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Jenny Haag | Founder and President | RISE Design Build Integration

Jenny Haag: Bringing Brands to Life

With a unique perspective across multiple platforms, Jenny Haag spent almost 20 years in the construction and sports industry across various sectors, bringing brands to life and developing her knowledge and expertise with her venture, RISE Design Build Integration.

As the Founder and the President, Jenny is known to address clients’ issues and elevate brands through built environments and experiences. With a background in many aspects of custom fabrication and construction projects, RISE brings an unmatched background and skillset to its clients and projects.

Filling Gap for Teams and Contractors

While working for the Minnesota Vikings, Jenny was responsible for several design and construction projects for US Bank Stadium and the teams’ headquarters and training facility, Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center. She managed everything from branding, artwork, signage, sponsor integration, FF&E to wayfinding.

After working in a construction trailer in their field office for the headquarters and training facility, Jenny then realized there was a niche in the sports construction world. They were often touring teams, team owners, and executives through their facilities, looking to learn anything and everything they could. Jenny says, “When a team finds themselves building a new venue or renovating a current one, it can be overwhelming. Often teams do not have the internal resources to manage all that comes with these types of projects. With my knowledge and expertise in these types of projects, I decided to launch RISE and help fill that gap for teams and even contractors.”

In the last few years, it has been incredibly rewarding for Jenny to work with the Las Vegas Raiders, Toronto Blue Jays, Texas Rangers, and Minnesota Vikings, bringing their iconic brands to life in their new and existing venues.

Having Unparalleled Experience

Jenny started RISE in 2018 to expand her work into sports, events, real estate, and construction industries. She has unparalleled experience in the world of sports venues and properties, working across a wide range of disciplines.

Jenny’s incredible knowledge, work ethic, and relationship building are what separates RISE from the rest. Her ability and insight to work across multiple platforms give her a unique knowledge of all things in the design, build, and integration process.

Providing Confidence and Trusted Partnership for Clients

Jenny and her teams’ mission at RISE is to provide confidence and a trusted partnership for their clients. They bring a different perspective and expertise by being on the team side and knowing their clients’ challenges. Their goal is to serve as a co-pilot for their clients and help make their visions a reality.

Collaborating for a Greater Cause

Having worked with several different teams and different contractors, Jenny has found that her niche resonates with many people. She is often referred to as an owner’s rep for design. There can often be a disconnect between contractors and different scopes of work. Jenny’s role is to make sure all parties are on the same page and are all at the table collaborating to ensure clients’ brand presence is weaved throughout a venue.

Having Virtual Options to Connect with the World

The biggest thing everyone at RISE has learned in the last few years is how interconnected the world can be through the use of technology. They have found ways to review site conditions, meet with vendors, review materials, etc., virtually in construction. Jenny says, “The world has shifted to think outside the box of how to access each other and information. We travel all over the country for many projects, but it has helped tremendously having virtual options to connect with clients, contractors, and partners.”

Incorporating Local Community into Projects

Jenny would like to see the industry continue to push the envelope working with more diverse contractors, vendors, and artists and finding local in-market resources. Almost all RISE clients are looking for ways to incorporate their local community into their projects. It is a way for owners to build a sense of community with their real estate and construction projects which can sometimes be challenging due to tax increases for local taxpayers. Jenny says, “When you have local community members walk through a new facility and feel a part of it, it’s a win for everyone.”

Proactively Looking for Alternative Resources

Jenny says that one current challenge in the fabrication and construction industry is the supply chain and sourcing of materials. She thinks RISE needs to get more creative in how it designs and specific materials for its projects. There are several great domestic resources for products that it should be looking to use. It often uses the same manufacturers and vendors, and Jenny thinks RISE needs to be proactive in looking for alternative resources.

Continuing Doing Great Work and Building Partnerships

Jenny says, “We feel lucky to have started this journey four years ago not knowing exactly where the path would take us, and we continue to live that mantra today. We are blessed to work with some of the best in the sports and construction industries and feel humbled daily. We plan to continue to do great work and build lifelong partnerships with those we work with and forge new relationships producing the best work we can.”

Trusting Ourselves and Choosing Encouraging Association

Jenny advises aspiring entrepreneurs in the construction sector to believe in themselves first and foremost. She asks them to surround themselves with people who believe in them and support them. Jenny often has people ask her how she knew she wanted to start a business and how she made the leap. She says, “There isn’t a magic answer other than I believed in myself and had a very supportive network that encouraged me, was willing to help me, and continues to support me.”

Jenny concludes by saying, “Life is short so take the leap… It’s worth it!”