alike.  His passion for solving unique data challenges is rivaled by unrelenting curiosity. He aims to provide answers to complex problems and continues to provide the best solution for each unique situation.
Accepting Challenges and Facing Them Head-on
Joe advises budding entrepreneurs not to perceive obstacles as hurdles; rather to embrace each challenge as a learning opportunity. Roadblocks should be seen as opportunities to find or create a new path to success.  As a leader, one must believe in their instincts and never allow others to dictate how to run their business.  Joe notes that you should always listen to new ideas, but only do what feels right.
“I think one of the most important decisions a CEO/Founder makes as a leader is to take calculated risks,” says Joe. “Success is always just outside your comfort zone, and if you stay comfortable you will not grow – as a person or as a business.”
Trailblazing Through the Data Industry
The Data Industry has gone through unprecedented disruption over the past several years, and there is much more to come.  The most compelling part of the evolution of data is the convergence of analytics and insights with business applications. As a company, Caserta is continuously blazing new trails as it devises the most unique and advanced analytics environments in use today.
Caserta is the go-to company to help organizations that are going through major transformations where they have to become analytics-driven to survive in their competitive landscape.  Under Joe’s leadership, Caserta has matured into a leading data intelligence firm with a reputation for creating bold, state of the art solutions. The business is built around creative thinking and harmonious client collaboration. Casreta provides transformative data strategies and solutions to advance analytics-driven businesses. The company implements enterprise innovation for all things data and the cloud.  Comprised of industry leaders, Caserta partners with clients to help maximize data value and understand how to make the best use of it. Each solution is custom designed, built, and implemented to fit unique a business challenge.
Under Joe’s leadership, Caserta made it to the Forbes 5000 list for the fastest growing private companies and is acknowledged in the Gartner Market Guide to BI and Advanced Analytics Service Providers. It has also earned the award of Top 20 Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers in 2015 and the Top 10 Fastest Growing Big Data Companies in 2016.
Caserta Future Plans
To stay ahead of the curve, Caserta has an internal Innovation Laboratory that fulfills their curiosity and proves—or at times disproves—their theories.  Some current projects include the convergence of Data Intelligence and Blockchain that uses machine learning to derive Smart Contracts. Breeding that rare combination of being highly technical, having executive-level business acumen, while at the same time possessing sincere client empathy enables Caserta an unrivaled advantage to continue to lead, and eventually dominate, the data industry for years to come.

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