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Jeanne Travis, President & CEO, J. Robbins Enterprises

Jeanne Travis: Helping Companies Unlock their Potential

If we are smart enough to recognize opportunities, then there are plenty of ways to make a significant difference. To thrive in the world of business, you need to see the world with an abundance mentality and think in terms of win-win solutions. It is beneficial to think about unlimited possibilities for success instead of thinking in terms of scarcity mentality.
Inspiring business leaders see the world with an abundance mindset and build opportunities for others to thrive. Jeanne Travis is one such inspiring business leader who sees the world with an abundance mindset and plays a huge role in helping companies unlock their full potential and achieve success. Jeanne is an award-winning entrepreneur and leader, founded J. Robbins Enterprises in 2020, and serves as the President and CEO.
Jeanne brings diverse experience in education, accounting, business development, industrial security, information technology, and entrepreneurship, offering an extraordinary approach of success to her clients. She graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech) in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and minors in Psychology and Education.
Promoting Success of other Companies
After 11 years as a co-founder and leader of an industrial security company, Jeanne decided to start her own company that focuses on promoting other companies. Jeanne finds true joy in examining business models, identifying geniuses, and capturing accolades on their behalf.
Over eight years, Jeanne devoted herself to building her former company and found true delight in marketing and business development. She worked with multiple marketing companies to create a strategy, develop content, gain exposure, and acquire accolades. She discovered it to be more “fun” rather than “work” to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments of the successes of the employees and her company.
Having Objectivity, Clarity and Confidence
Jeanne has been inspired by the mantra given by her parents “Never stop learning; searching, and discovering; it gives you objectivity, clarity, and confidence.” She has instilled this mantra throughout her career. She also encourages people around her to identify their unique talents, understand what they bring to the work environment to best enable success, and make sure their voice is heard. She states, “Speak up, speak out, and contribute.”
Offering Affordable Ways to Promote Success of Companies
According to Jeanne, Business Development and Marketing are everything these days. If your business is successful enough to hire an expensive firm, that’s great. But it can take years of hard work and a great deal of revenue for most companies to get to that point. J. Robbins Enterprises offers affordable ways to promote companies to increase their sales, exposure, recruiting, and attract capital.

  1. Robbins Enterprises is a business development, marketing, and general consulting firm that strives to establish, highlight, and generate capabilities that set your company and employees above the rest. Its team of diverse and bold thinking professionals passionately believes that it can help companies excel by bringing exceptional analysis and a positive attitude. Each day they explore, inspire, and produce new ways to serve better and feature the success of their clients.

Moreover, J. Robbins Enterprises researches its clients to create a strategy, develop content, gain exposure, and acquire accolades, as the competition requires the client to provide the substance of their organization.
Seeing Opportunities Even in Unprecedented Times
The global pandemic has changed how companies do business indefinitely. This shift has created one of the greatest opportunities for companies to ignite growth, reduce overhead, and be more competitive. Jeanne is willing to participate in any project to provide guidance to increase funding, revenue, clientele, products, service, and networks.
Since its inception, J. Robbins Enterprises has earned six awards for its clientele and provided services in a variety of Information Technology positions to include Policies/Procedures, Scrum Master, Requirements Analysis, and Software Testing. Categories include FedRAMP, CMMC, National Security Threats, and Industrial Security Software.
The impact of COVID-19 has slashed Marketing & Advertising budgets; J. Robbins Enterprises finds low-cost opportunities that take advantage of social media avenues to produce exposure. This has shown positivity with an increase in revenue at an average of 9% monthly, 59 % quarterly, with expected growth of 20% in the second quarter of 2021. At the same time, the clientele has grown by 30%. The largest client showed an increase of 10% in customers and 40% in employees. Clients include large to small businesses, where the most notable include Cisco and Guidehouse (formally PWC).
Enriching Lives of People with Charity
We become successful by what we get, but we become happy by what we give. The belief is that volunteering and donating are essential to the success of the community and enriching people’s lives. Jeanne and J. Robbins Enterprises’ community and charitable contributions include JDRF My Ride to Cure Diabetes, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Medstar National Rehabilitation Hospital, CodeVA, Herndon Cares, No Kid Hungry, Optimist Club of Herndon, and Herndon High School’s Golf Classic to name a few.
Thinking More than Success and Money
While success and money are all nice end goals, Jeanne has something a little bigger in mind. For the next five years, her vision for J. Robbins Enterprises involves her commitment to social responsibility and inclusive workplace and education equality. Her emphasis offering crucial help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community. This starts with engaging with teens to do better in school, during college admissions, and in their adult lives and ends with inspiring budding entrepreneurs the chance to secure business deals that could make them successful.
Acting from Inner Strengths and Relying on Emotional Intelligence
Jeanne urges all women leaders to stay true, act from their innate strengths, be creative, collaborate, break outdated paradigms, and rely on their emotional intelligence in order to create a style of work best suited to their personalities.