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Joe Caserta: The Best-Selling Author and Entrepreneur Leading Data Intelligence Forward

Joe Caserta has a passion for solving the toughest data challenges with unrelenting curiosity. As the founding President of Caserta, Joe has designed and implemented numerous innovative solutions that are helping businesses and mankind worldwide. He believes that crystal clear vision, creativity, imagination, discipline and a relentless desire to succeed against all odds are qualities that help leaders realize their business goals and make a positive impact on the world.
Instead of viewing obstacles as a barrier to success, Joe embraces challenges as learning opportunities that allow him to discover or create new paths to victory. As a leader he believes his instincts and never allows others to dictate how to run his business.  Although Joe is always open to new ideas, he only does what feels right to him. According to Joe, if you’re not willing to take risks you are giving up your chance of reward.
Joe’s vast experience includes more than 30 years in creating data solutions. He is educated in Database Application Development and Design from Columbia University in New York. His three decades of experience, have exposed him to a wide range of technology including transaction systems, dimensional data warehousing, big data analytics, advanced data analytics applications and more. In 2001, he founded his own firm, Caserta, which focuses on advising, design and implementation of all things data including data warehousing, business intelligence and data analytics. In 2004, he co-authored “The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit”, which became an industry bestseller and has become the standard for data preparation for analytics.
Pivotal Moment of his Career
Earlier in life Joe was dedicated to building a career in the construction industry. In a devastating car accident, Joe sustained permanent injuries and pulverized the discs in his back. He could perform physical labor no more. He challenged himself to refuse to be disabled and went back to school to learn database architecture and start a new career.
“Although I picked an area of expertise some deem the most complex of all careers, I could have easily failed, but the way I saw it, failure was not an option,” says Joe. “Risk was high as if it didn’t work, if I could not “make the grade” as a technologist, I could have literally become homeless.  It was high stakes risk, but luckily the return has exceeded my wildest expectation.”
About the Innovative Firm and its Notable Achievements
Caserta is a leading data intelligence firm with a reputation of creating bold and state-of-the-art solutions. Their business is built through creative thinking and harmonious client collaboration. The New York-based strategic consulting innovation technology implementation firm specializes in big data analytics, data warehousing, ETL and business intelligence.
“We collaborate with CIOs and their IT organizations, working together to gain new business insights through a better understanding of their data,” notes Joe. “We implement emerging technologies in big data, NoSQL, search, predictive modeling and data visualization to solve highly complex business challenges, serving clients worldwide in the areas of finance, insurance, healthcare, digital advertising, media, fitness, eCommerce and others.”
Caserta is an industry leader that helps its clients maximize the value of their data and understand how to make the best use of it. The company provides transformative data strategies and solutions to advance analytics-driven businesses. Each solution is custom designed, built, and implemented. Caserta’s high technical expertise, exceptional executive-level business acumen, and sincere client empathy enable the company to deliver unparalleled levels of service and client attention. It is the go-to company to help organizations that are going through major transformations where they have to become analytics-driven to survive in their competitive landscape.
The firm has won many prestigious awards and is applauded by many industry veterans. Forbes has listed Caserta in its fortune 5000 list for the fastest growing private companies. Gartner has acknowledged Caserta for its contributions in advanced analytics. Caserta’s innovative and effective healthcare solutions earned the award of “Top 20 Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers in 2015” and the “Top 10 Fastest Growing Big Data Companies in 2016.”
Leaders take on Current Industry Scenario
During the past several years the Data Industry has gone through unprecedented disruption—and there is much more to come.  The most compelling part of the evolution of data is the convergence of analytics and insights with business applications. Businesses are evolving from a very reactive state whereby they performed transactions, analyzed the data, and made change to affect future transactions. Now they have begun performing analytics in real-time to influence transactions as they are occurring. The best part is that customers love the enhanced experience.
“I believe we’ve only seen the tip of the proverbial iceberg in how data intelligence influences our day-to day lives,” notes Joe. “With only the limitations of our imagination to stop us, there has been no more exciting time to be in this business.”
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