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Jenniffer Breitenstein | Kellie Harrison | and Kim Molkosk

Jenniffer Breitenstein, Kellie Harrison and Kim Molkoski: The Dynamic Trio Disrupting the Insuretech Market

Insuretech means many things to many people. It typically describes a warranty company that provides a software platform that facilitates warranty sales by eCommerce providers. But it is so much more.

OnPoint Warranty Solutions connects brands and consumers through API Forward Insuretech and dynamic mobile and warranty service solutions designed to reduce risk, increase efficiency, delight customers, and improve bottom lines. In this Women’s History Month 2022, we highlight Jenniffer Breitenstein, Kellie Harrison, and Kim Molkoski, the dynamic women of OnPoint that have helped propel the company as a leader in the insuretech, mobile and warranty verticals, all while keeping an eye on customer experience.

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Jenniffer brings a collaborative, solution-oriented leadership style that’s been critical in bringing innovative insuretech and warranty solutions. OnPoint offer clients and consumers the ability to seamlessly offer and purchase personalized warranty protection and on-demand service solutions. With an eye on the competitive market, and changing consumer preferences, as well as 30 + years in the warranty and technology verticals, Jenniffer has helped the business become the go-to insuretech provider. OnPoint’s Service Avenger Insuretech solution enables manufacturers, retailers and eCommerce providers, builders, insurers, home warranty companies, MNOVs and carries,  and even service companies to digitize the warranty process. Through a comprehensive suite of APIs, warranty sellers can sell warranty protection and service plans.  Avenger combined with OnPoint’s administrative capabilities support post-sale warranty fulfillment and repair service support, as well as real-time claim reimbursements via common payment platforms such as Paypal. What’s more, Jenniffer maximizes her client’s long-term revenue potential through offering continuously innovative, personalized warranty and mobile products which offer protection for a lifetime, for the products that matter most to consumers.

Kellie Harrison, Vice President of Client Services, is the glue that makes OnPoint stick! Kellie and her teams work with every client to deploy OnPoint’s insuretech, mobile, and warranty solutions. She ensures that programs launch on time, as promised, and deliver the highest levels of customer warranty service experiences on the market. Kellie and the client and customer service teams at OnPoint care about consumers. Kellie has empowered the team with technology, knowledge, and the autonomy to solve product problems every day. She taps into decades of experience in the medical industry to craft and fine-tune the processes and curriculum that our team relies on to deliver great service and keep customers coming back coming back for more warranty protection plans every day.

Kim Molkoski, Vice President Business Development has been instrumental in OnPoint’s success in the  Mobile and Technology Verticals.  With decades of experience in the technology and mobility industry, Kim is leading the creation of innovative, B2B and consumer-centric mobile warranty solutions for OnPoint. Kim’s key focus in the mobile space is evaluating the competitive landscape and finding solutions and products which offer our clients a way to differentiate themselves in the market. Acquisition, churn and attach are critical to our mobile and technology clients. She’s been able to construct comprehensive, end-to-end mobile solutions which drive sale for our clients, thereby creating a new niche for OnPoint, which offers solutions direct to the consumer, to commercial, government and education sectors, and to carriers and MVNOs. Bounce Mobile Solutions offers Total Device Protection including repair and damage protection for new, refurbished and BYOD devices; Screen Replacement Plans for any mobile device; Bundled Reseller Solutions which combine device procurement, financing, airtime, warranty protection (repair + ADH) and trade-in administration for new and refurbished devices; and lastly, Whole Home Electronics Protection which offers resellers and consumers personalized warranty repair protection for all of the new and existing electronics, computing, mobile and smart products in their homes.

Separate Journeys, Converged Paths

Jenniffer began her career in marketing at a third-party warranty administrator in Louisville, KY, which was started by a team from GE Appliances. She made a conscious decision to work in a smaller business to gain experience outside of her college major. She was able to work across marketing, operations, IT, and even service, earning an immeasurable amount of knowledge and experience.

Jenniffer was then able to catapult from there to GE Warranty Management. She was able to gain ‘big business’ experience, again, gaining an immense amount of knowledge and experience working across several groups within the business. She took a direct sales role for a short period to get experience from the other side of the lens, if you will, and left to work with a former GE colleague in a US-based startup of a British company, ServicePower. There she served many roles but continued to work with manufacturers, retailers, service providers, and third-party administrators while in this technology business. She gained much insight into what it takes to build a technology platform, drive its adoption, and also what it took to deliver great customer service experiences in a product service business.

Jenniffer stayed there until 2018 when she joined two former colleagues, Chris Smith, and Rob Christian, in a new startup, OnPoint Warranty Solutions, an insuretech, warranty, and now mobile services business. At OnPoint Warranty, she’s been able to apply her experience across business verticals to launch the business and drive its growth. Jenniffer has a BSBA from the University of Louisville and is a 6 Sigma certified green belt.

Kellie’s path was through the medical industry. Kellie is a senior entrepreneurial executive with over 25+ years of experience in strategic business development, account management, and team development. As VP of Client Services at Stone Clinical Labs and Gulfstream Diagnostics, she optimized operational efficiencies, increased productivity, and exceeded target sales goals. She worked directly with patient service providers and understands what it takes to deliver great patient care. Though that sounds very different from product service, what’s needed to exceed in medical care is similar to that of a product and warranty service.

At OnPoint, Kellie uses her experiences working with patients and caregivers to care for its consumers. It delivers product service on behalf of its clients and through its direct-to-consumer brands, Fixhomz and Bounce. She combines a lead-by-example management style with intuitive sales strategies to maximize operational efforts, focusing on CX while driving the business towards profitability and value to clients. Kellie is a certified MT ASCP and a 6 Sigma white belt, with a MA from Webster University.

Kim took a different path. Focusing exclusively within the mobile and technology verticals, Kim held various leadership roles, including Sales Management, Account Executive, and business development for a number of mobile and technology distributors, manufacturers, resellers, and MVNOs, including Bell ExpressVu, Bell Distribution, Mobilicity, Ingram Micro Mobility, and Zoompass. Kim has been instrumental in various startup’s and taken the skills she gained in those businesses, from setting new standards in policy & procedures, developing new verticals and channels to compete in, to maximizing overall sales performance by focusing on innovation and customer care. Her drive to see her customers succeed helped develop new mobile solutions, which opened new channels for OnPoint’s insuretech and mobile warranty products. Kim holds a BA, Arts, and Psychology from the University of Guelph, Ontario.

The Impact Experts

OnPoint and its insuretech, mobile, and warranty service solutions have made a huge impact on the industry. As the female leaders in the business, Jenniffer, Kellie, and Kim have used their business experience to drive innovation and customer experience for consumers and staff. Many hourly workers tend to be very transient in other businesses, especially after COVID. However, OnPoint has driven a culture of inclusion focused on empowering its teams to deliver great CX. It has team members that have been with the company since day one.

OnPoint has been instrumental in positioning its business as an industry innovator, focusing on consumer experience from a corporate perspective. It dictates that every product service and interaction deliver the highest levels of quality possible for consumers. OnPoint calls its staff  ‘Service Avengers’ and has empowered them to be problem solvers and customer superstars. This focus on consumer experience has been critical in landing fortune 100 companies as a startup.

OnPoint’s Service Avenger Insuretech platform facilitates seamless warranty offers via retail, e-commerce platforms, or aftermarket efforts. It has integrated SKU management, contract onboarding, terms delivery, intelligent service dispatching, and claims adjudication. The platform is API-forward in design and incorporates the latest omnichannel consumer communications and real-time claim payments.

Many of the company’s home warranty and e-commerce competitors have come to OnPoint for assistance. It has assisted global competitors and clients in streamlining the warranty offer and sales process through Avenger. It does so through either a software deployment or a mobile or warranty services engagement. Its solutions and administrative capabilities create more brand loyalty and increase repeat sales for its clients. It has been instrumental in driving innovation in an industry fraught with old tech and bad consumer experiences. This platform has increased its addressable market 10-fold by creating cooperative, competitive offerings. Co-opetition is this team’s favorite word.

Importance of Technology

The warranty business has been decisively changed by insuretech solutions, led in large part by OnPoint. Warranty sellers need warranty technology that takes the burden from their IT organization to become warranty experts. Avenger does that. Its API-forward design includes integrations for every point in the process, from the offer to transacting a sale, to repair and replacement reimbursements when combined with OnPoint’s administrative capabilities and portfolio of underwritten protection products.

Our insurance technology is so powerful, that OnPoint has become the Insuretech to the Insuretechs and theWarranty Administrator to OEMs, Retailers, and Third Party Administrators alike.

Service Avenger offers 360° functionality to support warranty products. Its key differentiators are:

  • API-forward design
  • eCommerce clients can quickly facilitate online warranty offers and contract fulfillment through Avenger.
  • OEMs, retailers, and home warranty sellers can quickly provide warranty service fulfillment to consumers through Avenger.
  • POS Support
  • Clients can utilize OnPoint’s Insuretech platform as a service, as their front end, to facilitate sales, service, or aftermarket campaigns.
  • Warranty Service Fulfillment.
  • Clients, including TPA and home warranty competitors, can sell a product or extended warranties and rely on OnPoint as their backend, to deliver great customer service experiences post-sale.
  • Logistics solutions
  • Integrated logistics capabilities improve product service satisfaction through reduced delivery time, depot, advanced exchange, and refurbishment services.
  • Underwriting Brokerage services
  • Its extensive network of global underwriting partners enables OnPoint to constructure the best insurance solutions for clients.

The platform was designed technically to support any sales channel with offer logic and eCommerce, SKU and contract management, and post-sale, with administration and entitlement, service fulfillment, and claims adjudication and payments.

Above and Beyond

The OnPoint team is invested in the success of the business. Jenniffer, Kellie, and Kim agree that “It’s a family here. We want to continue to grow the business and our teams and become the benchmark that our competitors are held up to.”

Passing the Torch

The OnPoint team advise budding female entrepreneurs to use what is innately female to drive success for themselves. Women are capable of big things and have to support each other to do so.