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Jenny Johanson | Senior Advisor | RSM

Jenny Johanson: Adapting Changes to Deliver Assured Solutions

In recent years, the landscape of the cybersecurity industry has changed with innovative technology-driven solutions. Numerous of these technologies seek their way offering enhanced work methods to carry out the difficult process seamlessly. It is essential to adapt to these changes, and industry leaders have to wear multiple hats to handle various problems and provide successful solutions. Jenny Johanson, Senior Advisor at RSM Australia, is one such impeccable leader who juggles her roles to deliver required results.
Jenny is a senior advisor and proven people leader with a combined knowledge of business, audit services, risk advisory, and information technology. She assists organizations in evaluating control requirements against various frameworks and publications, including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Center for Internet Security (CIS), and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) security frameworks.
Adapting Changes, Conquering Challenges
Hurdles aren’t new to Jenny, as most of her roles have been transformational in nature. However, the biggest challenge she faces is to ensure the transformational result in successful outcomes. She says, “Managing attrition whilst ensuring the team focuses on their performance goals (both individually and collectively) and ensuring team engagement throughout the transformation are important elements to target in on. This has required strong attention to training and mentoring of both current and new team members.”
Boosting the Spirits
Throughout her life, Jenny has had many impactful influences that she always carries with herself. She says, “I love to read when I have the time, and a couple of the books I return to are “Wonder Woman” by Virginia Haussegger (she also has a fabulous podcast: “BroadTalk”!), and “Stop Fixing Women” by Catherine Fox.”
“A big focus for me in the security industry is encouraging more women to take up roles – I have been involved in this industry for over thirty years, and it is still a predominantly male industry,” adds Jenny.
The Balance Between
While maintaining the balance between her professional and personal life, Jenny’s main focus is to play to her strengths. She recommends not to try to be all the things to all people. She prioritizes her time and focuses on what’s urgent and important. She knows her peaks and troughs and does her best to plot some personal time in the calendar.
Jenny asserts, “I would love to say I have set work hours and stick to them, but I can’t honestly say that’s the case!  I also do strive to make exercise a “must-do, not a should-do.”
The Repercussion of the Pandemic
Talking about the impact of the pandemic, Jenny mentions that it disrupted the usual flow of the working arrangements. She expresses that most industries have had to deal with evolving technology, regulations, and standards. She witnessed her team and clients becoming accustomed to the digital process, which was once thought impossible.
One of the key things that RSM Australia has done is to both nurture existing talent throughout the COVID crisis and focus on ways to attract new talent.
The Work Ethics
In Jenny’s opinion, positive work culture is a non-negotiable if you want to attract and retain top talent, and that’s the primary source for business success. Not only that, but it is also reflected in the way companies treat their clients.
Jenny thinks RSM implements a positive work culture by being intentional with its core values and culture initiatives, promoting diversity and inclusivity, valuing individual differences, and focusing on recognition programs.
A United Community Front
When it comes to giving back to the communities, RSM always participates. It does that in different ways, such as contributing its expertise through pro bono Board roles and doing pro bono external audit work for charities and non-profit organizations. It also organizes regular events to raise both money and awareness for local and national causes.
When asked what change she would like to bring in financial services with digital innovation and technologies, Jenny says, “My number one bugbear is the complicated and “clunky” legacy systems we are often encumbered with. I would simplify legacy systems and continue to focus on building architecture that allows both our teams and our clients to connect to anything, anywhere.  And don’t forget to pay attention to cyber security along the way.”
Get, Set, Prepared
Jenny’s vision for the Cyber Security and Privacy Risk Services team is to continue growing and developing the team, focusing on recruitment, training, leadership, and culture. She would love to see her team having a real impact on the broader RSM Australia business by elevating the discussions its clients have around cyber security.
Passing the Torch
Jenny loves Sheryl Sandberg’s quote: “Believe in yourself and own your own success” – don’t be shy about touting your accomplishments.
In her advice to up-and-coming women entrepreneurs, she says, “Learn about and gain experience in a range of roles. But don’t let work overtake your life – make sure you still find time for family and friends.”
“Lastly, establish good networks and relationships, build a public profile and take opportunities to speak and write about what you know,” concludes Jenny.