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Jeanniey Walden, the Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, DailyPay, Inc.

Jeanniey Walden: Sowing the Seeds of Empowerment and Successs

Promoting an egalitarian work culture has taken peak importance in a time where most of the corporate world is working remotely. Only a workplace devoid of gender biases and discriminations is considered an ideal one to work in. To achieve this, companies and their leaders must take the responsibility of ensuring that equal opportunities as well as equal praise and appreciation is provided.
“Advocating for fair hiring and equal advancement opportunities within companies definitely makes an impact,” says Jeanniey Walden, the Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at DailyPay, Inc.
Jeanniey did not intend on becoming a business leader or working in a corporate setting. She wanted to become an elementary school teacher but could not find any open positions. So, she picked up a part-time job at JCPenney and ended up working her way up to the corporate office. It was here that she was first exposed to the world of marketing. “It is my job to make customers fall in love with the brand,” says Jeanniey.
Since then, she has worked at Fortune 1000 businesses, startups, and even started her own businesses. “Each position gave me a new set of skills and became a steppingstone to my current role as the Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at DailyPay,” she adds. At DailyPay, Jeanniey focuses on strategizing innovative marketing campaigns that educate and inspire not only the company’s buyers, but also the emerging marketplace.
Jeanniey believes that female representation is necessary for a business’s growth, productivity, and for the well-being of any company. And therefore, has made it a point throughout her career, to mentor upcoming female leaders to help them further their career and provide representation.
To further emphasize on this, Jeanniey will be launching a podcast, SteppingUp, where she will shine a positive light on female leaders and entrepreneurs and engage in meaningful conversations to inspire the next generation of women in business. “At the heart of each show, there is a consistent narrative about helping to unlock your potential, engage with purpose, stepping up to the challenge and start thriving,” she elaborates.
Advising budding entrepreneurs who envision entering the FinServ sector, Jeanniey says, “Think outside the box and go for it. The financial services sector is embracing innovation and driving innovation through technology. Given its ever-changing nature, this specific sector presents entrepreneurs an opportunity to launch their ideas and transform how businesses run. Even if the idea goes against the norm (or especially if a business goes against the norm), take the risk and go for it.”
Evolving with Time
Jeanniey believes that the emerging technologies in the financial services industry are improving many people’s lives and businesses in unprecedented ways. She states that for decades, the payroll industry was structured with the employers’ best interest in mind and employees were stuck with an outdated payment system.
Considering the same, DailyPay sought to create a digital pay experience solution that accommodates every employee’s needs – empowering them by giving them choice and control over their pay.
“This, in turn, helps employees be more productive and stay at their jobs longer – saving companies millions of dollars each year on recruitment, onboarding and training costs and gives them a competitive advantage when trying to attract top talent,” says Jeanniey.
Always a Cut Above
For innovative companies of scale, DailyPay is the leading no-cost, on-demand pay experience platform. DailyPay delivers the most transparent, compliant, and seamless integration with existing payroll systems. Employers who offer DailyPay can reduce costs substantially by outhiring the market and keeping employees longer, because employees with financial peace of mind are happier, more productive, and have stronger relationships with their employers.
Talking about how DailyPay has made an impact through its expertise in the market, Jeanniey says, “Our campaigns have a captivating storytelling aspect that enable our target audiences to reimagine the payroll process into a one of a kind pay experience. And behind every creative project is a critical, data-backed strategy.”
“We like to gather a lot of market research by way of performing surveys and studies tailored to the campaign’s target audience and incorporating them into the campaign. Last year, we tied in relevant events and conducted surveys on essential workers, the retail industry, and spending habits. We targeted select publications—from local news to supermarket outlets—to hone-in on our key audience. Unlike other financial services companies, DailyPay would go on radio tours and hit specific geographic locations where potential prospects and clients were located to create conversations around finances and introduce DailyPay to a wider public,” she adds.
We asked Jeanniey on how she and the team at DailyPay are striving to sustain the company’s operations as well as ensuring safety of employees during the pandemic, to which she said, “The pandemic has been a real eye-opener for many businesses. Thankfully, our business wasn’t as negatively impacted by the pandemic and our employees continue to work remotely, in the safety of their homes. But we’ve seen an influx of businesses reaching out to us for support and guidance. To extend our support to our clients and potential prospects, we launched our Rehire America Index which was built to support businesses during these unprecedented times. The index has been tracking the number of employees and hours worked in eight key industries since the onset of COVID-19.”
“For our users, DailyPay decided to temporarily waive its on-demand pay access fees for 90 days to help reduce financial stress. As a result, DailyPay was able to save users hundreds of thousands of dollars,” she adds.
Talking about her future goals for the company, Jeanniey says, “It’s still in the early days, with tremendous growth opportunities in a brand-new industry. Though it’s a young company, DailyPay is the recognized gold standard on-demand pay platform and our clients include more than 80% of the Fortune 100 companies that offer an on-demand pay benefit. In five years, we expect that at least 75% of U.S. businesses will offer a daily pay benefit – and of course we hope that they work with us, the innovative leader in the industry.”